List of radio stations in Africa

List of radio stations in Africa

This is a list of radio stations in Africa. For countries for which information is not listed, please see the "Media" section of that country's national article, or use the "Media in Africa" box at the bottom of this article.



*Canal A
*Rádio 5 - sports network
*Rádio Nacional de Angola - news and commentary
*Radio N'Gola Yetu


*Radio Immaculée Conception


*Radio Botswana 1
*Radio Botswana 2
*Yarona FM 106.6
*Gabz FM 96.2
*Duma FM 93.0

Burkina Faso

*Ouaga FM - "Ouagadougou"
*Radio FM Djongo - "Ouagadougou"
*Radio Horizon FM - "Ouagadougou"
*Radio Pulsar FM - "Ouagadougou"
*Radio Savane FM - "Ouagadougou"



*Radio Tiemeni Siantou - "Yaounde"

Cape Verde

Central African Republic

*Radio Diffusion Centrafricaine - "Bangui"
*Radio ESCA - "Bangui"
*Radio Ndekeluka - "Bangui"
*Radio Nehemie - "Bangui"
*Radio Notre Dame - "Bangui"
*Tele Centrafrique - "Bangui"


*Radio DJA FM - "N'Djamena"
*Radio FM Al Bayane - "N'Djamena"
*Radio FM Al Nasr - "N'Djamena"
*Radio FM Al Quoran - "N'Djamena"
*Radio FM Liberte - "N'Djamena"


Côte d'Ivoire

The state radio company is Radiodiffusion-Télévision Ivoirienne (RTI).

*Radio Al Bayane - "Abidjan"
*Radio Bonne Sante - "Abidjan"
*Radio Espoir - "Abidjan"
*Radio Jam FM - "Abidjan"
*Radio Nostalgie - "Abidjan"
*Radio Rurale Locale de San-Pedro - "San Pédro"
*Radio Zenith FM - "Abidjan"
*Radiodiffusion Television Ivorienne - "Abidjan"

Democratic Republic of the Congo

*Radio Droit de Cite
*Radio Okapi



:"See FM broadcasting in Egypt"
*El Gouna Radio Egypt
* Nile FM
*Nugoom FM

Equatorial Guinea

*Three state-run radio stations:
**Radio Malabo
**Radio Bata
**Voie de Kie Ntem
*Radio Asonga




*Radio Emergence - Libreville
*Africa n° 1 - Libreville
*Black FM - Libreville
*RFI 1 Afrique - Libreville "French, 24h "
*RFI 1 Afrique - Franceville "French, 24h "
*RFI 1 Afrique - Port-Gentil "French, 24h"

The Gambia

*Radio Gambia - state-operated AM service


"See Ghana Broadcasting Corporation."


Radio KankanHorizon Fm



* Iqra FM - Muslim radio station.
* 98.4 Capital

*KISS 100 FM

*Kenya Broadcasting Corporation-KBC - Owned mostly by the Government/State-State Controlled. Broadcasts in Swahili, English and other local dialects in Kenya.

*Easy FM

*Nation FM owned by the Nation Media Group

*Classic FM

*Hot 96FM

*91.5 HomeBoyz Radio

*Ghetto Radio 89.5FM

*101.9 Metro FM
*101.1 Kameme FM A 'Gikuyu speaking' radio station targeting the kikuyu speaking community in Nairobi and the upcountry Kenya.

*Radio Mang'elete 89.1FM Community-owned radio station in Kenya. Covers the Kambu region in the south.

*Sound Asia FM 88.0 FM Nairobi and 89.9 FM Mombasa





*Capital Radio Malawi - "Malawi's Hit Music Station"
*Malawi Broadcasting Corporation - "Blantyre"
*Power FM 101 - "Blantyre"
*Radio Islam - "Blantyre"
*Star Radio - "Blantyre"


*Office de Radiodiffusion Television du Mali (ORTM) - State broadcaster.
*An ostensibly complete list of radio stations in Mali is available at URTEL, the Union des Radios et Televisions Libres du Mali.


*Radio Mauritanie - "Nouakchott"


FM Stations:1.Radio plus is the number 1 radio station in Mauritius with 49% of audience.2.World hit radio3.RFI (Radio France International)4.Taal Fm6.Kool Fm7.Radio One8.Top Fm

AM Stations:1.Radio Mauritius2.BBC



* Radio 2M []
* Médi 1 (aka Radio Méditerranée Internationale) []

* Casa FM
* Chada FM
* Hit Radio
* Radio Aswat
* Radio Atlantic
* Radio Plus
* SNRT Chaine inter
* SNRT coranique
* SNRT Arabic



