List of Kururu's inventions

List of Kururu's inventions

Many of the storylines in both the manga and the anime versions of Sgt. Frog happen thanks to Sgt. Major Kururu's knack for inventing. His twisted nature combined with Keroro's need to conquer Pokopen/Pekopon work fluidly together, as it gives the former a chance to develop bizarre weaponry without any hindrance. This article covers most of Kururu's weapons.

Invasion Tools

Kururu often whips out one of his inventions in the same way (and reads out the name of the item in the same tone) as Doraemon presents his gadgets from the 22nd century in the Doraemon anime.

Acceptance Chalk

A hypnotic stick of chalk used in episode 63 of the anime, anybody who hears this chalk used on blackboard has their doubts removed about particular people. In this case, it's necessary for Keroro to write the names of these people in order for the chalk to work properly. Keroro makes use of the chalk when "invading" Fuyuki and Momoka's class in an attempt to learn more about Pokopen youths while disguised as a teacher. While the Acceptance Chalk can double as a regular chalk stick, Keroro needs to use it three times in order to erase suspicion about himself, Giroro and Tamama, who are all wearing Pekopon Suits in the classroom. Fuyuki and Momoka are not immune; they covered their ears to protect themselves from falling into its hypnotic resonance. Oddly enough, Tsukigami (the glasses-wearing female member of the school's Journalism Club) is immune to the chalk's effects, too, indicating that the chalk may work through sight too, which means that Tsukigami's immunity may have something to do with the fact that she wears glasses.

Cherry Tree Re-Blossomer

Initially against the idea of building something that would bring cheer into the hearts of people, Kururu designed the Cherry Tree Re-Blossomer so that Angol Mois could restore all the Cherry Blossoms that she had shaken loose from the trees in Japan by attempting to destroy the earth. (It had been part of Keroro's plan to use the regular falling of Cherry Blossoms to advance his invasion of Pokopen). However, it did not come without its price; in order for the machine to work, Mois had to sacrifice "her most precious thing." So she sacrificed something that meant very much to her--Keroro's Gunpla models. By throwing them into the furnace on the back of the machine, it emits a chemical that causes Cherry Blossoms to bloom again almost instantly--also having an effect on any regular plants nearby. Kururu changed his mind in building this device when Keroro called him stupid behind his back, so causing Keroro pain fit perfectly with Kururu's twisted nature. Appears in Episode 53 of the anime.

Dororo's Flowers

In order to gain Dororo as a full ally, Keroro has to come up with a plan that will please the nature-loving Keronian, and does just that with Kururu's help--genetically altered seeds that bloom into shuriken-shaped flowers shortly after planting. The mission to plant these flowers--a joint effort of most Keronians and major human characters--is initially successful, but Tokyo government employees are forced to clean them up. Paul uses the Nishizawa Group's funds to buy all the flowers and send them to a deserted island where they can continue to flourish...however, Kururu's twisted nature seeps in as the flowers continue to grow to thrashing vine monsters (much to Natsumi's personal dismay, as one left remaining in Tokyo sprouts up and grabs her, flinging her around in the air).

Evidence Eraser

In episode 51 of the anime (which marks the end of the first season), the Keroro Platoon is ordered to return to Keron. Kururu designs a device that will erase any and all evidence of their stay on Pekopon--with a push of the button, everything from Keroro's base to the marks on the Hinata family's calendar that mark Keroro's days to do chores disappears. Even the memories of their human contacts are altered, but the device is apparently not strong enough to override Fuyuki's deep-seated friendship for the Sergeant and Natsumi's love of perfectly roasted sweet potatoes. When Keroro and the rest return to Pekopon (the rescinding orders were simply for a medical checkup), Kururu installs a backup chip that restores the physical and mental aspects of their old lives on Pekopon. (It is possible that Mutsumi and Koyuki both were "skipped over" in the memory erasure process due to their higher level of acting and thinking compared to the Hinatas and Momoka, however this is purely speculative.) This is once again shown in episode 73 where Kururu intends to erase Aki's memories. The Evidence Eraser resembles a yellow compact, which opens to reveal a circuitboard and a button shaped like an eraser, while the backup chip for rewriting memories has a button resembling three pencils.

Fifth Level Virus

A virus with no known cure on Earth. Natsumi catches it shortly after Kururu's arrival and was created by Kururu on request of Keroro. In the manga version, it is thanks to a combined effort of Giroro and Fuyuki that Keroro hastily forces Kururu to make a cure. In the anime, Kururu shows a rare moment of compassion after witnessing Giroro suffering for Natsumi; he stays up all night engineering a vaccine. Due to this and because he was not directly to blame for Natsumi getting infected, Kururu is not punished alongside Keroro.

'Give Me Electricity' Machine

From episode 90. Looking like a massive yellow stormcloud complete with decorative thunderbolts, this machine collects every bit of static energy within city limits and collects it, turning it into a source of energy. The first use of this machine resulted in failure when Kururu forgot to take into account the dry weather and resulting rise of static electricity, which caused the machine to overload. While the Afro Gunso statue directly below the machine caught fire and toppled, anything beyond close range and within city limits was merely illuminated by the outburst of energy.

Juice Maker

A series of machines that ends with a conveyor shaped like Keroro's head. It mass-produces and pours the juice made by the Platoon into cans, which are later inserted into the vending machines.

Keroro Big Gun

The Keroro Big Gun is a large satellite laser in orbit of the earth. When triggered by the controller (a smaller hand held version of the satellite) it fires a large laser with enough power to destroy the earth. This was blown up by Dororo when he reflected the laser back into the satellite.

Keron March

The Keron March (also called "March-Zone Energy") is a chemical reaction engineered by Keroro and Kururu using the laziness of Giroro, Tamama and Angol Mois. Its intended use is a controlled release upon the surface of Pekopon, rendering all humans on the planet helpless with "spring fever". However, during testing the Keron March escapes and infects the entire Keronian base. (In the anime, an initial test on Kogoro proves successful, but Kururu forgets to close the door with the May Disease held inside, and the chemicals seep into the Platoon's base, eventually spreading through the neighborhood). Fuyuki, who had built an "immunity" to the Keron March earlier, and Dororo, who uses his ninja training to block out the chemicals, go to stop the Keron March (which has taken on a humanoid form remniscient of Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion, in an obvious parody of The End of Evangelion) from plotting its own invasion. As the containment tube holding the Keron March gets sealed shut by Fuyuki, it mutters one last vaguely philosophical phrase--the sort of thing one associates with Evangelion. The name "March-Zone Energy" is an injoke alluding to the series Space Pirate Captain Harlock, by Leiji Matsumoto. In "space pirate" Harlock fights an alien race called the Marzone.

