Weriyeng, is one of the last two schools of traditional navigation found in Central Caroline Islands in Micronesia, the other being Faaluush. By tradition these two schools were considered to be the most high of all the schools of navigation that once dotted the islands of Central Caroline Islands. By tradition "Weriyeng" school of navigation was founded on the island of Polap, which is today found in the Pattiw region, in Chuuk State, Federated States of Micronesia.

Mau Piailug is one of the most famous navigators of this school. He trained the well known modern Hawai'ian wayfinder Nainoa Thompson.

Palu (Master Navigator) in this school

*Mau Piailug

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* [http://www.tritonfilms.com/urupiyvoyagerproj.htm Documentary Anthropoligist Website]
* [http://www.janeresture.com/fedmic/chuuk.htm Jane's Chuuk Page]
* [http://www.micsem.org The Micronesian Seminar]
* [http://www.visit-fsm.org/chuuk/ Chuuk (Truk) Visitors Center]

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