Darts world rankings

Darts world rankings

Darts world rankings are a system which should determine a list of the best dart players in the world based on their performances in tournaments. However, after a group of former world champions and other high-profile players separated from the British Darts Organisation in 1993 - there are now two major governing bodies.

Each organisation has its own players, and each has its own ranking system. The ranking systems are used to arrange tournament seedings, which will mean that the number one player in the world should not face the number two player in the world until the final of a tournament (providing they reach that far).


PDC World Rankings

BDO / WDF Rankings

The BDO Invitational Table relates only to registered playing members of the BDO, who comply with BDO and World Darts Federation (WDF) eligibility rules including terms and conditions of the 1997 Tomlin Order.

The BDO awards points depending on player's performances within each of its events. Twenty-one points are awarded to the champion of each its four Grand Slam Events - The Lakeside World Professional Championship, The International Darts League, The Bavaria World Darts Trophy and the Winmau World Masters. Lower points are awarded for each round of the tournament reached, and also lower points for the different category of events.

The World Darts Federation also have a ranking system designed to provide a measure of the global activities of darts players in every WDF recognised darts event. It used to be very similar to the BDO system but was revised in January 2007 to include categories by country and by events, and the distribution of ranking points reflect the levels of prize money on offer and the numbers of entries in a tournament.

The BDO Invitational rankings sees the points wiped after the seedings for the World Championship are decided, whereas the WDF rankings are based on the last 12 months performance. Therefore currently the WDF World Rankings give a better reflection on BDO player rankings.



Top 16 Rankings as of October 16, 2011.[1]
Rank Change Player Points
1 steady England Martin Adams 196
2 England Scott Waites 194
3 England Dean Winstanley 187
4 increase4 England Robbie Green 176
5 decrease1 England Gary Robson 175
6 Netherlands Jan Dekker 174
7 England John Walton 173
8 England Tony O'Shea 172
9 increase7 Scotland Ross Montgomery 170
10 decrease1 Netherlands Willy van de Wiel 165
11 England Tony West 163
12 England Paul Jennings 162
Netherlands Wesley Harms
Netherlands Benito van de Pas
15 England Ted Hankey 161
16 Netherlands Ron Menulenkamp


Top 8 Rankings as of October 16, 2011.[2]
Rank Change Player Points
1 steady England Deta Hedman 207
2 Wales Julie Gore 201
3 England Trina Gulliver 195
4 England Lorraine Farlam 182
5 England Karen Lawman 178
Russia Anastasia Dobromyslova
7 Russia Irina Armstrong 175
8 Netherlands Karin Krappen 167



Top 16 Rankings as of November 19, 2011[3]
Rank Change Player Points
England Dean Winstanley 763
2 England Scott Waites 729
3 England Martin Adams 700
4 increase6 England Paul Jennings 550
5 decrease1 England Gary Robson 548
6 increase3 England Steve Douglas 521
England Tony O'Shea 514
8 England Alan Norris 506
9 England Stephen Bunting 473
10 Netherlands Jan Dekker 470
Scotland Ross Montgomery 456
12 England Garry Thompson 448
13 Netherlands Benito van de Pas 442
14 increase1 England Robbie Green 432
15 ? England Darryl Fitton 427
16 steady Netherlands Wesley Harms 406


Top 8 Rankings as of November 19, 2011[4]
Rank Change Player Points
England Deta Hedman 1614
2 Russia Irina Armstrong 1157
3 England Trina Gulliver 1066
4 England Lorraine Farlam 912
5 increase1 Russia Anastasia Dobromyslova 850
6 decrease1 Wales Julie Gore 786
7 steady Canada Cindy Pardy 734
8 ? Netherlands Aileen de Graaf 485

Previous World Number Ones (Mens, WDF)

The following is a list of players who ended the year ranked number one in the WDF.[5]

1984 England Eric Bristow
1985 England Eric Bristow
1986 England John Lowe
1987 England Bob Anderson
1988 England John Lowe
1989 England Bob Anderson
1990 England Eric Bristow
1991 England Phil Taylor
1992 England Rod Harrington
1993 Belgium Leo Laurens
1994 England Steve Beaton
1995 Wales Richie Burnett
1996 England Martin Adams
1997 England Martin Adams
1998 England Ronnie Baxter
1999 Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld
2000 Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld
2001 England Mervyn King
2002 England John Walton
2003 England Martin Adams
2004 Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld
2005 Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld
2006 England Martin Adams
2007 Scotland Gary Anderson
2008 England Scott Waites
2009 England Tony O'Shea


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