Keroro Vending Machine

Inspired by being blasted in the face with a shaken up can of soda, Keroro orders Kururu to build a vending machine. While the machine itself is nothing special, the drinks inside are supposed to contain a liquid version of the May Disease chemical and cause everybody who drinks it to become excessively lazy. Dororo, objecting to the idea, suggests that they use the vending machine for something more wholesome, giving Keroro further inspiration--they'll use the vending machine as a method of absorbing Pekopon's money by providing genuinely enjoyable drinks. There are six drinks in total--Keroro's "Space Tangerine 100% Juice Drink," Tamama's "Calipis Omega," Giroro's "Red Juice," Dororo's "Tea from the Heart," Moi's "Star of Uncle" and Kururu's "Afternoon More Mois Tea." Each drink has its selling points and the vending machine gains a lot of popularity.

Kiruru Mind Control Helmet

A red and white, three-horned helmet, Kururu designs this helmet during the onset of Kiruru's invasion and attempted destruction of Earth in the "Uber Keroro Gunsou Movie". Because most humans and members of the Keroro platoon had been marked with Kiruru's "X" symbols, they gained the ability to communicate with each other telepathically. Keroro, inspired into taking advantage of this shocking development, has Kururu build a device that would allow him to contact all the humans in the world and order them to submit to the Keronian invasion. When things don't work out quite as planned and Kiruru goes out of control, Keroro discovers a hidden feature of the helmet--it allows him to grow to a skyscraper's height in order to directly fight the equally large Kiruru. (A side-effect of this feature causes Keroro to gain excess skin and body fat, causing him to lose his streamlined features.) Keroro tries using the helmet as a beam, attempting to perform his mind-control scheme on Kiruru directly in a last-ditch attempt to stop him; unfortunately, he keeps missing, and the Keroro Platoon and their respective human friends must fight using more traditional methods.

Kururu's Lab

Kururu's personal quarters and laboratory are located in the deepest section of the Platoon's base. It's made to resemble his head on the outside and possesses various technological and personal instruments, from a monitor that allows him to observe anyplace in the Hinata household or Platoon base, to a bath full of hot curry.

'Lacking Nothing' Microwave Oven

Created in episode 89, this device resembles a normal microwave oven in every way, apart from being about 50 times larger. Used with an energy capsule, this device can draw out and strengthen one's most dormant traits. Using just the oven on its own does absolutely nothing (although the sweet potato baked in it turns out perfect), while using the energy capsule on its own causes six facets of Giroro's subconscious to manifest as six more Giroros.

Magma Swimmer

A tunneling machine designed in Keroro's image, the Magma Swimmer was used in order to drain natural Hot Springs water into the Keroro Platoon's secret base. The name may be a play on the title of episode 10 of Neon Genesis Evangelion, "Magma Diver".

Moving cabinet/bookcase

A self adjusting moving cabinet that can position itself in the ideal location for someone to stub his toes, thus causing a great deal of pain and immobilizing the person.

Natsumi Battle Suit

A joint project made by all five members of the Keroro Platoon (albeit chiefly by Giroro and Kururu), this battle suit is based around the high school swim suit Natsumi wears. It's armed with cannons and beam, and it enhances her strength enough to smash missiles, although it is built primarily for defense and controlled through a small, rectangular icon with Giroro's skull mark on it. The suit has an AI system based mostly on Giroro's memories and personality, but it is prone to bickering with itself as the personalities of the other four Platoon members come to surface. (It is also prone to giving Kururu's signature "Ku, ku, ku" on occasion.) In the manga, Natsumi had full control over the suit; in the anime, the suit activated if Natsumi became agitated or excited, or heard any word synonymous with "attack," leaving her vulnerable in school. The suit wound up controlling her, and the combined efforts of the Keroro Platoon weren't enough to bring her down--instead it was Giroro with some assistance from Kururu to fix the problem. In order to deactivate the suit and free Natsumi, Giroro had to touch the icon and tell her (in heavily accented Engrish), "Natsumi, my love. Kiss me tender and hold me tight, forever!" In the "Uber Keroro Gunsou Movie", Kururu offers the control collar to Natsumi so she can aid the rest of the Platoon and their human friends in the battle against Kiruru's clones; now Natsumi has much more control over it and activates it at will. She and Giroro hold off the clones trying to enter Kiruru Prime's cocoon so they can stop Keroro and Fuyuki from reaching its core.

New Edition Keroro Vending Machine Version Ka-2

Deciding that the success of their vending machine was only a small first step, Keroro has Kururu build a second vending machine that is more invader-like. It comes with several arms, a vacuum attachment, a gas nozzle and treads, allowing it to move freely, grab customers by the head, fill them with 30 liters of a particular juice and steal their wallets. Keroro, Giroro, Tamama and Kururu are all forced to suffer this fate before the project is shut down.


A cross of nanites and Coca-Cola (although it's usually colored orange), Nanola is a drink made of nanites that instantly converts anything into weaponry. Nanola first appears when Keroro uses it on Fuyuki's Koi fish flags, and has found a couple more uses since. It has recently been used on Keroro's model castle so that it could absorb plastic models and junk in order to grow into a strong (and realistic) Shogun castle; this backfired when the castle became possessed by the spirit of a lowly footsoldier from the same era the castle was based on, and started moving throughout Japan and absorbing other inorganic objects to increase its size.

Nanola makes a reappearance in the 3rd Keroro Gunso movie - after being taken out of the fridge to avoid confusing it with the regular food, it is brought along with the heroes into Dark Keroro's flying fortress, accidentally reanimating a couple of corpses, and finally used to turn a normal 1/100 Gunpla into a full-sized, fully-functional RX-78-2 Gundam.

