List of African American writers

List of African American writers

This is a list of African American authors and writers, all of whom are considered part of African American literature.

Note: Consult Who is African American? to gain a better sense as to who can be listed as an African American writer.compactTOCSee also__NOTOC__


* R.M. Ahmose (also Rhamal M. Ahmose); author (Baltimore/Richmond) of fictional suspense; [search both Google and YouTube by entering rm ahmose]
* Maya Angelou (born 1928), author and poet
* Tina McElroy Ansa
*M.K. Asante, Jr., author, poet, screenwriter, professor
* Mechelle Avey


* Frankie Y. Bailey
* Michael Baisden
* James Baldwin (1924-1987),
* Toni Cade Bambara
* Jacqueline Turner Banks
* Leslie Esdaile Banks
* Amiri Baraka
* Steven Barnes
* Paul Beatty
* Derrick Bell
* Haley Bendall
* Lerone Bennett, Jr.
* Chris Benson
* Bertice Berry
* Eleanor Taylor Bland
* Darnishia Bolden
* Marita Bonner
* Arna Bontemps
* Tommy Bottoms
* David Bradley (novelist)
* Bill Brady
* Gwendolyn Brooks
* Hallie Quinn Brown
* Sterling A. Brown (1901-1989), poet, literary critic, professor, poet laureate of the District of Columbia
* William Wells Brown
* Ed Bullins
* Olivia Ward Bush
* Garvey Butler
* Octavia Butler


* Bebe Moore Campbell
* Patricia E. Canterbury
* Minnie Carey
* Stokely Carmichael
* Stephen L. Carter
* Veola Carter
* Cyrus Cassells
* Christopher Chambers
*Charles W. Chesnutt (1858-1932), novelist and short-story writer [ [] "As the first African-American fiction writer to achieve a national reputation, Ohio native Charles W. Chesnutt..."]
* Rasheed Clark, novelist
* Tracy P. Clark
* Troy CLE
* Pearl Cleage
* Eldridge Cleaver
* Michelle Cliff
* Lucille Clifton
* Wendy Coakley-Thompson
* Evelyn Coleman
* Wanda Coleman
* Brandon Collier (1980-) Author of Body Traffic and The Night Sparkles
* Marvel Cooke
* Anna J. Cooper
* J. California Cooper
* Jayne Cortez
* Bill Cosby
* Donald Crews, (born 1938), children's book author.
* Mark Crockett
* Stanley Crouch
* Countee Cullen
* Christopher Paul Curtis


* Cassandra Daniels
* Jeffrey Daniels
* Margaret Danner
* Edwidge Danticat
* Angela Davis
* Edrea Davis
* Frank Marshall Davis
* A. Elizabeth Delaney
* Lucy Delaney
*Samuel R. Delany (born 1942), novelist [ [] "Although he has written much outside the genre, Samuel R. Delany is, along with Octavia Butler, one of two African Americans who, as writers, rank near the..."]
* Sarah L. Delany
* Nora DeLoach
* William Demby
* Eric Jerome Dickey
* Anita Doreen Diggs
* Lonnie Dixon
* Frederick Douglass
* Rita Dove
* Evelyn Dove-Coleman Prayers to Survive, Mt. Olive College Press
* W.E.B. DuBois
* Devon Dubuque
*Paul Laurence Dunbar (1872-1906), poet [ [] "Paul Laurence Dunbar was the first African-American to gain national eminence as a poet."]
* Alice Dunbar-Nelson
* David Anthony Durham
* Michael Eric Dyson


* Grace F. Edwards
* Ralph Ellison
* Olaudah Equiano
* Mari Evans
* Percival Everett


* Jessie Fauset
* Jamian Fertig
* Rudolph Fisher
* Sharon G. Flake
* Leon Forrest


*Ernest Gaines (born 1933), fiction writer [ [] "He is an African-American writer and educator."]
* Marcus Garvey
* Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
* Addison Gayle
* Nikki Giovanni
* Roy Glenn (fiction writer of Is It A Crime, Payback and others)
* Paige Glowacki
* Donald Goines
* Patrick Gonzales
* Lawrence Otis Graham
* Robert Greer
* Dick Gregory
* Sutton E. Griggs
* Terris McMahan Grimes
* Angelina Weld Grimke
* Charlotte Forten Grimké
* Tanisha Grayson-Hooks


* Alex Haley
* Virginia Hamilton
* Henry Hampton
* Lorraine Hansberry
* Vincent Harding
* Frances Harper
* E. Lynn Harris
* Robert Hayden
* Gar Anthony Haywood
* Chester Himes
* Shannon Holmes
* Hugh Holton
* bell hooks (sic)
* Pauline Hopkins
* George Moses Horton
* Benjamin Hughes
*Langston Hughes (1902-1967), poet, 1/2 African American, 7/16 European American, and 1/16 Native American
* Geri Spencer Hunter
* Zora Neale Hurston
* Edwards Grimes-Carrion (Born in Harlem 1972), African and Latino descent



