Luc Hensill

Luc Hensill

Luc Hensill (September 7, 1948 in Uccle, Brussels, Belgium, Europe)is a music composer, an international English-language singer/songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist musician, known for his guitar prowessand his psychedelic creativity. He often sings in French, Portuguese (from Brazil) and Dutch in addition to English.He is also a producer (Film production in High Definition Video).

And from Brussels in Belgium, came in 1962, a musician called Luc Hensill.

*What follows is a short summary of the biography :
*1948 : Birth of Luc Alexandre Camille Gillet called Luc Hensill.
*1962 : Take Five Jazz Band :
Luc Hensill : Guitar. Andre Bialek : Guitar.
*1963 : The Sherlocks :Shows at The Atlanta Hotel. Brussels.

1963 : The Sparks

Luc Hensill : Guitar.Friswa : Guitar.Jacky Mauer : Drums (Drumkit).etc ...Shows at Aux Brasseurs (every night 7/7). Brussels.

*1964 : Kris Dogan Band :Shows at Aux Brasseurs as Headliner Band (every night 7/7). Brussels.

1964 : Les Ombres

Les Ombres is a Belgian music playing band. They formed in 1964 in Brussels.

The Band

Luc Hensill : Guitar and Vocal.Cristopher-John Luhr : Bass guitar and Vocal.Dany Longlegs : Guitar.Jack Hitchin : Drums (Drumkit).Jimmy Morgan : Vocal.John Handscombe : Piano


A little loving / On the beach / Fly / Belgium 1964.Baby Can Forgive / I'll Talk About you / Sachem / Belgium 1964.Whatcha Gonna Do / That's My Baby / Sachem / Belgium 1964.Teen Age Letter / You Better Move / Olympia / Belgium 1964.The Angry Age / Get Out Of My Life / Olympia / Belgium 1965.


Shows at the Olympia] in Paris (France) with Chuck Berry in 1965.Shows as musicians of Vince Taylor. Several Rock Festival as Headliner Band in Belgium and France.Etc ...

1965 : The Klan (Mod Freakbeat Garage Psych)

*Olympia Records sells the contracts of "Les Ombres" to Palette Records.
*The producer of Palette Records imposes the name “The Klan” to “Les Ombres".

The Band

Luc Hensill : Guitar and Vocal.Cristopher-John Luhr : Bass guitar and Vocal.Dany Longlegs : Guitar.Jack Hitchin : Drums (Drumkit).


Already Mine / E.P. Album / Palette / Belgium 1966.And I Love It So / Single / Palette 1967.Already Mine / Single / Palette / Belgium 1967. Already Mine / E.P. Album / Palette 1967.Melody Maker / E.P. Album / Palette 1967.Fifi The Fly / E.P. Album / Supraphon / Tchekia & Slovakia 1967."Join Us" / L.P. Album / Palette 1967."Join Us" / L.P. Album / Equipe Internacional Brazil 1967. "Join Us" / L.P. Album / E.M.I. #062.643312 / Belgium 1981."Join Us" / AMC Records 2006.Jacques Albin and The Klan / E.P. #7287 / Palette / Belgium 1967. etc ... And a long list of compilations with "Already mine" who was the top-hit of the band.On the WWW : "Already mine" "The Klan (Mod Freakbeat Garage Psych)" : enter.
*Compilations :Already Mine --> Wit-Lof From Belgium Vol.1.Already Mine --> Pebbles Vol.12.Already Mine --> Beat Scene.Already Mine -->Pandamonium Color in Dance Vol.17.And I Love It So --> Collecting Peppermint Clouds Vol.2.Melody Maker --> Beat Scene.C'Est Du Velours / Jacques Albin and The Klan / Disques Ronnie #RON004 2006.etc ...A sale of records mostly in the Top-Ten at the World scale.Ex: Nr. 1 in Brazil, Nr. 4 in Chile, Nr. 6 in Argentina,etc ...