Occult Transport Saucer

A standard UFO-variety ship with three pilot's chairs (one for Kururu, Keroro and Tamama each) and a lot of empty space in the bridge, Keroro utelizes this to ferry Fuyuki across the globe to examine occult phenomenon. But what Fuyuki thinks is just the Sergeant's method of friendly bonding is actually a sneaky plan for Keroro to discover ancient invasion tools used by previous invaders to Pekopon. It comes equipped with Anti-Barrier and is used in Episode 53, Part 1 of the anime.

Pekopon Invasion Life-Or-Death Parcheesi DX

A deceptively regular-looking game of sugoroku ("Parcheesi" in the Tokyopop translation), this particular version sucks its players down to the board's surface and materializes what happens on the square a player lands on. While it's rigged so that Keroro and Tamama have an easier time reaching the end than Fuyuki and Natsumi, the second-to-last square summons Angol Mois's father, the Lord of Terror, to assist in destroying the world. The name of this game came from the Japanese version of The Game of Life.

= Sweet Potato Dumpling Machine =

In episode 45 of the anime, Keroro gets a crackpot idea to sabotage Valentine's Day for profit, and has Kururu put together a giant machine that makes ikinari-dango (sweet potato dumplings). Looking a lot like the Juice Maker machine, this one resembles Keroro in a chef's outfit complete with tall hat (actually the ingredients receptacle), and gets retrofitted to make other foods in later episodes.

Toilet Transformation Chip

A small chip affixed to the porcelein exterior of a toilet that allows it to become transfer into a Toilet Mecha (Transformer).

Weather Control Satellite "Little Policeman"

A satellite resembling its creator, Kururu, complete with spiral glasses, outfitted in a policeman's cap, shirt and necktie.

Version 1.0 - This first version was predominantely a weather control satellite with ability to alter a specific region's weather. It was used to create a massive blizzard to temporarily halt Tokyo for an attempted invasion. It was also a rainmaker to stop Momoka's parents from destroying the school's sport festival. However, it evolved and decided to see the universe. The satellite was never heard from again.

Version 2.0 - Had greater powers for conquest of Earth. It was destroyed by Tamama during their outerspace visit with Dasonu Marie in episode 114.

Version 3.0 - Launched immediately after the destruction of v2.0 in epiode 114. However, it was destroyed when it was overpowered with energy from supermarket sale rush.

Version 4.0 - Presumably launched immediately after the destruction of 3.0, also in episode 114.


Aki Hinata Mecha "Autumn H"

A suit designed to look like Aki Hinata, the Autumn H is armed to the teeth with all sorts of projectiles, including fist rockets and breast missiles (reminiscent of Aphrodite Ace from Mazinger Z), although each eye has three rotating lenses similar to a Votom's helmet. Aki controls it while riding her motorcycle, and the cockpit is located in the mech's left glasses lense. It also seems to have some level of artificial intelligence, a feature that Kururu grudgingly admits to have its faults when it begins overriding Aki's commands, causing havoc for Fuyuki and Keroro below. Autumn H attacks when proclaiming the corresponding name, such as "Autumn Punch" and "Autumn Dynamite." The Autumn H, likewise, has an Anti-Barrier built into it and was self-destructed in the mountains (though Kururu eventually builds another one). This appears to be the proportionately largest of all the mechas, with the exception of the Giroro Mecha's excess bulk used for rocket launchers. Inside the mecha's head is another, smaller head that looks like Kururu's--this "secondary head" acts as an escape pod. While its motion is primarily aerial, it also has the ability to burrow underground and can double as a submarine. The escape pod is also equipped with Anti-Barrier and has a few armaments.

Giroro Mecha Mk. I

Giroro's first mecha, this red suit is equipped mostly with melee and energy weapons, and not so much with explosives and projectiles. It comes with a beam saber and two wrist-mounted energy beams. Giroro uses this against a rampaging Natsumi in the anime, but it gets badly damaged and isn't used frequently afterwards. It too comes with an Anti-Barrier. It was a part of Kururu's massive mecha assault on Tororo's base.

Giroro Mecha Mk. II

A gray assault mecha that is heavily armed with missiles and artillery designed with Giroro in mind, the design for the Giroro Mecha Mk. I and Mk. II seem to be based on the Dendrobium Orchis, from . The Mk. II is best used in full-frontal assaults and lacks the same maneuverability of the other mechas due to its bulky build. This mecha is used in Kururu's mass-mecha assault on Tororo's base, and plays a key roll against Kiruru in the "Uber Keroro Gunsou Movie": When Giroro runs out of missiles to fight the small Kiruru clones attempting to retrieve Mirara in key form, he puts up a valiant fight and winds up crashing through a barrier blocking Keroro and Fuyuki from entering Kiruru Prime's cocoon.

Keroro B

A different mecha from the others, this one is almost identical to Keroro in appearance. Keroro can use it to transfer his brainwaves from his body to control the robot, and uses this to assist Giroro and Tamama in the Caries Wars inside his own mouth. While in control of Keroro B, Keroro can feel all the sensations that happen to his body, such as when he pokes the root of his tooth--the pain sends Keroro B rolling on the floor, clutching his mouth. The "B" in "Keroro B" implies both the fact that it is the second Keroro and that Keroro B is armed with a high-impact bomb capable of wiping out the Caries (as well as destroying all of his teeth)."B" also stands for "Bakudan" (means literally as "bomb" in English), because after the "secret weapon" (actually it's just some clown stuff Kururu had installed inside such as the water sprinkler, the bird trick and the flowers emerge from the head) do not work in the Caries Battle, the lighter besides the Keroro B light up the ignitor (which looks like an old-type of round bomb) and detonate Keroro B inside Keroro's own mouth.

Keroro Robo

Now Keroro has a standard mecha. It first appears when Tamama enlists Keroro into one of Momoka's ploys to gain a loving relationship with Fuyuki, however it doesn't appear to have any armaments of any sort until episode 156, when it appears armed with a rifle and shield, much like Keroro's beloved RX-78-2 Gundam. It showed to have 100t hammer in episode 103 in the anime. It first appears in Episode 52 of the anime.

