Melvins discography

Melvins discography
Melvins discography

Melvins live in concert October 13, 2006 — pictured are Buzz Osborne, Coady Willis, Dale Crover (hidden behind the drums) and Jared Warren from left to right.
Studio albums 20
Live albums 7
Compilation albums 8
EPs 6
Singles 47
Video albums 1
Music videos 10
Miscellaneous 25

This page contains the discography for the Melvins, an American sludge metal band. Note that their discography includes many items that are limited to a few copies and are not represented here.


Albums and extended plays

Studio albums

Date of Release Title Label Catalog Number
1987 Gluey Porch Treatments Alchemy Records VM103
1989 Ozma Boner Records BR16-2
1991 Bullhead Boner Records BR25-2
1992 Lysol (aka Melvins) Boner Records BR35-2
September 21, 1993 Houdini Atlantic Records 82532-2
August 5, 1994 Prick Amphetamine Reptile Records AmRep 031
October 18, 1994 Stoner Witch Atlantic Records 82704-2
July 15, 1996 Stag Atlantic Records 82878-2
May 5, 1997 Honky Amphetamine Reptile Records AmRep 064-2
May 17, 1999 The Maggot Ipecac Recordings IPC-002
August 23, 1999 The Bootlicker Ipecac Recordings IPC-004
February 7, 2000 The Crybaby Ipecac Recordings IPC-006
February 6, 2001 Electroretard Man's Ruin Records MR2002
April 15, 2002 Hostile Ambient Takeover Ipecac Recordings IPC-020
August 23, 2004 Pigs of the Roman Empire w/Lustmord Ipecac Recordings IPC-054
October 19, 2004 Never Breathe What You Can't See w/Jello Biafra Alternative Tentacles Records Virus300
September 26, 2005 Sieg Howdy! w/Jello Biafra Alternative Tentacles Records Virus350
October 10, 2006 (A) Senile Animal Ipecac Recordings IPC-082
July 8, 2008 Nude With Boots Ipecac Recordings IPC-105
June 1, 2010 The Bride Screamed Murder Ipecac Recordings IPC-112

Extended plays

Date of Release Title Label Catalog Number
1986 Six Songs C/Z Records CZ002
1991 Eggnog Boner Records BR28-2
1992 King Buzzo Boner Records BR32-2
1992 Dale Crover Boner Records BR33-2
1992 Joe Preston Boner Records BR34-2
August 25, 2007 Smash The State Amphetamine Reptile Records Scale 109
January 2010 Sludge Glamorous From The Nursery Records 001
13 July 2010 Split with Isis Hydra Head Records HH666-214
September 2010 Hurray For Me, Fuk You Amphetamine Reptile Records Scale ---

Live albums

Date of Release Title Label Catalog Number
1986 10 Songs C/Z Records CZ002
1991 Your Choice Live Series Vol.12 Your Choice Records YC-LS 012
1998 Alive at the F*cker Club Amphetamine Reptile Records AmRep 072
1999 Live at Slim's 8-Track Tape Life is Abuse Records M 87003
April 16, 2001 Colossus of Destiny Ipecac Recordings IPC-014
April 1, 2002 Millennium Monsterwork 2000 w/Fantômas Ipecac Recordings IPC-019
May 16, 2006 A Live History of Gluttony and Lust
Houdini Live 2005
Ipecac Recordings IPC-076
January 14, 2008 The End Enturruption
August 2008 Melvins vs. Minneapolis Amphetamine Reptile Records
Spring 2009 Pick Your Battles Bifocal Media
May, 2011 Endless Residency (4CD box set of the Spaceland live shows.) Amphetamine Reptile Records
May 31, 2011 Sugar Daddy Live Ipecac Recordings IPC-126

