Studio album by Alexander Klaws
Released March 10, 2006
Genre Pop, rock
Label Sony BMG
Alexander Klaws chronology
Here I AM

Attention! was the third studio album from pop music singer Alexander Klaws, and was released in 2006. From this album, two singles were released; "All (I Ever Want)" & "Not like You".

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Beautiful Show"   Alex Geringas, Sandi Strmljan 3:13
2. "Stay"   Mats Tärnfors, Fredrik Willstrand,
Paul Rein
3. "Celebrity Queen"   Michelle Leonard 3:45
4. "This Is What It Feels Like"   Nicky Chinn, Jörgen Elofsson 4:22
5. "Not Like You (Long Radio Version)"   Nick Jarl, Alexander Kronlund,
6. "Love At First Sight"   Ivo Moring, Mirko von Schlieffen,
Daniel Hall
7. "Missing You"   Mirko von Schlieffen, Ivo Moring,
Terri Bjerre
8. "All (I Ever Want) feat. Sabrina Weckerlin"   Rob Bolland
(english text: Klaus Hirschburger)
9. "My Heart Is On The Run"   Nick Jarl, David Stenmarck, Sharon
10. "Love Is The One"   Niklas Bergwall, Niklas Kings 4:00
11. "If I'm Not The One"   Graham Kearns, Howard Newm,
Peter Gordeno
12. "Not Enough"   Tina Harris, Mo (Moritz Bernhard),
C. Gardner

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