Langhans giant cell

Langhans giant cell

Langhans giant cells are large cells found in granulomatous conditions. They are formed by the fusion of epithelioid cells (macrophages), and contain nuclei arranged in a horseshoe-shaped pattern in the cell periphery. Their presence could indicate tuberculosis or other mycobacterial infection.

They should not be confused with Langerhans cell, which are mononuclear epidermal dendritic cells derived from monocytes. "Langerhans" may also refer to the Islets of Langerhans that are found in the pancreas.

Langhans giant cells are named for Theodor Langhans (1839-1915), a German pathologist. [ J Pritchard, P Foley, H Wong. Langerhans and Langhans: what's misleading in a name? The Lancet (2003): 362 (9387), 922. ]


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