List of Anglo-Quebecer musicians

List of Anglo-Quebecer musicians

::"The following list refers only to native Anglo-Quebecers. For Quebec musicians who sing in French, "Québécois" artists, and native Francophone Quebecers who sing in English, please see Music of Quebec."

The following is a list of successful Anglo-Quebecer musicians and groups


*Leonard Cohen
*Corey Hart
*Sass Jordan

Popular Music Groups

*Arcade Fire
*Bowser & Blue
*Bran Van 3000
*The Dears
*Deja Voodoo
*Godspeed You! Black Emperor
*The Gruesomes
*Kate and Anna McGarrigle
*Me Mom & Morgentaler
*Men Without Hats
*The Nils
*Sam Roberts
*The Stills
*The Unicorns
*Wolf Parade

Jazz musicians

*Charles Biddle
*Oliver Jones
*Ranee Lee
*Oscar Peterson
*Michelle Sweeney
*Karen Young

ee also

*Montreal International Jazz Festival
*List of Quebecers
*List of English-speaking Quebecers
*Music of Quebec

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