Teruhisa Komatsu

Teruhisa Komatsu

Infobox Military Person
name= Teruhisa Komatsu
lived= 12 August 1888 - 15 November 1970 [Nishida, "Imperial Japanese Navy".]

caption= Admiral Komatsu Teruhisa
allegiance=Empire of Japan
branch=navy|Empire of Japan
rank=Vice Admiral
commands="Hokaze", "Itsukushima", "Jingei", "Kiso", "Nachi"
Subron1, Cruiser Division 16, Ryojun Guard District, 1st China Expeditionary, IJN 6th Fleet (Submarines, Sasebo Naval District, Imperial Japanese Naval Academy
battles=World War II
o Battle of Midway
o Guadalcanal campaign

Marquis nihongo|Teruhisa Komatsu|小松輝久|Komatsu Teruhisa|extra=12 August 1888 - 15 November 1970 was an admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy in World War II.

Born as HIH Kitashirakawa-no-miya Teruhisa, as the younger son of HIH Prince Kitashirakawa Yoshihisa, his title was devolved from royal status that that of the "kazoku" peerage in 1910 in order to preserve to Komatsu family line, which had become extinct with the death of Prince Komatsu Akihito in 1908.


Komatsu graduated from the 37th class of the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy in 1909 ranked 26th out of 179 cadets. He performed his midshipman training on the cruiser "Aso", and after commissioning as an ensign, he served as a crewman on the battleship "Satsuma".

As a sub-lieutenant Komatsu attended naval artillery and torpedo schools and served on the "Kawachi" in 1912. In 1913, he took time out from the Navy to fulfill the obligation of members of his social class to sit for a session in the House of Peers. He later served on the cruiser "Soya" and battlecruiser "Kurama".

After his promotion to lieutenant on 13 December 1915, Komatsu was assigned to the "Kongō", destroyers "Yugure" and "Urakaze" and battleship "Yamashiro" for patrols during World War I.

After graduating from the Naval War College (Japan) in 1919, Komatsu was promoted to lieutenant commander. He subsequently served in a number of staff positions, and traveled to the United Kingdom for further studies in 1925 for over two years at his own expense, during which time he was promoted to commander. After his return to Japan, he received his first command: the destroyer "Hokaze" from 1 April 19271 December 1927. He was subsequently executive officer on the cruiser "Isuzu" in 1929, and then battleship "Nagato" in 1930.

Promoted to Captain on 1 December 1930, Komatsu commanded minelayer "Itsukushima" in 1931, submarine tender "Jingei" in 1932, light cruiser "Kiso" in 1933, and heavy cruiser "Nachi" in 1935.

After his promotion to rear admiral on 1 December 1936, Komatsu commanded the 1st Submarine Squadron (SubRon 1) in 1937, and was Commandant of the Submarine School in 1937.

As a vice admiral from 15 October 1940, Komatsu commanded the Ryojun Guard District in 1941, and was commander in chief of the 1st China Expeditionary Fleet from 5 July 1941. After the outbreak of the Pacific War, he was reassigned as commander in chief of the IJN 6th Fleet (Submarines) from 16 March 1942 to 21 June 1943. From June 1943 to November 1944, he was commander of the Sasebo Naval District. In the last part of 1944, he was Commandant of the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy. He retired from active service in May 1945.



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