All five of the Keroro Platoon basic robots employ a modular system, whereupon the limbs are simply rearranged to form five different robot designs - Keroro Robo takes the 'default' all-rounded configuration, with the larger limbs forming the legs and the smaller limbs for arms.

Kururu Robo

A small mecha whose design is based on Kururu's look (and the MG Ball from classic Gundam), this yellow, orange and white ball of fun first appears in order to wrangle in Angol Mois as per Tamama's command (when he was acting leader of the Keroro Platoon) and has reappeared as a first line of defense against Momoka's father's troops and accompanying Aki Hinata out in her mecha, the Autumn H. The Kururu Robo is armed with an Anti-Barrier, glue missiles, laser beams and a sonic emitter that acts similar to Kururu's headphones. Configuration-wise, all the limb parts are used to form the robot's oversized arms, with its feet connected directly to its hips to act as propulsion units. In the anime, Kururu controls this and his other large mechas via remote to attack Tororo's outpost during the Garuru Platoon's invasion. The Kururu Robo also plays a key role in the "Keroro Gunso the Super Movie": when the Kiruru Mind Control Helmet proves ineffective against the massive Kiruru, the Keroro Platoon and their human friends are forced to resort to more traditional methods of combating their foe. Threatened by a barrage of small Kiruru clones, Keroro, Fuyuki and Mutsumi attempt to bring the Keronian key, Mirara, to Kiruru Prime's cocoon, which towers high over the city. However, unable to shake the clones even after throwing the key around to other members of the Keroro Platoon, Kururu eventually takes Fuyuki, Keroro and Mirara and uses the mecha's superior power to perform a "Force Penetration" move, hurling the two quite a distance so they landed on the outer surface of the cocoon. Kururu later used the mecha to save Fuyuki and Keroro from plummeting to the planet's surface as the cocoon disappeared around them.

Mecha Nyororo

Created for Keroro to combat real Nyororos for the platoon's action film. Later re-adjusted to be Keroro's pet, Nyubo. It sacrificed itself to save Keroro and the Earth from the Nyororo Queens and the rest of the hive.

Spider Mecha

This small Mecha appears in Encounter XLLII and episode 112, detailing how Mutsumi first met Kururu. in the manga version, Kururu used the Spider Mecha to terrorize Mutsumi's high school and later held Asami, Angol Mois's lookalike, hostage on one leg. In the anime version, Kururu tries to capture his first servant, Mutsumi, but was somehow detected by Mutsumi, even though he had his cloaking device turned on. After knowing this, Kururu quickly decides to use the 'pen' which he later gave to Mutsumi, only to have it snatched right out of his hand by a skateboard riding Mutsumi. After a grand battle between Mutsumi and Kururu, the two finally realized that they have much more in common than they thought and decided to treat each other with respect.

Dororo Robo

First appearing in episode 156, this robot looks very similar to the Keroro Robo but is based on Lance Corporal Dororo. Its configuration is the opposite of the Keroro Robo, with its larger limbs for arms and smaller limbs forming the legs for greater agility. It has sword on its left arm and a shuriken in its right arm. It has been briefly seen on the anime's opening themes 6 and 7.

Tamama Robo

First appears in episode 156. They made this robot too. It looks as if it was based on the Giroro Robo rather than the Keroro Robo, however all its limb components are used to form the legs, creating a stable firing platform. It has a long cannon for its right arm and a rocket pod for its left arm. It has been briefly seen on the anime's opening themes 6 and 7.

Giroro Robo

First appears in episode 156, although the Giroro Dendrobium that appeared previously seems to be built around this same mecha at its core. This robot looks very similar to the Keroro Robo but was based on Corporal Giroro. It has almost the same function as the Tamama Robo, armed with an artillery cannon and a rocket pod, and its limbs are organised with the heavy leg armor around the upper body for extra protection. It has been briefly seen on the anime's opening themes 6 and 7.

Great Keron

When all the Keroro Platoon robos get together, they become Great Keron. First appears in episode 156 when the Keroro Platoon battles Viper, but its haphazard and unbalanced configuration, and the five Keronians' inability to coordinate their movements, causes it to topple under its own weight within a few seconds of its formation. Reappears in episode 176 when Keroro launches a rescue mission to find Giroro, proving that not all five Keronians are required to operate it; and again in episode 185, where Dororo rectifies the coordination problem by using his ninja powers to take sole control. It has been briefly seen on the anime's opening theme 7 while fighting Shurara.

Keroro Robo Mk. II

Debuting in episode 203, the Mk. II Robos lose the modular limb gimmick of the Mk. I line and employ a new transforming feature. Keroro Robo Mk. II may share its Mk. I predecessor's humanoid structure and weapons layout (rifle and shield), but comes with an additional V-crest and wings, and transforms into a speedy jet fighter for rapid deployment.

Tamama Robo Mk. II

Throwing out the all-legs structure of the Mk. I, Tamama Robo Mk. II now uses the default humanoid structure, with arms and legs, and loses most of its Mk. I firepower as it is retrofitted for amphibious demolitions instead. Transforming into a submarine, the Mk. II comes outfitted with all-new weapons and equipment - a drill that resembles an ice cream cone, a buzzsaw that looks like a lollipop, and depth charges that resemble sweets for some reason.

Giroro Robo Mk. II

Loaded with twice as much firepower and armor as the Mk. I, Giroro Robo Mk. II has the added advantage of a treaded tank form, allowing Giroro to rapidly traverse the battlefield.

Kururu Robo Mk. II

Retaining the floating-ball configuration and radar dish gimmick of the Mk. I, Kururu Robo Mk. II has ben outfitted with two extra robot arms hidden in the earmuffs, and the ability to transform into a bipedal walking mecha (which basically involves using the arms as legs).

Dororo Robo Mk. II

Unlike the Mk. I, Dororo Robo Mk. II has a shield instead of a shuriken, but gets a bigger katana as well. Adding some extra damage is the new twin shoulder drills, which come into full play in its new hovertank form.

