Pom-pon (disambiguation)

Pom-pon (disambiguation)

Pom-pon, Pompon, Pom-pom, or Pompom may refer to:

* Pom-pons, used by cheerleaders
* François Pompon (1856–1933), a French sculptor
* "Pom-Pom" (gun), nickname for light guns from the Boer War
* QF 2 pounder naval gun British anti-aircraft gun in naval use
* Pom Pom, a character in the Flash animated cartoon "Homestar Runner"
*, a U.S. Navy submarine built during World War II
* Pompon (fish), an American fish of the "Anisot" family; namesake for the U.S. submarine
* PomPom Games, an independent game developer
* "Pom Pom" (film), the English language title of a 1984 Chinese film (see Lucky Stars#Pom Pom).

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