A show at the Paris Olympia (France) with The Rolling Stones in 1967.One week of Shows at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels with Michel Polnareff and Jeff Beck at the guitar (with fantastic jam-sessions in the afternoon).Several Shows at " La Locomotive " in Paris (La Loco) as Headliner Band.Several Shows at the "Top Ten" in Paris (Champs-Elysées) as Headliner Band.Several Shows at the recording studio in the "rue de la gaiete" in Paris (Montparnasse) as Headliner Band.Several Shows in Mouscron (Belgium) at the Twenty Club as Headliner Band and on the same stage where Jimi Hendrix Expérience will play a little time after.A rock opera " Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow " at the Hilton (Hilton Hotels) in Brussels,Shows at the Forum in Liege (Belgium) as Headliner Band.Shows at the Wolu-City in Brussels with The Who.etc ...Many Shows broadcast everywhere in Europe.Several Clips for the RTBF (INR).Several Clips for the BRT (VRT).Several Clips for the Netherlands Tv Broadcast.etc ...

1967 : The Klan (Mod Freakbeat Garage Psych) New Cast

The Band

Luc Hensill (The Klan (Mod Freakbeat Garage Psych)) : Guitar and Vocal.Cristopher-John Luhr (The Klan (Mod Freakbeat Garage Psych)) : Bass guitar and Vocal.David Dandoy ( Andre Brasseur "Early Bird") : Guitar.Bob Valtin (Onyx Club Band) : Bass guitar, Piano and Organ.Garcia Morales (JJ Band) : Drums (Drumkit). (also on "Melody Maker" by Luc Hensill).


Nobody Will Ever Help You / Palette 1967.Nobody Will Ever Help You -->Visions Of The Past Vol.1 (Compilation).


Several Shows of more than one hour of Music for RTBF Broadcast : Feu Vert (Green Light) as Headliner Band.Shows for the Netherlands Tv Broadcast.

1967 : The Third Eye

The Third Eye is a Belgian music playing band. They formed in 1967 in Brussels.

The Band

Luc Hensill (The Klan (Mod Freakbeat Garage Psych)) : Guitar and Vocal.Bob Valtin (The Klan (Mod Freakbeat Garage Psych)) : Bass guitar, Piano, Organ and Vocal.Robert Chabre dit l'Éclair (Circus) : Drums (Drumkit).


Shows at The Club Les Aigles (The Eagles Club). Brussels

1968 : Tomahawk Blues Band

Tomahawk Blues Band is a Belgian music playing band. They formed in 1968 in Brussels.

The Band

Luc Hensill (The Third Eye) : Guitar and Bass guitar.Michel Clement ( Tomahawk Band) : Guitar. Bob Valtin (The Third Eye) : Bass guitar, Piano, Organ and Vocal.Robert Chabre dit l'Éclair (The Third Eye) : Drums (drumkit).


A Trip with Tomahawk Blues Band by Marc Lobet.With
Luc Hensill,Michel Clement,Robert Chabre dit l'Éclair.Music by Luc Hensill, Michel Clément and Robert Chabre dit l'Éclair.Experimental Full-Length Film 35mm Color.A copy of this Film was presented by most of the TV Broadcast in the World in 1968.This Film is unreleased.


Brussels in the Heizel Palace,
Antwerp in the Sports Palace with Fleetwood Mac.
Liege in the Liege Rock Festival as Headliner Band.etc ...

1968 to 1972 : Great-Britain, France, Netherlands, etc...

Participation in the creation of the musical theatre " Hair " in Brussels :Hair (musical) subtitled The American Tribal Love/Rock Musical.
London : The Roundhouse - UFO Club - Speakeasy Club - Marquee Club - etc...
Paris : Open Light - Open Circus - Open One - Open Underground, etc....
Brussels : Shows at the Thalamus with Luc Hensill : Guitar, Denis van Hecke : Electric Cello] , Dany Lademacher : Guitar etc ... and The Mandala Light-Show of Frederic Pardo and Didier Léon.
Brussels : several Shows of "Mushroom" on the kiosk of the Josaphat Park in Schaerbeek, on the occasion of the mad, mad, mad Josaphat Park (ten days). "Mushroom" is a Belgian musical band formed in 1971 in Brussels with Luc Hensill : Guitar, Pierre-Louis "Pirlouit" Klinkhammer : Vibraphone, Phillippe "Cochise" d'Outreligne : Drums, Michel Duyck : Bass and MacDonald on Bongo.

