Zilla (disambiguation)

Zilla (disambiguation)

Zilla may refer to:

* Zilla (genus), a plant genus

* Zilla, a Toho Studios' monster or another name for Godzilla
* Zilla, the name of the major antagonist in Shadow Warrior."
* ZILLA, a London based electronic music producer founded in 2002 with releases on Warp Records ,Domino Records and [http://www.bombhiphop.com Bomb Hiphop] to date.
* Zilla, a trance band started in 2004 by Michael Travis of The String Cheese Incident

* Zilla, a political subdivision between the levels of a district and a panchayat, in some states of India

;Internet and computer software
* Zilla, an internet phenomenon involving the naming of websites and services with the suffix "-zilla".
* Zilla, a desktop clustering program developed by NeXT in the 1980s

* Zilla, a type of motor controller

* Zilla, a female name

;Popular Culture
* The suffix "-zilla", now appended to many words. The enduring popularity of the Godzilla creature has led to "-zilla"'s contemporary usage in neologisms that describe something which is considered to be monstrous, extreme, or out of control, as in: "bridezilla" (for misbehaving brides) or "browzilla" (for large, overgrown eyebrows).

* Zilla (spider), a spider genus of Araneidae.

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