* Brenda Jackson
* C.F. Jackson
* Dicey Scroggins Jackson "pseudonym for" Mary Jackson Scroggins
* Jesse Jackson (Born 1903) young-adult novelist
* Anthony Charles Jenkins (Born 1978) young-adult author/poet
* Harriet Jacobs
* Georgia Douglas Johnson
* Helene Johnson
* Charles R. Johnson
* James Weldon Johnson
* Mat Johnson
* R.M. Johnson
* Shawne Johnson
* Edward P. Jones
* Tayari Jones
* June Jordan


* Maria C. James
* Beverly Jenkins
* Ron Karenga
* Elizabeth Keckley
* Randall Kenan
* T.E. Kendall (born 1971) fiction writer/screenwriter
* John Oliver Killens
* Jamaica Kincaid
* Martin Luther King, Jr.
* Etheridge Knight
* Yusef Komunyakaa
* T.D. Jakes
* Joy King


* Nella Larsen (1891-1964), novelist
* Victor LaValle
* Newoka LaShelle (Born January 17, 1976) pantomime, digital blogger, historian, filmmaker
* Alain Locke
* Audre Lorde (1934-1992), author, poet, activist
* Glenville Lovell
* Langston Hughes
* Joshua Lopez Jackson (1932-1984) author, preacher, poet, town hero
* Shayne Lee


* Nathaniel Mackey
* Kissthis Mother
* Haki R. Madhubuti
* Paule Marshall
* Norma Anne Holmes Martin
* Hans Massaquoi
* Brandon Massey
* James McBride
* Nathan McCall
* Colleen McElroy
* Bernice L. McFadden
* Claude McKay
* Wanda McKiver author,playwright,poet
* Terry McMillan
* James Alan McPherson
* Lee E. Meadows
* Oscar Micheaux
* Penny Mickelbury
* Cora M. Miller
* E. Ethelbert Miller
* Anne Moody
* Mary B. Morrison
*Toni Morrison (born 1931), author, Nobel laureate 1993
* Walter Mosley
* Thylias Moss
* Willard Motley
* Jess Mowry
* Albert Murray


* Gloria Naylor
* Larry Neal
* Barbara Neely
* William Morris Newton
* Tariq Nasheed


* Barack Obama
* Bayo Ojikutu
* Alondra Yvette Oubre


* ZZ Packer
* Percy Spurlock Parker
* Kayla Perrin
* Eric Pete
* Ann Petry
* Gary Phillips
* Ann Plato
* Sterling Plump
* Daaimah S. Poole
* Warrior Poet
* Alvin F. Poussaint
* William Powell Jr.



* Dudley Randall
* Andy Razaf
* Emily Raboteau
* J. Saunders Redding
*Ishmael Reed (born 1938), poet, essayist and novelist
* W. Adolph Roberts
* Kimberla Lawson Roby
* Octavia V. Rogers Albert
* Al Roker
* Dax-Devlon Ross
* Fran Ross

* Sonia Sanchez
* Ayobunmi Sangode
* Sapphire
* Charles R. Saunders
* Arturo Alfonso Schomburg
* George Schuyler
* Gil Scott-Heron
* Mary Jackson Scroggins "uses pseudonym" Dicey Scroggins Jackson
* Victor Séjour
* Ntozake Shange
* Charlie Shipps
* Iceberg Slim
* Amanda Smith
* Charles Smith
* Mark Xandrine Sneed
* Thomas Sowell
* Sister Souljah
* Anne Spencer
* Maria W. Stewart
* Sekou Sundiata
* Anthony Simpson


* Susie Taylor
* Sundiata Tellem
* Lorenzo Thomas
* LaVerne Thomas-Taylor
* Wanda Y. Thomas
* Wallace Thurman
* Melvin B. Tolson
* Jean Toomer
* Touré
* Quincy Troupe
* Sojourner Truth
* Harriet Tubman
* Nikki Turner
* Omar Tyree



* Henry Van Dyke
* Victor Vango
* [http://www.YorkVanNixonIII.Com York Van Nixon III] Fiction writer. Author of Missing Steps, Wytherton and numerous short stories. He has also written hundreds of research and political articles on Multiple Sclerosis. His op-ed pieces, articles and political commentaries have appeared in major newspapers, magazines in the United States and Europe.


* Alice Walker (born 1944)
* Blair S. Walker
* Margaret Walker
* Mike Warren
* Booker T. Washington
* Carl Weber
* Valerie Wilson Wesley
* Cornel West
* Dorothy West
* Phillis Wheatley (1753-1784), first published African American poet
* Colson Whitehead, novelist ("The Intuitionist") and journalist
* Steven Whitehurst (1967- ), Award winning author
* Anthony Whyte
* John Wideman
* Chancellor Williams
* John Alfred Williams
* Sherley Anne Williams
* Walter E. Williams
* August Wilson, author of "Our Nig" and first African American novelist
* Harriet E. Wilson, author of "Our Nig" and first African American novelist
* Darlene P. Winston, author of "Where I Wanna Be"
* Richard Wright


* Malcolm X
* Mark Xandrine Sneed


*Frank Yerby
*Al Young


* Zane
* Ahmos Zu-Bolton

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* [ Web Resources on African American Writers and Literature]
* [ African American Women Writers]

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