List of World War II British naval radar

List of World War II British naval radar

This page is a List of World War II British naval radar.


These sets were initially numbered as wireless telegraph (w/t) sets, but a distinguishing prefix of "2" was soon added. Metric sets were numbered in the 28x and 29x series. When centimetric sets arrived with the advent of the cavity magnetron, they were numbered by subtracting 10 from the metric type number they were based on (e.g. the metric Type 284 was replaced by the centimetric Type 274). This was not always possible however, as Types 271 - 274 were already in use for original centimetric sets, thus some metric sets in the Type 28x range had 20 subtracted (e.g the metric Type 282 was replaced by the centimetric Type 262). Aerial outfits were given a three letter identifier that began with "A".

Suffixing letters indicated the following;
* B - conversion of sets with separate transmitting (Tx) and receiving (Rx) antennas to single antenna operation.
* M, P, Q - major set modifications
* R - addition of range-taking panel
* U - modification to suit coastal operations
* W - modification to submarine use
* X, Y, Z - experimental modifications


Type 79

Centimetric fire-control set for 40 mm Bofors weapons. Fitted to Close Range Blind Fire (CRBF) director and STAAG weapon mount. Dish antenna spun off-centre at high speed to produce scanning cone, target lock and blind fire possible.

Type 267

Type 271 was the original naval centimetric target indication radar, later fitted with plan position indicator. Modifications P and Q were known as the "Centimetric Mark IV". IT had separate Tx and Rx aerials, small parabolic dishes stacked on top of each other, and referred to as "cheese" after their shape. The antenna array was carried in distinctive protective perspex "lantern", and initially had to be fitted directly onto the radar office roof due to limitations in coaxial cabling (until suitable waveguides had been developed.) The Type 271 was a vitally important war weapon, as for the first time it allowed escort ships to reliably detect surfaced U-boats or even just their periscopes. First fitted on HMS "Orchis". (350 sets ordered) [Macintyre, September 1967, p.80] It was fitted widely to escort vessels of corvette and frigate size.

Type 272

Centimetric replacement for Type 284. Main armament ranging and shot-spotting set for cruisers and battleships. "Double cheese" antennas.

Type 275

"Centimetric Mark V" target indication set with steerable antenna. Aerial Outfit AUK was a parabolic dish, ANU was a cropped paraboloid. Fitted on a "nodding" mount, often used as a height finding set. Superseded in service by Type 278 height finder in County class destroyer.

Type 279

Metric air warning set with separate Tx / Rx antennas. Type 281B had combined Tx / Rx antenna. First fitted to HMS "Dido" then HMS "Prince of Wales" [Macintyre, September 1967, p.75]

Type 282

Main armament ranging and shot-spotting set for cruisers and battleships with lobe switching to increase accuracy of bearing readings. Prototype fitted on HMS "Sardonyx". HMS "Southdown" received first production set. Used by HMS "Suffolk" to shadow Bismarck. [Macintyre, September 1967, p.78] Type 284 was instrumental in the Battle of the North Cape, effectively allowing HMS "Duke of York" to sink "Scharnhorst" blind ["King George V class Battleships", Roger Chesneau, 2004, Stackpole Books, ., ISBN 1861762119 ] .

Type 285

Metric target indication set, replacement for Type 286.

Type 291

Metric air warning sets. Original Type 291 had a hand-steered antenna, replaced by Type 291M with power training and plan position indicator. U and W variants for coastal craft and submarines respectively.

Type 293

"Centimetric Mark V" target indication set, shared transmitter with Type 276 / Type 277 sets. Stabilised "cheese" antenna, convert|6|ft|m diameter in outfit AUR, upgraded to convert|8|ft|m in Type 293P (replaced all Type 293 and Type 276 sets) and to convert|12|ft|m in Type 293Q.

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