Perfect Pitch Black

Perfect Pitch Black

Infobox Album |
Name = Perfect Pitch Black
Type = Album
Artist = Cave In

Released = September 2005
Recorded = 2005
Genre = Hardcore
Length = 41:38
Label = Hydra Head Records
Reviews =
* (83/100)
*"Kerrang!" Rating|4|5
*"Rock Sound" rating-10|8
Producer = Cave In; Andrew Schneider
Last album = "Antenna" (2003)
This album = "Perfect Pitch Black" (2005)

"Perfect Pitch Black" is the fifth album from alternative/metalcore band Cave In, released in 2005.

Track listing

#"Perfect Pitch Black" - 0:32
#"The World is in Your Way" - 5:09
#"Off to Ruin" - 4:38
#"Trepanning" - 4:07
#"Paranormal" - 7:02
#"Down the Drain" - 4:27
#"Droned" - 2:59
#"Ataraxia" - 5:26
#"Tension in the Ranks" - 3:16
#"Screaming in Your Sleep" - 3:23

Japanese Bonus Tracks
#"Cave-In" (A cover song, originally written by Codeine)


*Stephen Brodsky - guitar, vocals
*Adam McGrath - guitar
*Caleb Scofield - bass, vocals
*John-Robert Conners - drums

Additional personnel

*Nick Zampiello - mastering
*Andrew Schneider - engineering and mixing
*Aaron Turner - album art

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