Rolls-Royce Model 250

Rolls-Royce Model 250

The Rolls-Royce Model 250 (US military designation T63) is a highly successful turboshaft/turboprop engine family, originally started by a General Motors offshoot, the Allison Engine Company, in the early 1960s.


Allison adopted a rather unusual "trombone" style of engine configuration for the Model 250: although air enters the intake/compression system in the conventional fashion, the compressed air leaving the centrifugal compressor diffuser is ducted rearwards around the turbine system, before being turned through 180 degrees at entry to the combustor; the combustion products expand through the 2-stage HP turbine, which is connected, via the HP shaft, to the compression system, before expanding through through the 2-stage power turbine; the exhaust gases then turn though 90 degrees to exit the engine in a radial direction; a stub shaft connects the power turbine to a compact reduction gearbox, located inboard, between the centrifugal compressor and the exhaust/power turbine system.

One of the latest versions of the Model 250 is the -C40, which has a hi-tech centrifugal compressor pulling a pressure ratio of 9.2:1, at an airflow 6.1 lb/s (2.8 kg/s), and developing 715 shp (533 kW).

Some of the earlier versions have axial compressor stages mounted on the HP shaft to supercharge a relatively low pressure ratio centrifugal compressor. The -C20R is typical, pulling an overall pressure ratio of 8.0:1, at an airflow of 4.0 lb/s (1.8 kg/s), with a power output of 450 shp (336 kW).

The Model 250 propels a large number of helicopters and small aircraft. [ [] ] As a result, nearly 30,000 Model 250 engines have been produced. Of these, approximately 16,000 remain in service. The Model 250 is one of the highest-selling engines made by Rolls-Royce.

Older retired units have also had a second life as theatrical props as engines for Colonial Vipers that are being worked on in the background of the port Hangar bay on the Sci FI channel remake of Battlestar Galactica.Fact|date=October 2008

ubtypes of the Model 250

* Bell 206A JetRanger
* Hughes 500; 250-C20
* Bell Eagle Eye
* Bell 206B JetRanger
* Hughes 500C; 250-C20B
* Bell 206B JetRanger II and early model JetRanger III
* BO 105 CBS
* BO 105 Super Five
* Cicaré CH-14
* Hughes/MD 500E
* PZL Kania
* Hiller FH-1100; 250-C20F
* Eurocopter AS355F; 250-C20J
* Bell 206B JetRanger III (later models); 250-C20R
* MD520N
* Bell 206L LongRanger; 250-C20R-1
* Agusta A109C
* Bell 206 JetRanger; 250-C20R-2
* PZL SW-4; 250-C20S
* Soloy Turbine-Pac conversion kit for Cessna 206/207 Stationair; 250-C20W
* Enstrom 480
* Schweizer 330, 330SP, 333; 250-C28
* Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II
* BO 105 LSA-3; 250-C30
* Hughes/MD 530F
* Sikorsky S76A; 250-C30P
* Bell 206L.4 LongRanger; 250-C40
* Bell 430; 250-C47
* Bell 407
* MD600N;250-B17F/2
*Tradewind Turbines Propjet Bonanza (A36)
*Extra EA-500

Applications of the Model 250

* AgustaWestland
** Agusta A109A
* Bell Helicopters
** Bell 206 JetRanger
** Bell 206 LongRanger
** Bell 206LT TwinRanger
** Bell 407
** Bell 430
* Cicare Helicopteros S.A.
** Cicaré CH-14
* Enstrom Helicopters
** Enstrom 480
* Eurocopter / MBB
** AS355F
** MBB Bo 105
* Hughes Helicopters, later MD Helicopters
** Hughes 369HE/369HS/369HM / Model 500C
** Hughes 369D / 500D
** Hughes 369E / 500E - later the MD369E
** Hughes 369F / 530F - later the MD369F
** MD520N
** MD600N
* Marine Turbine Technologies
* Schweizer Helicopters
** Schweizer 330, 330SP, 333
* Sikorsky Helicopters
** Sikorsky S-76
* Soloy Conversions
** Bell 47G Soloy
** Hiller 12E Soloy
** A36 Bonanza (STC now owned by Tradewind Turbines)
** Cessna 206/207 Stationair
* Extra Aircraft, LLC
** Extra EA-500

ee also

* Rolls-Royce RR300


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* [ Rolls-Royce Model 250 Official page]

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