List of people from Gorgan

List of people from Gorgan

Notables from Gorgan

Contemporary prominent figures

*Mohammad Reza Lotfi, Musician.
*Hojjatollah Shakiba, Artist (painter).
*Maryam Zandi, Photographer.
*Jasmin Tabatabai, home of the celebrated actress, singer and song writer although she was born in Tehran as well as hometown of her father.
*Marcel Kasemi, Crown prince of Birjand

Historical figures

* Abd-al-Qaher Jorjani, Grammarian and literary theorist.
* Abu Solayk Gorgani, Poet
* Asad Gorgani, Poet
* Mir Damad
* Mirfenderski
* Gorgani, Zayn al-Din Isma‘il ibn, royal physician
* Gorgani, Abu Saeed, astronomer and mathematician
* Gorgani, Rustam, physician
* Masihi Gorgani, Avicenna's master

Famous physicians

* Dr. Qorban Torabi
* Dr. Maghsoodi
* Dr. Moghaisei
* Dr. Babai
* Dr. Zarreh
* Dr. Kouchek
* Dr. Daneshbakhsh
* Dr. Mahmmood Falsafi
* Dr. Abolqassem Falsafi
* Dr. Zahedi, a honorary citizen

High ranking traditional Shia Mullahs (clergymen)

* Seyyed Kazem Nourmofidi, or Ayatollah Noormofidi, Friday Prayer Leader of the city of Gorgan & the main (most senior) representative of the Iran's Supreme Leader in the Golestan Province. He is also a Member of the Leadership Assembly of Experts.
* Seyyed Mohammad Reza Meibodi, or Ayatollah Meibodi, traditional prayer leader of Gorgan Jam'e (Grand) Mosque & head of Gorgan's Sardar or Razaviyeh Theological School.
* Seyyed Habibollah Taheri, or Ayatollah Taheri Gorgani, a basically conservative clergyman and a former member of the Leadership Assembly of Experts, (d. in Gorgan on 29 December 2007 at the age of 77)
* Seyyed Mohammad Ali Alavi, also known as Ayatollah Alavi Gorgani, (b. 1939 in the holy city of Najaf, Iraq). He is a conservative Marjae Taqleed (i.e. a traditional Shia Islam authority & reference), claiming some unlimited & unspecified number of followers among Shia believers, in a geographically unrestricted region.
* Seyyed Mohammad Raeesi, or Ayatollah Raeesi Gorgani, the representative of Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, also known as Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Husaini al-Sistani, in the Golestan province. He is also Sistani's representavie in Kuwait.

Mayors after the Islamic Revolution, February 1979

* Habibollah Qelishly
* Sattar Seifi
* Ali KhanMohammadi
* Ramezani
* Mohammad Hashempoor
* Ebrahim Karimi (son of Abbass), holder of B.A. in Theology & Islamic Laws
* Hossein Sadeqloo
* Mohammad Ebrahim Karimi (son of Ramezan), Holder of B.S. in Civil Engineering
* Mohammad Mehdi Iraji
* Ebrahim Karimi (son of Abbass), appointed (selected by the Gorgan City Islamic Council), in June 2007, for the 2nd time

Famous guests

ome from entourage of Prophet Mohammed

*Abu Abdollah Hussain Ben Ali (May Allah Be Pleased With Him)
*Abdollah Ben Amar (May Allah Be Pleased With Him)
*Hasifat Ben Jaman (May Allah Be Pleased With Him)
*Hassan Ben Ali (May Allah Be Pleased With Him)
*Abuhoreireh (May Allah Be Pleased With Him)
*Saeed Ben Aass (May Allah Be Pleased With Him)


*Abbasid Calif Harun Al-Rashid
*His son Maamun
*Imam Reza
*Son of the Calif Musa Mahdi

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