Anglican Use

Anglican Use

Anglican Use has two meanings. First, it refers to former Anglican congregations who have joined the Roman Catholic Church while maintaining some of the features of Anglicanism. These parishes were formerly members of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America and were allowed to join the Catholic Church under the Pastoral Provision of 1980 issued by Pope John Paul II. Anglican Use parishes currently exist only in the United States. Many Anglican Use priests are former priests of the Episcopal Church and most are married.

Second, Anglican Use refers to the particular form of worship used by those churches, which can be found in the "Book of Divine Worship". The liturgy can be used outside of Anglican Use parishes with the proper permission from the local Catholic bishop.


Officially a variation of the widely used Roman Rite, the Anglican Use liturgy reflects many influences, including the Sarum Use, the English Missal, and the 1928 and 1979 versions of the Episcopalian Book of Common Prayer, as well as the Roman Missal. The regular Sunday Mass is based on a 16th-century translation of the Latin Tridentine Mass and is similar to high Anglican and Anglo-Catholic services. Distinctive features of such masses include 16th century English (e.g., "thee" and "thou"), greater use of incense and bell-ringing, the altar placed against the eastern wall, celebration of Solemn High Mass with the assistance of a deacon and subdeacon, and more traditional music, chants, and English hymns. Gender roles are also more traditional. All ceremonies are performed in English.

The adapted liturgy of the Anglican Use is contained in the "Book of Divine Worship".

Pastoral Provision

Anglican Use was created following the Pastoral Provision issued by Pope John Paul II in 1980. In addition to establishing the liturgy and allowing for the parishes, the Pastoral Provision permits the ordination of married men into the priesthood of the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Pastoral Provision and the permission to celebrate the Anglican Use are not necessarily linked. Not all former Episcopal clergy have permission to celebrate using Anglican Use.


Anglican Use is a particular form of worship within the western Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church, which also includes the Ambrosian Rite of Milan and neighbouring areas, the Mozarabic Rite in limited use in Spain, and Zaire Use in some parts of Africa. The Roman Catholic Church also includes several Eastern Catholic Churches which are not within the Latin Rite.

Anglican Use should not be confused with Anglo-Catholic Liturgies performed by parishes either within the Anglican Communion or in the Continuing Anglican Movement, neither of whom are in communion with the Roman Catholic Church. Many of these churches use the description Catholic because they differentiate being Roman Catholic and being Catholic.

Other former Episcopal and Anglican parishes have left Anglican denominations for Western Rite Orthodoxy as parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia or the Antiochian Western Rite Vicariate.


Anglican Use parishes are rare and are found only in certain dioceses of the United States. Any Anglican parish seeking to join the Catholic Church and become Anglican Use parishes must have the permission of the local Roman Catholic bishop. Some Anglican parishes in Canada and the UK have applied to become Anglican Use but have been refused permission.

Parishes and missions

*Our Lady of the Atonement, San Antonio, Texas []
*Our Lady of Walsingham, Houston, Texas []
*St. Mary the Virgin, Arlington, Texas []
*St. Thomas More Fort Worth, Texas
*St. Margaret of Scotland, Austin, Texas
*St. Anselm of Canterbury Catholic Mission, Corpus Christi, Texas []
*St. Athanasius Congregation, Boston, Massachusetts []
*St. Thomas More Society, St. Clare Church, Scranton, Pennsylvania []
*Church of the Good Shepherd, Columbia, South Carolina
*Atlanta Area AU Catholic Laity, Dunwoody, Georgia
*California AU Catholic Laity, St. Francis of Assisi Church, La Quinta, California

ee also

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*Sarum Rite
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