1973: " Je voudrais faire le tour du monde " (I would like to make the turn of the world)

Je voudrais faire le tour du mondeDirected by Marc Lobet.Music by Luc Hensill.Experimental film 35mm.

1976: Flesh Colour

Flesh Colour is a Belgian music playing band. They formed in 1976 in Brussels.

The Band

Guitar : Luc Hensill (Tomahawk Blues Band).
Guitar : Friswa (Jenghis Khan).
Bass : Michel Van Stappen (John Lauwers Band).
Drums : Freddy Nieuland (Wallace Collection singer on "Daydream").


Flesh Color (Couleur Chair) by François Weyergans (Prix Goncourt 2005).Music by Friswa.
Experimental film 35mm. 1978.With
Dennis Hopper,
Veruschka von Lehndorff,
Bianca Jagger,
Jorge Donn,
Laurent Terzieff...and Flesh Colour.This film was presented to the Cannes film festival in the parallel section in 1978.This film is unreleased.


Various Shows in "Forest National Stage Night Club" in Brussels, Belgium.etc ...

eptember 7, 1977 : Brazil

Order of the Musicians of BrazilLuc Alexandre Camille Gillet (Luc Hensill) : Identity Card Nr.003/89It has Faith Publishes in all the National Territory (Federal Law Nr. 3857/60).Ordem dos Musicos do BrasilLuc Alexandre Camille Gillet (Luc Hensill) : Cartao de Identitade Nr. 003/89Tem Fe Publica em todo o Territorio National (Lei Federal Nr.3857/60).

Rio de Janeiro : Zooom

Zooom is a Brazilian music playing band. They formed in 1978 in Realengo] Rio de Janeiro.
Luc Hensill : Lead Guitar.Fernando Barreto : Guitar and Vocal.Richard Menezes : Guitar and Vocal.Canoa / Single / Champignons Discos / Rio de Janeiro / 1979.Show on TvM / Rio de Janeiro / 1980.Several Shows at the Carl Perr Club / Copacabana Rio de Janeiro.Several Shows in the Baixada Fluminense / State of Rio de Janeiro.Etc ...

Rio de Janeiro: Real Rock Gloria

Real Rock Gloria is a Brazilian music playing band. They formed in 1984 in Rio de Janeiro.

The Band

Luc Hensill : Guitar.Juca : Vocal and Bass guitar.Kako : Drums.Shows for TVE Broadcast Rio de Janeiro : Sinal Verde (Green Light)

Minas Gerais : Invencao

Invencao is a Brazilian music playing band. They formed in 1985 in Itaperuna State of Rio de Janeiro.

The Band

Luc Hensill : Guitar.Tadeu da Silva : Vocal and Bass guitar.Kako : Drums.


Rock in Raposo 1 as Headliner Band. Rock in Itaocara 1 as Headliner Band.Rock in Itaperuna 1 as Headliner Band.etc ...Broadcast Shows in the Great Exposition of Itaperuna R.J.etc ...

Minas Gerais : Zooom

Shows at Associacao Comercial de Recreio 1987Etc ...From Recreio to Pocos de Caldas

tate of Rio de Janeiro : Zooom

Luc Hensill / Luc Gillet : Registrated musician of Petropolis #48958-6 located Hotel Gran Solar, Apt. #01, Benjamin Constant street, 280, Center, Petropolis] .Several Shows in the Baixada Fluminense State of Rio de Janeiro 1987.Several Shows in Rio de Janeiro.Etc ...

1991 : Europe : Firebird Jazz Band

Luc Hensill : Vocal, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass guitar, Piano, Organ, synth., Drums (Drumkit), etc...and Film production.
Mario Pauwels (Ostrogoth) : Drums (Drumkit), Guitar and Film production.Audio-visual experiments.Experimental research in Film production and Post-production of Films in High Definition Video (Full HD) Unix System.

* Luc Hensill since 1998 is Linux Registered User #431241

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