Saba (disambiguation)

Saba (disambiguation)

Saba may refer to:

;People (real & fictional)
* Saba (pronounced Sava) or Sabbas the Goth, a 4th-century martyr
* Abraham Saba, a 15th-century Jewish rabbi
* Umberto Saba, a 20th-century Italian poet and novelist
* Abolhasan Saba, a 20th-century Iranian composer and teacher of Persian traditional music
* Saba Sebatyne, a Jedi Master in the fictional Star Wars Expanded Universe
* Saba Douglas-Hamilton, a TV wildlife presenter

* Saba, an island in the Netherlands Antilles
** Saba University School of Medicine, located on the island of Saba
* Saba, another name for Sheba, an ancient kingdom in Yemen
* Saba, Brunei, a Water village, or "mukim" in Brunei

;Businesses & organizations
* Saba (news), official Yemeni government news agency
* Saba (car), an Iranian car model (based on the Kia "Pride" design)
* Saba Software Inc, a provider of human capital management software and services, and also the name of the company's line of enterprise software
* SABA, a brand name for Thomson TV's

* Saba (Zen), grains of rice set aside from one's meal for the benefit of hungry ghosts at a Zen monastery

* Saba (sura), a chapter of the Qur'an
* Saba, a syrup made from grape must
* Saba, a maqam in Arabic music and makam in Turkish music
* Saba, the name of a talking kilij wielded by the fictional Tommy Oliver, the first White Ranger
* Saba nut, another name for "Pachira aquatica"
* "Saba," a ska song by Mephiskapheles
* "Saba the Bird", a poem by Patti Smith from her 1978 book "Babel"

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