God Keron

It seems that when all the Keroro Platoon's Mk. II robos form together, they become God Keron, which is similar to God Mars. Unlike the Great Keron, it actually has identical arms and legs. It has been briefly seen on the anime's opening theme 7 while fighting Shurara.It debuts formally in episode 203 while battling Shurara going berserk. Apart from the weaponry of its component mecha, God Keron also wields two massive beam sabers in combat, and goes completely gold when its full power is released (much like the Gundams of Kitou Butoden G Gundam.)

Other Inventions

Air Purifier

During the Platoon's first New Years' on Pokopen, they decide to celebrate by having a Gunpla kit party. But when the glue on the models takes too long to dry, Keroro attempts to speed the process along by using a blowdrier on them, causing the fumes from the glue to increase in potency. Kururu unveils a purifying device that clears the fumes out of the room and allows the Platoon to carry on.

Akatawa Atmospheric Adjustor

A device primarily used to entertain the Platoon and its human friends, the Akatawa Atmospheric Adjustor filled the entire Hinata household with a water-like substance that possessed many of the same traits as the atmosphere of Earth, allowing humans and Keronians alike to breathe in it. Kururu also installed some form of a gravity control function, preventing the "water" from spilling out beyond the doors and windows of the house. Keroro, after being shunned by Natsumi for this brilliant present, takes advantage of the altered atmosphere to increase his personal moisture levels, transforming him into Keroro From Back Then. The controls for the Atmospheric Adjustor are in Kururu's Lab.

Angol Mois Detector

A device built for Keroro, who was looking for Angol Mois in order to show her a completed horseshoe puzzle.

Angol Sleep Meter

When Angol Mois develops a sleep-related disease that only Angols can catch, Keroro, Giroro, Fuyuki and Natsumi turn to Kururu for help. After diagnosing her, Kururu develops a meter that can determine how deep a sleep Mois has entered. It has five levels of varying shades of blue to identify the severity of the disease.

Bumper Car Gun

This handy invention allows Keroro to shoot normal, everyday objects and turn them into racing vehicles. In conjecture to the Shrink Ray and the Keroro Circuit, Keroro uses the Bumper Car Gun to challenge Natsumi to a race where the loser has to do all the chores in the Hinata Household for one week straight. The Bumper Car Gun was used on six objects--Natsumi's slipper, a vacuum for Keroro, a piece of cake for Tamama, Giroro's raygun, Angol Mois's cell phone and a thermos (which was the only airborn vehicle, which Kururu and Fuyuki used to act as "eyes in the sky.") Each car has different statistics--Natsumi's car, for example, is light and speedy, whereas Giroro's car can barely turn and lags far behind everyone else. All of these cars come equipped with some sort of weapon or statistic enhancement, and can regenerate themselves if they crash, meaning there are no disqualifications.

Caries Wars Equipment

There are four major parts involved in the Caries Wars Equipment--the shrink ray, which minimizes Giroro, Tamama, Natsumi and Fuyuki to a size small enough to enter Keroro's mouth to investigate a cavity; the observation and monitor systems, which Kururu mans to keep track of and stay in contact with the secondary team as well as watch Keroro's status; the transport and launch ship; and the Battle Suits/Battle Boots (for humans and Kerons respectively). The Battle Boots are Gundam-like feet Giroro and Tamama wear, while the Battle Suits are full-body spandex suits with similar Gundam feet for Fuyuki and Natsumi. All are equipped with jet packs.

Copy Robot

A Keronian-shaped doll that can project a hologram of Keroro over itself and can say a handful of phrases pre-programmed into it. The only difference between the hologram and the real Keroro is that the star on the hologram's cap is blue instead of red. Kururu builds this so Keroro can sneak out to a live Super Sentai show at a theme park during an invasion meeting.

Environmental Suit

Made for Fuyuki's use so he could survive a trip to the deep sea, it's colored similar to Keroro and has a scuba-styled glass dome. It can also be used on land, as shown when the May Disease virus seeps throughout the Keroro Platoon's base--Fuyuki accompanies Dororo into the base in order to stop the gas from leaking out further.

Flash Spoon

One of many inventions intended to be sold to Momoka to make her sexually appealing to Fuyuki. It directly controls the size of the holder, but it does not affect the body's shape, meaning it can either make you really large or really small. The Flash Spoon returns in episode 57 of the anime; after Dororo defeats Big Brother Viper, the latter grows to an enormous size similar in style to Power Rangers and Super Sentai monsters. Kururu tosses the Flash Spoon to Keroro, who grows much taller than Big Brother uses the Flash Spoon to fight against various wild animals that accidentally use it as well (Dororo is excluded because the Flash Spoon runs on a battery; after all the other characters had used it, its charge ran out, leaving the Keronian out). In the end, the animals they fight are used as food, and the giant humans and Kerons have a feast around a giant kettle, a desolate Dororo eating on top of Keroro's head. "Flash Spoon" is to be said as a parody of the Ultraman series, which the human form of each Ultraman uses a capsule and changing apparatus, and held it up high to the sky before turning into Ultraman, just like the way Keroro use it to make himself bigger.

Fright Counter

A dial attached to a pedestal with an unfortunate Giroro tied to it, the Fright Counter is meant to measure the scariness of a scary story. There are four settings on the dial, the fourth and final one being Giroro's skull symbol. When Natsumi, Momoka and Fuyuki take on Mois, Tamama and Keroro in a Spooky Story contest in episode 17 of the anime, the counter is used to gauge which stories are the scariest. In the end, Fuyuki's story scares Giroro so much that the meter breaks -- and Giroro, Tamama and Keroro are forced into the Fright Boxes, which show the prisoner's worst fears, although in the anime the Hinata house ghost appears at the end of Fuyuki's story and scares everybody off.

Green Submarine No. 6

A submarine meant to be manned by the entire Keroro Platoon, it can go down to the deepest depths of Pokopen's oceans unhindered by the intense pressure and darkness. It's equipped with an anti-barrier and shields, however it lacks any form of conventional firepower; when the Platoon and Fuyuki find themselves under attack from a race of aliens who had made their home on Pokopen many centuries prior, they are easily surrounded and defeated. In the manga, only Keroro and Kururu are needed to pilot the vessel and it appears much smaller. The name of Green Submarine No.6 is a parody from Ao No Roku Go (Blue Submarine no.6) OVA

Idea-materializing Monitor (Floorboard version)

Just as the name implies, this is a floor mat that can show a holographic image of an idea transmitted via a helmet. It was used to help the Keroro platoon figure out a good idea for a video game. However, nobody's ideas were found appealing by Keroro. But, when inspired by Dororo, Keroro decides to combine everyone's idea together. The resulting game, however, was found too difficult by the beta testers, Fuyuki and Natsumi, because it had to many disks, needed a new console to play it on, and used a big controller that had too many buttons and d-pads. The game itself was complicated, because it combined holographic projections with shape shifting controllers.

