SU-100Y Self-Propelled Gun

SU-100Y Self-Propelled Gun

Infobox Weapon
name= SU-100Y Self-Propelled Gun

origin=flagcountry|Soviet Union|1923
used_by= flagcountry|Soviet Union|1923
wars= World War II
number= 1
weight= 60 tonnes
primary_armament= 130mm Naval Gun B-13
secondary_armament= 3x 7.62mm DT MG
The SU-100Y Self-Propelled Gun was a Soviet prototype tank, developed from the prototype T-100 tank. It was developed during the Winter War with Finland to include a 152 mm gun to destroy concrete defensive structures like bunkers and anti-tank obstacles.

When work was ceased on the T-100 project, the fate of SU-100Y was likewise sealed. The prototype was transmitted into Kubinka in the summer of 1940. In November 1941, at the most critical moment of battle in the suburbs of Moscow, the SU-100Y, together with the 152mm gun armed experimental SU-14 and Su-14-1, was pressed into service in an Independent Artillery Division for Special Duties. Any further information of the combat record of the unit is unavailable. The SU-100Y prototype survived the war, however, and is a part of the collection at the Kubinka Tank Museum.

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