Mint DJ

Mint DJ

Mint DJ (real name is Geoffrey Wilcoxson) is a deep house Disc Jockey from Gilbert, Arizona.


Mint DJ's path in music began at an early age, playing on the dashboard of the family's car to rock music on the radio. Learning how to play various instruments such as violin, bass guitar, guitar, and piano exposured Mint DJ to many types of music. Through college, Mint DJ played bass guitar, electric guitar and singing in two bands; Sound Mind and Proving Ground. Both bands were comprised of Christians yet both bands primarily played in clubs and bars.

After college and frustrated with finding the right drummer, Geoffrey Wilcoxson and Jeff Herold formed an electronic dance duo called Mint creating electronic music. Mint was being established in 1999 just as America was going crazy about dance music and going to raves. Mint, the live act played raves with big name DJs like Paul Oakenfold, , Alice DJ and Deepsky to name a few throughout the Southwest and Mexico. Mint also played the Sundance Film Festival in 2003.

From 2001-2004, Mint's music was featured in two independent movies, Heineken Music sampler and an ABC news special about ecstasy.

As the rave scene was being effected by federal government, Geoffrey Wilcoxson saw an opportunity to learn how to DJ and started playing small clubs and lounges. Geoffrey Wilcoxson began being booked as Mint DJ, keeping with the "mint" theme. With the development of podcasting, Geoffrey Wilcoxson started a monthly podcast that was reaching around the globe with regular emails from Australia, South Africa, Europe and South America. Mint DJ's podcast, now a quarterly show has close to a 1000 monthly downloads.

One of Mint's earliest tracks included samples from the movie "Dune" talking about the Spice!

Mint DJ in 2007 has teamed with Dream Traveler (Joey Fehrenbach) to produce original tracks and remixes using the moniker, "Jetpack." Jetpack's first track will be a remix for Binge Records.


*1998 "Eclectica 2" - N*Soul Records
*1998 "Black Belt Academy" EP
*2000 Future Music Sampler Sept 2000 issue
*2000 Formula 01 - Offworld Records
*2008 Sleepless - DJ Moi (Jetpack remix) Binge Records
*2008 Words of God - DJ Moi (Jetpack remix) Binge Records

Credited Film Music Contributions

*"Forever Midnight" directed by Nathan Blackwell
*"Hoop Soldiers" directed by Chris Rogers

ee also

*Disc Jockey
*House music
*deep house

External links

* [] - Official Mint DJ website
* [] - Mint DJ myspace page
* [] - Binge Records

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