Parker (surname)

Parker (surname)

Family name
name =Parker

pronunciation ="PAR-ker"
meaning ="keeper of the park"
region =England
origin =
related names =

Parker is a family name of English origin, derived from Old French with the meaning "keeper of the park". "Parker" was also a nickname given to gamekeepers in medieval England. [; "Genealogy: Name Meaning and Origin"; ; retrieved August 9, 2006] Within the United States, it is ranked as the 47th-most common surname. [U.S. Census Bureau; "Frequently Occurring First Names and Surnames From the 1990 Census, (Table) Name Files dist.all.last"; published May 9, 1995; ] Notable persons with the name include:


*Alan Parker
*Alton B. Parker
*Arthur C. Parker
*Anthony Parker, basketball player from the Toronto Raptors
*Bonnie Parker of Bonnie and Clyde
*Camilla Parker Bowles (now Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall)
*Cameron Parker
*Candace Parker
*Charles Parker (numerous people share this name)
*Charlie Parker, jazz musician
*Claire Parker (see Alexandre Alexeieff and Claire Parker)
*Clifton Parker
*Colonel Tom Parker
*Corey Parker
*Cynthia Ann Parker
*Dave Parker (numerous people share this name)
*Dawaun Parker, a hip hop producer
*Donald C. Parker, American physician and amateur astronomer
*Dorothy Parker (born Dorothy Rothschild)
*Edna Parker
*Edwin Wallace Parker, a Methodist Bishop
*Eleanor Parker
*Ellis Parker Butler
*Ely S. Parker
*Eugene Parker, astrophysicist
*Evan Parker
*Fess Parker
*Francis Parker Yockey
*Frederick Parker, British hurdler
*Geoff Parker
*Geoffrey Parker (historian)
*George Parker, 2nd Earl of Macclesfield
*Georgie Parker
*Gloria Parker, actress and musician
*Graham Parker
*Isaac Parker, U.S. Judge for the Indian Territory
*Ivan Parker, gospel singer
*John Parker Hale
*John Parker (numerous people share this name)
*Kevin Parker (New York State Senator)
*Keith Parker Williams
*K.J. Parker
*Lionel Dyke "Pete" Parker
*Maceo Parker
*Mary-Louise Parker
*Matthew Parker
*Melvin Parker
*Nicole Parker
*Pauline Parker of the Parker-Hulme murder
*Quanah Parker
*Ray Parker Jr.
*Robert Parker (numerous people share this name)
*Sarah Parker
*Sarah Jessica Parker, actress
*Scott Parker
*Shane Parker, Australian ornithologist
*Stuart Parker
*Suzy Parker
*Theodore Parker, Unitarian minister
*Theodore A. Parker III, ornithologist
*Theodore W. Parker, United States Army General
*Thomas Parker, 1st Earl of Macclesfield
*Thomas Parker (engineer) British locomotive engineer
*Timothy Britten "Toby" Parker, American actor
*Timothy Parker, crossword puzzle creator
*Tony Parker, French professional basketball player
*Trey Parker
*Walter Richard Parker
*William Parker


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* Parker (given name)

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