List of places named after Joseph Stalin

List of places named after Joseph Stalin

During Joseph Stalin's rule (19221953), many places, mostly cities, in the Soviet Union and other communist countries were named or renamed in honor of him as part of the cult of personality. Most of these places had their names changed back to the original ones shortly after the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1956, or after the beginning of destalinization in 1961.

In some countries, including those in the West, there are streets, squares, etc. named after Stalingrad (and hence indirectly after Stalin), in honor of the courage shown by the defenders at the battle of Stalingrad against Nazi Germany. These names have not been changed back, since they refer to an event with a fixed historical name.


* Imeni Stalina, — Sovkhoz Nomer Shest, Armenia
* Oraşul Stalin, 1950–1960 — Braşov, Romania
* Qyteti Stalin, 1950–1990 — Kuçovë, Albania
* Stalin, 1949–1956 — Varna, Bulgaria
* Stalinabad, 1929–1961 — Dushanbe, Tajikistan
* Stalingrad, 1925–1961 — Volgograd, Russia
* Staliniri, 1934–1961 — Tskhinvali, Georgia
* Stalino, 1924–1961 — Donetsk, Ukraine
* Stalinogorsk, 1934–1961 — Novomoskovsk, Russia
* Stalinogród, 1953–1956 — Katowice, Poland
* Stalinsk, 1932–1961 — Novokuznetsk, Russia
* Stalinstadt, 1953–1961 — Eisenhüttenstadt, East Germany
* Sztálinváros, 1951–1961 — Dunaújváros, Hungary

Other places

*Geographic Township of Stalin, before 1986 — Geographic Township of Hansen, Ontario, Canada
*Pik Stalina (Stalin Peak), 1932–1962 — Ismail Samani Peak, Tajikistan
*Stalin, 1949–1962 — Musala, Bulgaria
*Stalinov štít (in Slovak, "Stalinův štít" in Czech, Stalin Peak), 1949–1961 — Gerlachov Peak, Slovakia
*Stalingrad — Housing estate Karviná-Nové Město, Karviná, Czech Republic
*Stalingrad — Station on the Paris Metro, France (although the station is in fact named after the Battle of Stalingrad rather than Stalin himself)
*Stalin Park — Park Harbin, China []
*Mount Stalin, before 1987 — Mount Peck, British Columbia, Canada
*Stalinovy závody (Stalin factories) in Záluží near Most, Czechoslovakia, 1946-1962. Chemical factory founded during WWII to produce synthetic oil. []
*Zavod imeni Stalina (ZIS, Factory named after Stalin) in Moscow, USSR, 1931–1959. Luxury car and truck factory. Now Zavod Imeni Likhacheva (ZIL).
*Raionul Stalin (Stalin city district), Bucharest, Romania
*Regiunea Stalin (Stalin region), in central Romania (1950–1960)

Streets and squares


*Stalinovo náměstí (Stalin Square) – now Palackého nám., Bruntál, Czech Republic
*Stalingradské náměstí (Stalingrad Square) – now nám. Prezidenta Masaryka, Prague, Czech Republic
*Stalinova ulice (Stalin Street) – now Starochodovská ul., Prague, Czech Republic
*Stalinova třída (Stalin Street) – now Revoluční ul., Krnov, Czech Republic

East Germany

*Stalinallee (Stalin Avenue) in Berlin, East Germany, 1952–1961 – now Karl-Marx-Allee (see also: Stalin-Allee, about a film featuring this street)
*Stalinstraße (Stalinstreet) – now Lübsche Straße, Wismar
*Stalinstraße – now St.Annen-Straße, Brandenburg an der Havel
*Stalinstraße – now Wismarsche Straße, Schwerin
*Stalinstraße – now Gartenstraße, Bützow
*Stalinstraße – now Am Planetarium, Jena
*Stalinstraße – now Chemnitzer Straße, Mölkau
*Stalinstraße – now Eisenberger Straße, Hermsdorf
*Stalinstraße – now Straße des Friedens, Wurzen
*Stalinstraße – now Thomasstraße, Greiz
*Stalinstraße – now Schweriner Straße, Ludwigslust
*Stalinstraße – now Bernhardstraße, Sonneberg
* Stalinstraße – now Fritz-Hesse-Straße, Dessau


*Sztálin út (Stalin Street) – now Andrássy út, Budapest


*Ulica Józefa Stalina – now ulica Dworcowa, Gliwice
*Ulica Józefa Stalina – now ulica Główna, Łódź
*Ulica Józefa Stalina – now ulica Lwowska, Tarnów
*Aleja Stalina – now Aleje Ujazdowskie, Warsaw
*Ulica Marszałka Stalina – now ulica Jedności Narodowej, Wrocław


*Bulevardul I.V. Stalin (Stalin Blvd.) – now Bulevardul Aviatorilor, Bucharest, Romania
*Piața I.V. Stalin (Stalin Square) – now Charles de Gaulle Square, Bucharest
*Parcul I.V. Stalin (Stalin Park) – now Herăstrău Park, Bucharest

Soviet Union

*Prospekt imeni Stalina (Проспект имени Сталина ~ Stalin Avenue), in Minsk, Belarus, 1952–1961 – now Prospekt Nezavisimosti (Проспект Независимости ~ Independence Avenue)
* Ulica Stalina, (Улица Сталина, Stalin Street) – formerly Friendship Street, Beslan, Russia
* Ulica Stalina, (Улица Сталина, Stalin Street), Gori ( Stalin's birthplace), Georgia
* Ulica Stalina, (Улица Сталина, Stalin Street),Tsnori, Georgia

Western Europe

*Stalinlaan – now Vrijheidslaan, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Following the liberation of the Netherlands from Nazi occupation in 1945, the city of Amsterdam named three major streets for the WWII Big Three — Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin — the three streets converging on Victory Square. The first two names remain, but the name of Stalin Street was changed to "Freedom" (Vrijheid) after the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956.
*Stalinplatz (Stalin Square), 1946–1956 — Schwarzenbergplatz, Vienna, Austria
*Avenue Stalingrad/Stalingradlaan (Stalingrad Avenue) –Brussels, Belgium
*Stalin Road, Colchester, Great Britain
*Stalin Avenue, Chatham, Great Britain

outside Europe

*Stalin Street, Dow Village,Trinidad and Tobago
*Ssui'tal'lin Ko'ro (쓰딸린 거러; Stalin Street) – now Victory Street, Pyongyang, North Korea (DPRK)

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