Compilation albums

Date of Release Title Label Catalog Number
August 26, 1997 Singles 1-12 Amphetamine Reptile Records AmRep 063
November 27, 2000 The Trilogy Vinyl Ipecac Recordings IPC-011
March 11, 2003 26 Songs Ipecac Recordings IPC-038
September 16, 2003 Melvinmania: Best of the Atlantic Years 1993–1996 Atlantic Records 5050466574428
March 9, 2004 Neither Here nor There Ipecac Recordings IPC-047
May 31, 2005 Mangled Demos from 1983 Ipecac Recordings
Alternative Tentacles Records
October 9, 2007 Manchild 3: The Making Love Demos Bifocal Media BFM026
September 29, 2009 Chicken Switch Ipecac Recordings IPC-116
June 1, 2010 Ipecac Box Set Ipecac Recordings


Date of Release Title Label Catalog Number
1986 Outtakes from 1st 7" Do The Right Thing Records
1987 Oven/Revulsion/We Reach Leopard Geck-o Records
1989 Hate The Police/Symptom Of The Universe (Mudhoney Split-7") Bootleg
1989 Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More/I Dreamed, I Dream (Steel Pole Bathtub Split-7") Boner Records
1990 Love Canal/Someday Slap A Ham Records Slap A Ham #13
1990 With Yo' Heart, Not Yo' Hands Sympathy For The Record Industry SFTRI 81
1990 Your Blessened Slap A Ham Records Slap A Ham #2
1991 Here She Comes Now/Venus in Furs (Nirvana Split-7") Communion
1992 Night Goat Amphetamine Reptile Records Scale 44
1993 Sawed Off Gasatanka
1993 Hooch Rise Records
1993 Honey Bucket Atlantic Records PRCD 5263
1993 Lizzy Atlantic Records
1994 Queen Atlantic Records
1995 Tora Tora Tora X-Mas Records/Amplified/Atlantic #X010
1995 Revolve Atlantic Records
1996 Bar-X-The Rocking M Atlantic Records
1996 Interstellar Overdrive Man's Ruin Records MR-014
1996 The Bit Atlantic Records
January, 1996 Lexicon Devil/Pigtro Amphetamine Reptile Records Scale 82
February, 1996 In The Rain/Spread Eagle Beagle Amphetamine Reptile Records Scale 83
March, 1996 Leech/Queen Amphetamine Reptile Records Scale 84
April, 1996 Way of the World/Theme Amphetamine Reptile Records Scale 85
May, 1996 It's Shoved/Forgotten Principles Amphetamine Reptile Records Scale 86
June, 1996 GGIIBBYY/Theresa Screams Amphetamine Reptile Records Scale 87
July, 1996 Poison/Double Troubled Amphetamine Reptile Records Scale 88
August, 1996 Specimen/All At Once Amphetamine Reptile Records Scale 89
September, 1996 Jacksonville/Dallas Amphetamine Reptile Records Scale 90
October, 1996 The Bloat/Fast Forward Amphetamine Reptile Records Scale 91
November, 1996 Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings/HDYF Amphetamine Reptile Records Scale 92
December, 1996 How-++=/Harry Lauders Walking Stick Tree/Zodiac (Brutal Truth Split-7") Amphetamine Reptile Records Scale 95
1997 Barbaraal²
1998 I Can't Shake It/Some Girls (Cosmic Psychos Split-7") Gearhead Magazine Gearhead #8 1998
September 18, 2000 Spit It Out Amphetamine Reptile Records Scale 100
October 15, 2001 Shit Sandwich ... and you just took a bite Amphetamine Reptile Records Scale 101
January 28, 2003 Black Stooges/Foaming (Fast Version) Ipecac Recordings IPC-021
January 28, 2003 Dr. Geek/Return Of The Spiders Ipecac Recordings IPC-022
February 11, 2003 Little Judas Chongo/Jerkin' Krokus Ipecac Recordings IPC-023
February 11, 2003 The Fool, The Meddling Idiot/Promise Me Ipecac Recordings IPC-024
February 25, 2003 The Brain Center At Whipples/Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World Ipecac Recordings IPC-025
February 25, 2003 Foaming/Arnie Ipecac Recordings IPC-026
March 11, 2003 The Anti-Vermin Seed Ipecac Recordings IPC-027
September, 2003 Revolve Suicide Squeeze Records 032
March 9, 2004 Message Saved/Thank You! Amphetamine Reptile Records Scale 103
March 19, 2004 Message Saved/Thank You! Amphetamine Reptile Records Scale 103
March 24, 2006 PigSkin/Starve Already Amphetamine Reptile Records Scale 104
March 25, 2006 PigSkin/Starve Already Amphetamine Reptile Records Scale 104
December 13, 2008 The Star-Spangled Banner Amphetamine Reptile Records Scale 114
May 2011 Black Betty/ split with Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Amphetamine Reptile Records



