Lake Worth Independent School District

Lake Worth Independent School District

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Lake Worth Independent School District is a public school district based in Lake Worth, Texas (USA).

In addition to Lake Worth, the district serves small portions of Fort Worth and Sansom Park.


Lake Worth ISD has six schools - three in Lake Worth and three in Fort Worth.

*Lake Worth High (Lake Worth; Grades 9-12)
*Lucyle Collins Middle (Fort Worth; Grades 6-8)
*N.A. Howry Middle (Lake Worth; Grades 6-8)
*Effie Morris Elementary (Lake Worth; Grades PK-5)
*Marilyn Janice Miller Elementary (Fort Worth; Grades PK-5)
*Marine Creek Elementary (Fort Worth; Grades PK-5)


Rosen Heights Independent School district incorporated by election held May 6, 1916. There were sixteen votes cast for incorporation and one vote against incorporation. At that same election the following received seventeen votes

1. B Perkins Samson resigned 2/36 Bates (Mathews Stuart

2. O.C. Slate

3. W.C. Walker Hodgkins

4. J.A. Proffitt Charbonneau

5. J.N. Harris C.C. White, Superintendent & Teacher

6. R.C. Allen Putnam

Sixteen votes were recorded for:

7. J .E. Williams

April 1936 Mr. Proffitt resigns

Rosen Heights Independent School began in 1923 with 16 pupils in a vacant store donated by Mr. Hodgkins.

In 1936 land was acquired and an architect was chosen to build a school building that would house the entire school. The location of this building was 6713 Charbonneau Road.

1942 -Band Added

1943- Original building burned.

Fall 1943- School began in the new building not yet completed.

May 8, 1940- The first reference to "Board of Trustees of Lake Worth School. Previously it has been referred to as Rosen Heights ISD L WHS.

May 10, 1940- Referred to as RHISD again on August 2, 1940

August 10, 1940 -O.R. Childress is named Superintendent in the same motion the school was called Lake Worth Public School.

August 29, 1940- Letterhead RHISD (Lake Worth Schools)

September 26, 1940- The Rosen Heights ISD Board of Trustees voted to install a telephone in the school building.

Called Meeting of October 9, 1940- Motion to close the school October 16, 1940 for the purpose of assisting in the registration of persons subject to military duty.

October 18, 1940- A pressure water system contract was awarded to Atell Co. (Previously water was from the schools own well and water tower.

January 29, 1941- Secretary of Board J.R. Foster was authorized to write letters to the Texas Legislature asking for aid in getting additional room and equipment to care for the contemplated growth of the school due to the building of the bomber plant in the vicinity of Lake Worth.

May 4,5,6,7, 1942- The school is to be closed on sugar rationing days for the purpose of registering families.

January 15, 1943- Times are hard for the country and trustees vote to go ahead with plans as submitted for a school " Victory Garden"

December 30, 1943 Clock :

October 10, 1946- "A motion was made by Baker and seconded by O'Zee that the school Board go on record and make every investigation possible to combat the move of the City of F ort Worth to take into the city limits any part of the Rosen Heights Independent School District"

February 7, 1947- O.C. Morton named Principal of Lake Worth High School for remainder of 46-47 -school term.

February 15, 1948- A motion was made that a Bond be organized under the direction of Andrew A. Davis.

July 30, 1948- A motion was made that no further transfers to or from Fort Worth ISD to be approved.

August 9, 1948- Lake Worth school buses will not be used in 48-49 for the purpose of transporting school children to Fort Worth.

August 27, 1948- Board supports a petition requesting the Army officials of Carswell Field to change the route of the planes so as to avoid coming directly over the school building.

July 1, 1949- Vocational classes to begin with the 49-50 school year . Trades and Industries, Homemaking, Physical Education

August 27, 1949- Third attempt to pass a Bond Election for $50,000 to build new classrooms, fails Defected by 13 votes. 170 for 183 against

September 18, 1949- A motion to request W .f 0 Charbonneau keeps his cows off school campus

April 30, 1956- Mr. & Mrs. N .A. Howry are employed by the district.

March 4, 1957 -A motion to hold Eighth-Grade Graduation for the grade school effective spring 1957 and that the students in this graduation will wear caps and gowns.

June 30, 1958- M. L. Kittrell was given his first Contract.

August 4, 1958- Taxes are ordered to be collected beginning with W. F. Charbonneau Boat Club Estates and Mr. Ed Bridgeman.

