Córdoba, Spain

Córdoba, Spain

Important buildings

Religious architecture

* The Mezquita: The Mosque, which contains columns that date back to the Roman and Visigothic periods, was primarily constructed during the Umayyad period (its construction started in 784), and was converted to a Cathedral after the Reconquista.
* Synagogue (14th century)
* Fernandine- and Alphonsine-style churches (13th century)
* Various monasteries and convents
* The Walcha Cave, built in 1489.

Civil and military architecture

* Alcázar of the Christian Kings (14th century)
* Palace of Viana with its flowered patios (16th century)
* Royal residences and palaces
* The Tower of Calahorra (14th century)
* The Door of the Bridge (16th century)
* The "Plaza Vieja" or "Plaza Mayor"
* Walls and towers of the Muslim and Christian period

Archaeological sites

* Roman archaeological remains (temple, mausoleum)
* Islamic archaeological remains (minarets preserved in the churches, Arab baths)
* Archaeological site of Madinat Al-Zahra (10th century)
* The Roman Bridge

Parks and Gardens

* Garden of the Victory
* Garden of the Rivas Duc
* Garden of the Agriculture
* Garden of the Conde de Vallellano
* Garden of Juan Carlos I
* Park Cruz Conde
* Sotos de la Albolafia
* Balcón del Guadalquivir
* Peri-urban park of Los Villares
* Park of the Miraflores

Famous people born in Córdoba and its province

Córdoba was the birthplace of five famous philosophers and religious scholars:
*In Roman times the Stoic philosopher Seneca,
*In classical Islamic times
** The Islamic scholar ibn Hazm, a major Muslim theologian and legal jurist,
** The Islamic scholar ibn Rushd or Averroes, one of Islam's most famous and eminent scholars and philosophers,
** Imam Abu 'Abdullah al-Qurtubi, a leading jurist of the Maliki madhab, and
** The Jewish rabbi and philosopher Moses Maimonides.

Córdoba was also the birthplace of
*The Roman poet Lucan,
*The medieval Spanish poet Juan de Mena, and
*The Renaissance poet Luis de Góngora, who lived most of his life and wrote all his most important works but one in Córdoba.

In addition some scholars have linked to Córdoba
* The Renaissance philosopher Abraham Cohen de Herrera and
* The prominent Jewish mystic Moses ben Jacob Cordovero

Both of these were evidently descended from families which lived in Córdoba before the expulsion of the Jews from Spain.

More recently, several flamenco artists were born here as well, including
*Paco Peña,
*Vicente Amigo, and
*Joaquín Cortés .

Twin cities

* [ [http://www.femp.es/index.php/femp/content/download/4974/41927/file/070202%20con%20EUROPA%20v2.pdf Corporaciones locales españolas hermanadas con Europa] - Federación Española de Municipios y Provincias]
* [ [http://www.bethlehem-city.org/English/Twinning/index.php The City of Bethlehem has signed a twinning agreements with the following cities] Bethlehem Municipality.]
* [http://www.cordoba.es/portal/servlet/noxml?id=turcanaContenido%20M01164792238750~S45798~Ncooperacion_directa.pdf&mime=application/pdf La Cooperación Directa en el Ayuntamiento de Córdoba] - Córdoba City Council Web]


External links

* [http://www.ayuncordoba.es/portal/web/index.jsp Official website of the city council.]
* [http://www.cordoba24.info/english Cordoba information in English]

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