Keroro Circuit

A miniaturized race track that weaves in and out of the Hinata household, Kururu built this to be used alongside the Shrink Ray and the Bumper Car Gun. It has things standard to some race tracks, as hairpin turns, but also has multiple panels set at lengthy intervals along the course. There are three kinds of panels: the Speed panel, which, as the name implies, gives the racer a speed boost; the Jump panel, which gives a speed boost "and" propels the racer into the air (which is handy for leaping over opponents and clearing tight turns); and the Trap panel, which, when hit, creates a random effect to slow the user down. Tamama hits a trap panel about midway through the race, causing the track in front of him to disappear, dunking him into the Hinata's toilet.

Keroro Dehumidifier

When the monsoon season returns to Japan, Kururu invents a dehumidifier that keeps Keroro's power at a barely functioning level in order to avoid him going out of control again. However, the dehumidifier is removed when Natsumi loses a four-on-one argument against Fuyuki, Mois, Giroro and Kururu about how morally correct using the item on Keroro is.

Kirara-chan Clothes Drier

From episode 64. Another monsoon-season invention, this machine is used to dry laundry indoors when hanging the laundry becomes impossible due to the rain. Its horrible secret - a living Nyororo housed within its PVC walls, feeding on the moisture of damp laundry.

Language Adjustor

Used to help/hinder a temporarily adult Natsumi while on the beach, Kururu invented this to adjust her adult dialect between Kanto (Eastern Japan) and Kansai (Western Japan), forcing her to tell specific kind of puns. On the "Kanto" setting, Natsumi can only make horrible "old man" puns, while on the "Kansai" setting she can make clever puns suitable for manzai. Giroro accidentally twists the knob too far trying to revert Natsumi from bad puns to good puns, and discovers a third setting: "Western Hemisphere", which results in Natsumi telling Western-style jokes in American-accented Japanese.

'Let Angels Draw Out My Dreams' Machine

Powered by Kururu's Nanola, this machine can scan any being and churn out a 1/6 scale model of it - with fully-functional weapons and other assorted features, along with an AI program based upon the scanned being's intellect. When Keroro creates a 1/6 scale version of himself to attack Natsumi in episode 82, Natsumi finds the machine and inadvertantly makes a 1/6 model of herself, and the two models go to battle.

Mama Hinata DNA Pills

One of many inventions intended to be sold to Momoka to make her sexually appealing to Fuyuki. Cheap and easy to come by, Momoka finds these to be the best potential option of everything Keroro offers her. However, the pills don't just "mature" the body, they also make the ingestor look too much like Aki Hinata, from the hair style to her trademark glasses. In the anime, Paul also consumes at least one pill, and is shown to have the same sharp mustache and deep voice, but Aki's hair, glasses and womanly figure. In book 8.

Mutsumi's Pen

The source of Mutsumi's power comes from a special pen that can make anything he draws into reality; it was a gift from Kururu for saving his life. Mutsumi has used the pen to create simple things such as "shields" to tiling them onto sidewalks and creating the effect of the ground erupting. He can also use the pen on other things, such as doors and glass, the magical powers still working. If Mutsumi needs to create an effect rather than an object, he can simply write the word on a piece of paper (as long as he signs it, "By 623") and use it as is. He can also apparently "recycle" paper once it has been used. If the pen has any limits is unknown, however one assumes its largest limitation could be Mutsumi's imagination--yet, as Mutsumi is an inventive and creative person by nature, it would be difficult for him to reach that limit under most circumstances. Also, item seems to lack the "originality" of the item copied when copied, but still looks and works in very similar way. The only time Mutsumi has backed down from creating something is when Keroro asked him to draw an island so that the Keroro Platoon could present some evidence to their superior officers that they had invaded part of Pokopen. Mutsumi was also crucial in saving Keroro's life when the Kero Ball's copy function went haywire; using his pen he was able to create a dummy Kero Ball that stopped the process and restored Keroro's life energy to him. In Episode 61, when Giroro attempts to create doorways on a rocket supposedly holding Mutsumi and Natsumi, it's revealed that only Mutsumi can use the pen to bring objects to life.In any case, ink can be jammed in this pen also, just like any other pen.In episode 112, it is revealed that Kururu had 2 pens before he arrived Earth. One was given to Mutsumi and the other one was obliterated by the Tamama Impact.

Nyororo Pager x3

When Kururu builds an invention that fills the Hinata household with breathable water that doesn't spill outside, Keroro takes advantage of this to super-humidify himself and become Keroro From Back Then. He starts throwing energy blasts chaotically, so Kururu uses the Nyororo Pager x3 to summon a Nyororo from the sky; when just one Nyororo doesn't drain Keroro of his moisture, Kururu calls down two more and the three Nyororos manage to dry Keroro out.

Shape Changing USB Port

One of many inventions intended to be sold to Momoka to make her sexually appealing to Fuyuki. Plug one end of a cable into a computer and the other into the back of the head of a person. Use the program on a CD to literally alter the shape of the person plugged into the computer--Giroro, the test subject, was turned into a slipper and a 3D model of an adult woman.

Shrink Ray

Larger than most of Kururu's devices, this bulky machine makes its first appearance in the Caries Wars (shrinking Giroro, Tamama, Fuyuki, Natsumi and Keroro B to a size small enough to fit inside Keroro's mouth) and is also meant to be used alongside the Bumper Car Gun and Keroro Circuit. It can shrink anybody down to a fraction of their size, allowing Keroro and Natsumi to engage in a race that takes place within the Hinata household.

oul Diver

Debuting in episode 64, the Soul Diver comes in two parts - a primary chamber and several smaller transmitter chambers, connected by heavy cables. By placing one Keronian in the primary chamber, any number of Keronians housed in the transmitter chambers can be mentally projected "into" the primary Keronian's mind, for the purpose of manipulaing his memories. First used to save Dororo when his trauma switch threatens to consume him, it has also been used to search Kururu's memories for his second pen (episode 112), and on Giroro later on.

