Stingray light tank

Stingray light tank

Infobox Weapon

caption=Stingray light tank in Royal Thai Army service
origin=flagcountry|United States
type=Light tank
length=(With gun forward) 9.3 meters
width=3 meters
height=2.7 meters
weight=22.6 tonnes
suspension=Independent trailing arm torsion bar
speed=70 km/h
vehicle_range= convert|300|mi|km
primary_armament= L7A3 105 mm rifled tank gun
secondary_armament=7.62 mm co-axial machine gun, 12.7 mm AA machine gun
armour=23 mm
engine=Detroit Diesel Allison 8V-92TA convert|535|hp|abbr=on, liquid cooled turbo charged 2 stroke V-8 diesel engine
engine_power= 550 hp (410 kW)
crew=4 (commander, driver, gunner, radio operator/loader)

The Stingray Light Tank is a light tank produced by Textron Marine and Land Systems Division (formerly Cadillac Gage). It was originally developed for the U.S. Army's Armoured Gun System competition. Thailand is the only user.


Stingray has a 105 mm bore cannon. Its cruise speed is 44 mph (71 km/h). Maximum grade is 60%. Its vertical obstacle limit is 2.7-foot (82 cm). It can ford water up to 3.5 feet (107 cm).

The original Stingray program was launched in 1983, with the first prototype vehicle ready in August 1984. As of 2004, the only country to have purchased the Stingray is Thailand, which ordered approximately 100 tanks that were delivered between 1988-1990.

Stingray II

The Stingray II is an upgrade version of the Stingray, developed by Cadillac Gage as a private-venture armored fighting vehicle (AFV) for the export market. The light tank's baseline armor, while thin, is adequate for a cavalry, reconnaissance or light infantry fire support role; it protects its occupants from armor-piercing, heavy machine gun rounds up to 14.5 mm in size. Additional armor appliqué can be fitted to increase ballistic protection.

The Stingray's main armament is a Low Recoil Force (LRF) version of the British L7 series 105 mm rifled gun installed in a well-angled and electro-hydraulically powered turret (with optional stabilization) and eight rounds, with another 24 rounds stored in the hull. Complementing the main gun is a 7.62 mm co-axial machine gun with 2,400 rounds and 12.7 mm AA machine gun with 1,100 rounds on the commander's hatch.

The main improvements offered in the Stingray II are a more capable digital fire-control system, NBC equipment, enhanced mobility and superior target-engagement capabilities. The Stingray II also improves the armor to provide protection from 23 mm rounds.

Other versions

*AGS-Stingray - Stingray modified for the AGS competition but lost to the FMC/UDLP/BAE Close Combat Vehicle Light which became the type-classified M8 Buford.
*AGS-Sheridan - The AGS-Sheridan was a mating of the standard M551 Sheridan hull with the turret of the Stingray light tank. It was entered for the Armored Gun System competition but lost to the FMC/UDLP/BAE Close Combat Vehicle Light which became the type-classified M8 Buford.


Developed by Textron Marine & Land Systems as a private venture, with first prototypes being produced in 1985. Thailand was the only customer, with 106 examples being delivered between 1988 and 1990. The Stingray is currently in service with the Thai Army.

External links

* [ Cadillac Gage at Textron Systems]
* [ Data Sheet] from Textron, manufacturer of the Stingray II.

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