Tag Image File Format / Electronic Photography

Tag Image File Format / Electronic Photography

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"Tag Image File Format / Electronic Photography" (TIFF/EP) is a digital image file format standardISO 12234-2, titled "Electronic still-picture imaging – Removable memory – Part 2: TIFF/EP image data format". This is different from the Tagged Image File Format, which is a standard administered by Adobe currently called "TIFF, Revision 6.0 Final – June 3, 1992".

The TIFF/EP standard is based on a subset of the Adobe TIFF standard, and a subset of the JEITA Exif standard, with some differences and extensions.

New Tags

The following new tags are defined in the TIFF/EP standard, all to be placed in the first TIFF Image File Directory (IFD)

Differences from TIFF and Exif

There are no major departures by the TIFF/EP standard from the TIFF standard, except that many of the TIFF tags are ignored.

The TIFF/EP standard does however have a few notable differences from the Exif standards:

* All tags used by TIFF/EP which are defined by the Exif standard to reside within the Exif Sub-IFD now reside directly under the first (main) TIFF IFD.

* The Exif IFD Sub-IFD, Interoperability Sub-IFD and the MakerNote Tag have all been omitted.

* Unlike the TIFF 6.0 standard, the TIFF/EP standard defines a method of dealing with thumbnail images. This however is different from the method that is used in the Exif standard.

* Several tags defined by the Exif standard have been re-defined in the TIFF/EP standard – see table below.

See also

*International Organization for Standardization
*Tagged Image File Format
*Exchangeable image file format
*List of ISO standards


* [http://www.iso.org/ ISO 12234-2:2001 Electronic still-picture imaging – Removable memory – Part 2: TIFF/EP image data format]

External links

* [http://www.map.tu.chiba-u.ac.jp/IEC/100/TA2/recdoc/N4378.pdf Link to a copy of the 1998 draft standard]

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