Sumo Belt Gravity Controller

A machine that is not only worn like a sumo belt, but looks deceivingly like one. Using a dial on the waist, it can make the wearers waist heavier than a mountain, making it hard for sumo opponents to move the wearer. Keroro uses the invention to cheat in a sumo match to save Natsumi and Koyuki from the Mousians. However, he turns the belt up too high, and sinks into the ground of the sumo ring, losing the match.

The Iron Virgin

One of many inventions intended to be sold to Momoka to make her sexually appealing to Fuyuki. According to Keroro, all one needs to do is set the mold and put a person inside it; keep twisting a lever on the side until there's no more resistance and you have the perfect bodyshape.

Wing Pack

A backpack that sprouts digital angel wings, complete with a mechanical halo. This was built for Keronian use, but Kururu lends it to Natsumi so she can find Keroro after he got lost driving a faulty space motorcycle. "note:" Tororo has made the same wing pack for Garuru.

Portable Weapons

Age Transformation Ray

The second of Kururu's most stand out weapons, the Age Transformation Ray has the ability to advance or reverse the growth of a person by approximately ten years. In the manga, the effects of the ray can be undone either by being shot a second time or by waiting long enough for the effects to run out; in the anime, the victim must be shot with the again within three hours in order to revert to their proper age, or else the effects are permanent. Initially, Aki Hinata was Kururu's first test subject (and Keroro himself subsequently tested it on Giroro, turning him into a toddler), which resulted in Aki as a teenager looking much like Fuyuki and reliving a day of school in her son's shoes. Shortly thereafter, the gun was turned on Natsumi, making her an adult so she could properly chaperone a trip to the beach. (In the anime, this had an adverse side effect on her, changing her dialect to end in puns or "old man jokes.") In both instances, Natsumi reverts to her normal age under adverse circumstanses, embarrassing herself in front of Mutsumi. The Age Transformation Ray was later used on Fuyuki in order to stop him from a furious rampage when Keroro transformed his old Children's Day decorations into war machines; a young Fuyuki decided to take control of the Keroro Platoon and move forward with the group's invasion of earth, an ambition that later turned out to be nothing more than a game. More recently, Taruru and Karara, a pair of mischievous Keronians who had escaped Taruru's care, used this and the Oni Girl Gun on Keroro and his crew, turning Natsumi into a toddler and Keroro, Giroro and Kururu into tadpoles. Episode 83 of the anime has Kururu reverted back to the age of a toddler using the gun--which has broken in half--and Fuyuki and Natsumi must take care of him while the rest of the platoon searches for a way to fix the broken device. Kururu, in desperation, rebuilds the gun himself when Angol Mois almost makes him "grow up to be a decent guy."

Angelic Devilish Smile Gun

Transforms a slacker into someone serious and a serious person into a slacker. Invented to turn Keroro into a serious invader; it was tested on Dororo first. (Normally Giroro would be the guinea pig for Kururu's inventions, but as it was requested by Giroro the test subject was Dororo instead.) The ray turned Keroro into a stereotypical school monitor complete with thick glasses, slick hair, white suit, and arm band. However, it does not change his natural abilities nor his intelligence. And nothing to promote the progression of the invasion. Keroro breaks the gun when he is angered by Giroro over another invasion argument.

Animal to Human Transformation Gun

This gun in particular was made to "recruit" animals into the Keroro Platoon by transforming them into humans. To find powerful candidates, the platoon visit the zoo and begin their screening process - using the beam on a panda bear, koalas, an elephant, a tiger and more - but none of the animals will join them. Not even the scavenger crows who were pecking through the garbage. It has a limited timespan.

Neko used the gun twice, once to turn herself human to scold Natsumi for being insensitive and attentive to Giroro's. In episode 79, she used it to get Giroro another picture of Natsumi.

It was also used to turn hotspring monkeys into humans so Aki would not scream her head off in fright from her phobia on the animals.

Giroro used the gun to turn himself human so he could dance with Natsumi at Momoka's Ball in episode 196.

Doggie Ray Gun

The same design as the Animal To Human Gun, but in a different color, blue instead of red, to turn humans into dogs. It was first used to turn Natsumi into a dog. Revisited in Episode 194, Giroro turns victim.

Hyperacceleration Belts

An anime exclusive (unlike the other four portable weapons), Kururu develops these belts for the Keroro Platoon so they can operate at approximately three times their usual abilities (including strength, speed, agility, etc), as if they were back home at Keron. However, it also triples other aspects of the wearer while active, including addiction to hobbies--the episode ends with Keroro building Gunpla models at 3 times the original speed, and Tamama eating as many snacks as he could at, also, 3 times the speed. Kururu, who was lying bandaged on a sofa after getting beated up by Giroro, told them that by wearing this belt, not only that their powers will increase by three times, their desires would also be multiplied by three.

Kururu's Headphones

Kururu's trademark, his headphones double as a weapon when he rotates the silver domes on the outside. This causes a pair of antennae to rise up and emit a noise that directly affects the brain waves of whoever is listening, forcing them to hear their one "nails on a chalkboard" sound that they absolutely cannot stand. In its premier chapter as a weapon, the headphones took out Keroro, Tamama, Giroro and Fuyuki. It also has the ability to link Kururu's thoughts directly to computers to maximize input efficiency when hacking other systems.

