Action may refer to:

Music and culture

* Action (philosophy), something a person can do
* Action (music), a characteristic of a stringed instrument
* "Action" (album), a 2004 album by Punchline
* "Action" (B'z album), a 2007 album by B'z
* Action (piano), the mechanism which drops the hammer on the string when a key is pressed
* Tracker action (organ), the mechanism which lets the wind flows trough the pipe when a key is pressed
* "Action" (song), former name of the single "Feeling This", by the Pop Punk band Blink-182
* The Action, a 1960s band
* "Action" (radio), a 1945 radio program aka "Action Theater"
* "Action" (comic), a British comic book published in 1976-1977
* "Action" (TV series), a short-lived comedy series that aired on FOX during the 1999-2000 season
* Action painting, a style of painting
* Action genre in various formats, specifically:
** Action film, a movie genre
** Action game, a computer/video game genre
* "Action" (1921 film), a 1921 film directed by John Ford
* "Action" (newspaper), published by British Union of Fascists

Politics and society

* Collective action, the provision of public goods through collaboration
* Direct action, an instance of political activism
* Social action, which takes into account actions and reactions of other individuals
* Strike action, a deliberate absence from work
* Lawsuit, sometimes called a civil action


* military action (combat) is a scale of combat within the hierarchy of combat [p.65, Dupuy] of squads, platoons, companies and battalions.
* action (naval) term used to refer to preparing and engaging a ship in combat
* action (signal) signal number 13 'Prepare for Action' in the British Royal Navy since the late 18th century
* action (gunnery) term refers to the movement of the breach in an artillery ordnance piece

Businesses and organizations

* Action (supermarkets), an Australian supermarket chain
* ACTION (Australian Capital Territory Internal Omnibus Network), a public transport company
* ACTION, a former United States government agency
* Action Ambulance, an emergency care and ambulance service

cience and technology

* Action (physics), an assertion about the nature of motion
* Firearm action, a system of operation in a firearm
* Structural load, as referred to in Eurocodes

* Group action in mathematics
* Action (UML), a specific piece of functionality in the Unified Modeling Language
* Action programming language for Atari microcomputers
* Struts Action, a key building block of web applications based on the Apache Struts framework.


* Sexual intercourse

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