Scottish devolution referendum, 1997

Scottish devolution referendum, 1997

The Scottish referendum of 1997 was a pre-legislative referendum held in Scotland, over whether there was support for the creation of a parliament for Scotland and whether there was support for a parliament with tax varying powers. The referendum was a manifesto commitment of the Labour Party and was held in their first term after the United Kingdom general election, 1997. This was the second referendum held in Scotland over the question of devolution, the first being the Scotland referendum, 1979.

Party support

The Labour Party, Scottish National Party, Liberal Democrats, and Scottish Green Party campaigned for the acceptance of both proposals . The Conservative & Unionist Party was the only major party to officially oppose both the proposals. Curiously, though, Labour MP Tam Dalyell opposed the creation of a Scottish Parliament but in favour of giving such a Parliament the power to raise and lower taxes on the basis that, although he opposed the Parliament as proposed by his party, if it did exist it should have tax varying powers. []


Question 1

It was held on September 11, 1997. The result was 'Yes-Yes', i.e. the majority voted in favour of both proposals.

For the first question, the electorate were asked to indicate whether:

1. I agree that there should be a Scottish Parliament; or

2. I do not agree that there should be a Scottish Parliament

Government response

In response to the majority voting for both proposals, the United Kingdom Parliament passed the Scotland Act 1998, creating the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Executive (which has now been rebranded the Scottish Government).

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