Oni Girl Gun

One of Kururu's two most recurring weapons in the manga, anybody shot with this gun is transformed into a Goblin. The visual changes brought around by being hit aren't drastic: if the victim is human, they're forced to wear a two-piece tiger-stripe bikini (regardless of gender), and if the victim is Keronian, they are stuck in a tiger-striped loincloth. Members of any species and gender grow a pair of horns on their head. Together, this parodies Lum from Urusei Yatsura. (even to the point of Natsumi saying "Darling" in her sentences, a typical Lum trademark) In the anime, an additional change has been brought on by a set of floating drums hovering behind the victim's shoulders and head, remniscient of the Shinto thunder god Raiden. However, the lack of visual change is offset by a great physical change; due to Kururu's obsession with accuracy, all victims of the beam have accelerated strength and the capability to fly. Keronians in particular operate at 1.3 times their normal power, putting even the strongest of their species to shame. In the anime, the drums can be beaten in order to generate bolts of electricity. However, there is a downside to these powers--because the Oni Girl Gun was created for the purpose of Setsubun, the victim is weak to Keroro's specially made, genetically altered Soy Beans (which are usually hurled or shot from cannons). The Oni Girl Gun is easily recognizable by its tiger-striped barrel. So far, Kururu himself has used the gun on Natsumi and Giroro; Taruru and Karara, a pair of mischievous Keronian youths, used the beam again on Fuyuki, Angol Mois and Aki Hinata.

Pokopen Suits

This isn't a list of all the Pokopen suits in the Sgt. Frog continuity--instead, these are only the ones that have been invented specifically by Kururu.

Aki Hinata Suit

Designed specifically for use in combat against Natsumi, the Aki Hinata Suit is identical in build and appearance to Aki Hinata, save for the head, which is replaced by the Keronian pilot's. This first appears in episode 50 of the anime and proves to be completely useless due to Keroro's incompetence. Giroro dons the Aki Suit on Keroro's orders in an attempt to stop a baby Kururu from crying, but his lullaby causes Kururu to detonate the suit.

It was later reactivated into duplicates and worn by every member of the Platoon during Natsumi's teacher's home visit when Aki was running late from work. Episode 111.

Hot-Blooded Teacher Suit, "Kerono Keropachi"

When given a report to fill out on Pokopen youths, Kururu gets the idea to disguise Keroro as a teacher and have him substitute for Fuyuki and Momoka's normal teacher. Dubbed "the Hot-Blooded Teacher Suit" and given the alias of "Kerono Keropachi," Keroro enters the class and begins teaching, using the Acceptance Chalk to ease any strange suspicions the students might have for himself or Giroro, Tamama and Dororo, who integrated themselves into the class as students and catalysts. While "Kerono's" lessons seem questionable, the end result is a positive learning experience from the students, who part ways with their substitute by carrying him over their heads. Kerono Keropachi wears a brown jacket, khaki pants, has shoulder-length black hair and first appears in episode 63 of the anime.


Like the Pokopen Suit Mk. II, the Kururuko suit is operated entirely from inside so that the Keronian pilot cannot be seen. It also stands out as being the first plot-important Pokopen suit based on female body design--it looks much like an adult Magical Girl. With red hair, an orange skirt, large glasses and Kururu's trademarked headphones, the Kururuko suit is so far the most realistic looking of all Pokopen suits. Kururuko has a wand that possesses teleportation powers and is similar in appearance to the one found in Card Captor Sakura. Her face is always adorned by empty eyes and a pained smile--most likely because Kururuko is a very enthusiastic person, which goes against Kururu's entire personality, making the role distasteful if not for the fact that somebody will be upset by the time his scheme is through. So far the Kururuko suit has only appeared in the anime episode dedicated to Girl's Day and the contest of fighting over the place for being the helper of 623 for one day. It first appeared in Episode 47 of the anime.

Pokopen Suit Mk. II (Manga Version)

Designed by Tamama and only built by Kururu, the Pokopen Mk. II was designed to look like a portly man from the 1970s; Tamama intended to use this suit to gain dirty pictures of Angol Mois, with which he would blackmail her. This suit has appeared now and then, but mostly as a means of getting around incognito when the Anti-Barrier or other Pokopen Suits are not an option. Its feet are really jet boosters and it has a camera, as well as multiple arms hidden in its back. The anime version was not designed by Kururu.

Punk Giroro Suit, "Giroyama Giroro"

When Keroro wears the Hot-Blooded Teacher Suit to "invade" Fuyuki and Momoka's class in an attempt to learn about Pokopen youths, Giroro, Tamama and Dororo all wear student outfits and act as catalysts to keep the experiment flowing smoothly. Given the alias "Giroyama Giroro," Giroro wears a leather jacket, dirty pants and a worn-out black cap with his mark on it, acting as a rebellious tough guy whose true role is to help unite the students to work with Keroro. For once Giroro's acting prowess is flawless, but when he breaks character to question Keroro's regard for the mission, Keroro sticks him in front of a complicated math problem to keep him quiet. The Punk Giroro Suit can be first seen in Episode 63 of the anime.

Punk Tamama Suit, "Tamagawa Tamao"

As part of Keroro's plan to learn more about Pokopen youths by disguising himself as a teacher in Fuyuki and Momoka's class, Tamama, Giroro and Dororo wear student Pokopen Suits to act as controls for Keroro's experiment. Given the alias "Tamagawa Tamao," Tamama at first acts as a rebellious punk, but "turns a new leaf" after Keroro lays down a motivation speech, being a major catalyst in garnering support for the Sergeant. Tamagawa Tamao wears a leather jacket and black pants, and is first seen in Episode 63 of the anime.

Student Dororo Suit

Seen only briefly in Episode 63 of the anime, Keroro "invades" Fuyuki and Momoka's class in an attempt to learn more about Pokopen children. Wearing the Hot-Blooded Teacher Suit, Keroro has Giroro, Tamama and Dororo all dress up as students in order to give his experiment a catalyst. While Giroro and Tamama play key parts in ensuring Keroro's lessons go smoothly, Dororo is all but ignored and is not given an alias. The Student Dororo Suit wears clothing identical to Fuyuki, but has the build of an adult male.

Suit Transportation Craft

While not a Pokopen suit itself, Kururu designed an aircraft with the specific purpose of transporting a large number of Pokopen Suits from one place to another. The aircraft is equipped with an anti-barrier so it can't be seen by the naked eye, and hidden missiles in the sides of its container section, which also houses the Pokopen suits or a gigantic missile on occasion. Kururu pilots this machine while Keroro and the rest of the platoon attempt to assist Natsumi in a school sports festival. It bears a striking resemblance to Thunderbird 2 and the Gunperry from classic Gundam.

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