Siemens (disambiguation)

Siemens (disambiguation)

Siemens AG is a German electrical and telecommunications company

siemens may refer to
*siemens (unit), the SI unit of electrical conductance, equivalent to 1 ampere/volt

Siemens may also refer to:
*Jake Siemens, a Canadian social entrepreneur and adult educator
*Werner-von-Siemens-Ring, German award for persons who have promoted the technical sciences
*Siemens (train), a subtype of the Siemens Modular Metro train that operates in Melbourne, Australia. Originally known as the 'NEXAS'.

Siemens, a German family name carried by generations of telecommunications industrialists, including:
*Ernst Werner von Siemens (known as Werner) (1816-1892)
*Carl Wilhelm Siemens (known as Wilhelm or Sir William Siemens) (1823-1883), brother of Werner von Siemens
*Carl Heinrich von Siemens (1829-1906), brother of Werner von Siemens
*Arnold von Siemens (1853-1918), son of Werner von Siemens
*Georg Wilhelm von Siemens (known as Wilhelm) (1855-1919), son of Werner von Siemens
*Carl Friedrich von Siemens (1872-1941), son of Werner von Siemens
*Hermann von Siemens (1885-1986), nephew of Werner von Siemens
*Ernst von Siemens (1903-1990), nephew of Werner von Siemens
*Peter von Siemens (1911-1986), nephew of Werner von Siemens
*Alexander Siemens (1847-1928), cousin of Werner von Siemens

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