Namibia FM 99 (broadcast on 99.00 FM in Windhoek): broadcast all over Namibia in English and Afrikaans. Predominantly music format with new owners (Democratic Media Holdings) who in turn have a 50% shareholding with Media 24 (South Africa)
Radio Wave: broadcast on 96.7 FM in Windhoek in English. Hard rock music format and popular 'waking crew' each morning. Also available on DSTV satellite.
Unam Radio: Community Radio broadcast from University of Namibia on 97.4 FM only within the city of Windhoek and surrounding areas
Radio Ecceslia: broadcast on 91.3 FM in Windhoek. Community Christian (Catholic) Radio station.
Kosmos Radio: broadcast on 94.1 FM in Windhoek. Middle-of-the-road format. Language: Afrikaans. Also available on DSTV satellite
Radio Energy: broadcast on 100.00 FM in Windhoek. Music format aimed at young black audience. Language: English. Also available on DSTV satellite
Omulunga Radio: broadcast on 100.9 FM in Windhoek. Commercial music format aimed at Oshiwambo speaking audience but owned by Norman Kotze (same owner as Kudu FM).
Channel Seven: broadcast on 104.5 FM in Windhoek. Christian community station. The widest reach (number of transmitters throughout the country) of any Namibian radio station (except Namibian Broadcasting Corporation).
Kudu FM: broadcast on 103.5 FM in Windhoek. Middle-of-the-road music format. Language: English and Afrikaans.
Katutura Community Radio: broadcast on 106.2 FM in Windhoek. Community radio station based in a Windhoek suburb - Katutura.
Radio France International: broadcast on 107.9 FM in Windhoek. Relay of French speaking radio channel for the three people who understand French in Windhoek!
NBC RADIO: The state broadcaster (Board is appointed directly by the Government Minister of Information and Broadcasting). Widest range of language radio services and widest range of coverage of any Namibian radio stations. In Windhoek the frequencies are as follows:
NBC Afrikaans (88.6 FM, 89.5 FM)
NBC Setswana (90.4 FM)
NBC National Radio (91.7 FM, 92.6 FM)
NBC Silozi (93.5 FM)
NBC German (94.9 FM, 95.8 FM)
NBC Otjiherero (98.2 FM)
NBC Oshiwambo (101.7 FM)
NBC Damara/Nama (105.3 FM)
NBC Rukavango (107.1 FM).Fresh fm> ( 102.90 )



*Nigerian WebRadio (USA)
*EKO FM 89.75
*Radio Lagos 107.5 FM
*Hot 98.3 FM Abuja
*Cosmo FM 93.5 (Enugu)

See also List of radio stations in Nigeria.

Republic of the Congo


St. Helena

St. Helena is an island 1200 miles off the coast of Namibia.

* Saint FM - available on FM in St. Helena, Ascension Island, The Falklands and globally via Internet Radio (see website for details).
* Radio St. Helena - available on AM (1548 kHz) in St. Helena, and occasionally on Short Wave (see website for 'Radio St. Helena day' announcements).

ão Tomé and Príncipe


*Radiodiffusion Télévision Sénégalaise: State broadcaster


ierra Leone


outh Africa

*List of radio stations in South Africa


Southern Sudan
*Capital FM - "Juba"
*Liberty FM - "Juba and Yei"
*Miraya FM - "Juba, Malakal, Upper Nile, Rumbek and Wau"
*Bakhita FM - "Juba and Rumbek"
*Ngun Kata FM - "Kaya at Sudan-Uganda border"
*Catholic FM - "Yambio, in Western Equatoria State"
*Warrap FM - "Warrap State"


*Swaziland Broadcasting and Information Service 1 (SBIS 1 - Local language channel) and SBS 2 (English Channel)


*Radio Maria-"Songea"
*Radio One-"Dar es salaam"
*Clouds Radio
*Radio Free Africa
*Radio Tumaini
*Magic FM
*Radio Tanzania
*Times FM


*CJ 105 - "Lome"
*Frequence 1 - "Lome"
*Nana FM - "Lome"
*Radio Maria Togo - "Lome"
*Radio Musulmane - "Lome"
*Radio Television Delta Sante - "Lome"
*Radio Victoire - "Lome"
*Radio X Solaire - "Lome"
*Radio Zephir - "Lome"
*Sport FM - "Lome"
*Tropic FM - "Lome"


*AlJawhara FM, entertainment from Sousse
*Mosaique FM, entertainment from TunisPublic
*Tunisian Public Radio National
*National Radio, the oldest radio in Tunisia
*Youth Radio or Shabab Radio, targeting the youth Tunisians
*Cultural Radio
*Tunisia International Radio, target international listeners with multi-language serviceLocal
*ElKef Radio
*Gafsa Radio
*Mounastir Radio
*Sfax Radio
*Tataouine Radio


*Please see Media in Uganda#Radio.

Western Sahara


*Radio Choice
*Radio Christian Voice
*Radio Chikaya "A Community Radio Station"
*Radio Icengelo "Catholic"
*Radio Phoenix
*Radio Yatsani "Catholic"
*ZNBC 1 "7 languages"
*ZNBC 2 "English"
*ZNBC 4 "English"Hot FM, Lusaka, "English"


*AfrosoundsFM - "London-based internet station featuring news and music"
*Radio Voice of the People / VOP
*SW Radio Africa
*Power FM
*Radio Zimbabwe
*Spot FM
*National FM
*Good4zim Radio
*Zimbabwe FM
*Zim Net Radio "news, commentary"
*Shaya FM "Radio Mthwakazi"
*PraiseAudio Radio Station - "Liverpool - based internet radio station featuring gospel, Christian, African, Zimbabwean music"Hot FM, Lusaka, Zambia.

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