May 25, 1959- A motion to purchase a building from Texas Surplus Property Agency to

be used as a shop class. [The previous shop had burned. This building to be placed east of Homemaking building and next to the driveway.] (Current Maintenance and Operations)

June 29, 1959- a decision to change the legal name of the school District from Rosen Heights Independent School District to Lake Worth Independent School district was passed. Effective September 1, 1959.

November 30, 1959-Discussion of consolidation with Eagle Mountain/Saginaw.

February 13, 1962- Mr. David Choate was the first assistant Superintendent

July 25, 1963- The Board voted to build educational facilities underground if it is found to be feasible in this area, after visiting a like facility in Artessa New Mexico.

September 24, 1963- Preston M.Geren selected as architect at a proposed Bond of $500,00.00

March 26, 1964- General Construction Bid Contract awarded to John w. Webb Inc. in the amount of $293,600.00. Drake Co. $118,000.00 for Mechanical and Electrical.

June 1964- Plans are drawn to update existing Athletic facilities and add locker rooms.

February 23, 1965- Accepted as complete underground school. John W. Webb GeneralContractor .

June 16, 1967- Grady Vaughn fired 5-6-67 M.L. Kittrell serves as Interim Superintendent. David R. Choate named Superintendent. M.L. Kittrell named Athlete Director .

August 8, 1967-M.L.Kittrell hired as High School Principal.

August 10, 1970- Election by Place. Places 1,2,3, shall be first elected in Apri11971, places 4 & 5 April 1972, and places 6& 7 1973.

September 1949- A letter of protest written to Commanding Officer of Carswell Air Field regarding flying planes directly over school building copies to Congressman Lucus Senators Johnson and Connolly and Head of the War Department.

October 10, 1949- A motion was made that buses be re-routed through Sansom Park Addition whenever hard surface or graveled roads are available.

July 10, 1950- the Board votes to purchase 5 acres of land from Mr. Charbonneau @ $2,500 per acre pending financing.

July 14, 1950- The Board accepts a proposal to assist in the issuance of$115,000 to build a school house in the near future contingent on the event that should the USA enter into a full scale war and President of US proclaims a state of emergency that the completion of this contract shall be at the option of either the Rosen Heights ISD or Henry-Seay & Co.

August 14, 1950- A motion was made by Caldwell and seconded by Pritchard that the results of the Bond Election held August 12 be adopted.

August 31, 1950- Superintendent directed to send a letter to the War Department requesting that the air-planes arriving and leaving from Carswell Air Field change their course so they will not have to fly directly over the Lake Worth Schools.

August 31, 1950- Statement of Taxable Values of Rosen Heights for tax year 1949

Real Property 2,626,440 Personal Property 104,724 Total 2,731, 164

September 28, 1950-Band Director Andrews resigns and Billy Turner second Band Director for District.

September 28, 1950- Voted to go ahead with purchase of 5 acres from Charbonneau

October 26, 1950- The first "Note/Agreement" to purchase Band uniforms is signed with the stipulation that the band parents are to pay $5.00 down and the rest is to be paid in 12 months.

February 19, 1952- Plans for the new High School Building are accepted

November 16, 1953- A motion to place the new Elementary building on the North West Campus of the Elementary (currently Anne Mansfield Sullivan High School)

November 10, 1954- An attorney is named, Mr. Kermit Smith, to address the issue of the planes coming over the school.

October 28, 1955- Motion to build a new elementary school building (second grade) in line with the present first grade school building (This building is no longer standing).

August 10, 1970-Marilyn J. Miller resigned as Board President and is hired as a Teacher.

May 20, 1971- Board adopts "Annual Superintendents Evaluation" and procedure for evaluation. (Twice a year in December and June.)

July 19, 1971-Assistant Superintendent Don McKinnerney hired for 71-72 School year.

August 9, 1971- Board purchased the buildings for $45,00.00, located on comer of Merritt and Telephone Road to be used as Kindergarten. Marilyn Miller hired as supervisory teacher for 71- 72 school year .

January 24, 1972- Effie Morris submits letter of retirement.

July 12, 1972- Drue Smith hired as Coach.

August 8, 1972- Voted to petition City to close Telephone Road from Merritt to Dakota. Reopen Notice March 12, 1973

January 16, 1973-DRUGS Student expelled for bringing LSD onto school grounds.

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