Tracy (also spelled Tracey or Traci), originally place name of Normandy : "*Thraciacum", male's name "Thracius" + Celtic suffix "-ako" (property), could refer to:


United States
*Tracy, California
**Tracy Municipal Airport
**Deuel Vocational Institution, a California state prison sometimes referred to as "Tracy"
*Tracy, a neighborhood in Wallingford, Connecticut
*Tracy, Indiana
*Tracy, Iowa
*Tracy, Minnesota
*Tracy, Missouri
*Tracy City, Tennessee
*Tracyton, Washington;Canada
*Tracy, Quebec
*Sorel-Tracy, Quebec;France
*Tracy-Bocage and Tracy-sur-Mer, both in the Calvados "département", Normandy (here "Tracy" is pronounced "trah-see" or "trah-shee")
*Tracy-le-Mont and Tracy-le-Val, both in the Oise "département", Picardy
*Tracy-sur-Loire, in the Nièvre "département".


* Cyclone Tracy, 25 December 1974, Northern Australia



:"See also" Treacy
* Turgis le Sire, Seigneur de Tracy ( Tracy-Bocage, Calvados, Basse-Normandy)
*William de Tracy (or Williame or Guillaume de Tracy), Norman knight that took part to the assassination of Thomas Becket with Hugh de Moreville (or Hue or Hugue de Morville), Reginald Fitzurse (or Renaud Fitz-Urs) and Richard Brito (or Lebreton)
*Merlin Hanbury-Tracy, 7th Baron Sudeley
*Antoine-Louis-Claude Destutt de Tracy
*Chad Tracy, professional baseball pitcher
*Destutt de Tracy
*Paul Tracy
*Spencer Tracy
*William Tracy, American character actor
*Christopher Tracy, an American prostitute, fiction played by Prince

First name

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*Trace Adkins
*Tracy Austin
*Tracy Bonham
*Tracey E. Bregman
*Tracy Brookshaw
*Tracy Byrd (boxer)
*Tracy Byrd, a country music singer
*Tracy Chapman
*Tracey Curro
*Tracey Edmonds, President and CEO of Edmonds Entertainment Group, Inc.
*Tracey Emin
*Tracey Gold
*Tracy Grandstaff
*Tracy Grimshaw
*Tracy Harris
*Tracy Hickman
*Tracy Hines
*Tracy Kidder
*Tracy Lawrence
*Traci Lords
*Tracy Lynn Cruz
*Tracy Marrow (Ice T), rapper
*Tracy McGrady, NBA All-Star
*Traci Michaelz, drummer
*Tracy Middendorf
*Tracy Morgan
*Tracy Pollan
*Tracey Ross
*Tracy Scoggins
*Tracy D. Terrell
*Tracey Thorn
*Tracy Tormé
*Tracey Ullman
*Tracy Vorhees
*Tracy Walker
*Tracey Wigginton

Fictional characters

* Dick Tracy, a comic-book detective
* Tracey (EastEnders)
* Tracy, a character in the video-game "EarthBound"
* Tracy Bond, a character in the James Bond series
* Tracey Sketchit (Kenji), a character in the "Pokémon" anime and the "Pokémon" manga series
* Tracy, a character in the "Battle Arena Toshinden" video game series


*Tracy (song), by Scottish group Mogwai from their 1997 debut, "Mogwai Young Team"

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