Date of Release Title Label Catalog Number
1992 Salad of a Thousand Delights Box Dog Video BDV002
August 26, 2008 Live From London 2006 (w/Fantômas) Ipecac Recordings IPC102

Music videos

Date of Release Song Album
1992 "With Teeth" Lysol
1993 "Hooch" Houdini
1993 "Honey Bucket" Houdini
1993 "Lizzy" Houdini
1994 "Queen" Stoner Witch
1994 "Revolve" Stoner Witch
1996 "Bar-X-The Rocking M" Stag
1997 "Mombius Hibachi" Honky
2006 "The Talking Horse" (A) Senile Animal
2010 "Electric Flower" The Bride Screamed Murder

Other contributions

Date of Release Title Songs(s) Label Catalog Number
1984 Let's Together various artists If You Get Bored K Records
1984 Let's Kiss various artists At A Crawl K Records
1985 Deep Six various artists Scared, Blessing The Operation, Grinding Process & She Waits C/Z Records CZ001
1989 Peace Through Chemistry various artists Glow God, Big As A Mountain & Heavyness Of The Load Alchemy Records 001LP
1990 Dope Guns And Fucking In The Streets Volumes 4-7 various artists Euthanasia Amphetamine Reptile Records AmRep 008
1991 It's Your Choice various artists It's Shoved Your Choice Records YC-LS 013
1991 Kill Rock Stars various artists Ever Since My Accident Kill Rock Stars KRS 201
1992 Mesomorph Enduros various artists Vile Big Cat Records ABB36
1992 Hard to Believe: Kiss Covers Compilation various artists God Of Thunder C/Z Records CZ024
1992 International Pop Underground Convention various artists Charmicarmicat K Records KLP11
1993 Advanced Alternative Media Vol.1 various artists At A Crawl Advanced Alternative Media
1993 Gimme Indie Rock Vol.1 various artists Creepy Smell K-Tel Records 6453
1993 CMJ New Music No. 3 various artists Hooch CMJ CMJOCT93
1994 13 Years of Losing Money various artists Hag Me, & Sacrifice Gasatanka DEI6105-7-DEI6109-7
1994 Tales From The Crypt Presents: Demon Knight various artists Instant Larry Atlantic Records 82725-2
1995 AmRep Motors 1995 Models various artists Larry Amphetamine Reptile Records AmRep 098 (USA), ARR 62/005 (Europe)
August 27, 1996 A Small Circle Of Friends various artists Lexicon Devil Grass Records 60150-13038-2
1997 Mind The Gap Volume 14 various artists In The Freaktose The Bugs Are Dying Gonzo Circus GC020
1997 Alternative Distribution Alliance Monthly Sampler 5/97 various artists Lovely Butterfly Alternative Distribution Alliance ADA20007
1998 Great Jewish Music: Marc Bolan various artists Buick MacKane Tzadik Records TZ 7126
1999 Mind The Gap Volume 27 various artists Amazon Gonzo Circus GC033
1999 Cinema Beer Belly various artists Mombius Hiabachi Hopeless Records CD and DVD
2000 Runnin' On Fumes! various artists I Can't Shake It Gearhead RPM 011
2000 Troma's Terror Firmer various artists (soundtrack) Horn Bearer Go-Kart Records
2000 Live @ Bob's Garage Vol. 1 various artists Revolve KISW 31889162
July 25, 2006 Suicide Squeeze: Slaying Since 1996 various artists With Teeth Suicide Squeeze Records
2006 Sleepless In Seattle: The Birth Of GRUNGE various artists Grinding Process LiveWire Recordings LWR-1012
2010 Godlike 2010 by KMFDM Godlike (Security Forces Mix) KMFDM Records KMFDM032

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