Flesh Colour

Flesh Colour

Flesh Colour is a Belgian music playing band.They formed in 1976 in Brussels.

The Band

Guitar : Friswa (Jenghis Khan),
Guitar : Luc Hensill (Tomahawk Blues Band),
Bass : Michel Van Stappen (John Lauwers Band),
drums : Freddy Nieuland (Wallace Collection singer on "Daydream").


Flesh Color (Couleur Chair) by François Weyergans (Prix Goncourt 2005).Music by Friswa.
Experimental film 35mm 1978.With
Dennis Hopper,
Veruschka von Lehndorff,
Bianca Jagger,
Jorge Donn,
Laurent Terzieff...and Flesh Colour.This film was presented to the Cannes film festival in the parallel section in 1978.This film is unreleased.


Various shows in "Forest National Stage Night Club" in Brussels, Belgium.


* [http://www.festival-cannes.fr/en/archives/artist/id/5562.html Couleur Chair (Flesh Color) on Festival de Cannes]
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External links

* [http://www.festival-cannes.fr/en/archives/artist/id/5562.html Francois Weyergans on Festival de Cannes]
*imdb name|1672611|Friswa
* [http://luchensill.com Luc Hensill Site]

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