Pole may refer to:

Cylindrical object

*A solid cylindrical object with length greater than its diameter e.g:
**Barber's pole, advertising a barber shop
**Danish pole, a circus prop
**Firemen's pole, a wooden pole or a metal tube or pipe installed between floors in fire stations
**Flag pole, a metal pole from which a flag is hung
**Lamppost, a raised source of light on the edge of a road
**Totem pole, monumental sculptures carved from great trees
**Utility pole, also called a telephone pole, telegraph pole or power pole, a pole that carries utility wires

**Poles used in sporting and other activities:
***Dance pole, a pole used for pole dancing
***Festivus pole, a pole used in the celebration of Festivus that is traditionally made of aluminum
***Maypole, a tall wooden pole with ornaments, like ribbons, that is danced around
***Pole bending, a rodeo event that involves riding a horse around six poles arranged in a line
***Pole vaulting pole, a pole used for pole vaulting
***Pole-sitting pole, a pole used for pole sitting, which is the practice of sitting on a pole for extended lengths of time
***Ski pole, a pole used by skiers to improve balance, speed and acceleration
***Spinnaker pole, a spar used in sailboats to help support and control a variety of headsails, particularly the spinnaker
***Trekking pole, also called hiking sticks or hiking poles, a pole used for hiking
**Fishing pole, another name for fishing rod
**Pole position, in motorsport, the position at the front of the grid (originally marked with a pole)
**Another name for the rod, a unit of length equal to 11 cubits, 5.0292 meters or 16.5 feet (originally the length of a metal rod, or pole)


*Geographical pole, either of two fixed points on the surface of a spinning body or planet, at 90 degrees from the equator, based on the axis around which a body spins
**North Pole, the northernmost point on the surface of the Earth, where the Earth's axis of rotation intersects the Earth's surface
**Polar circle, a circle of latitude where the sun is above and below the horizon for 24 continuous hours at least once per year
**Polar climate, the climate of the polar regions, characterized by a lack of warm summers
**Polar region, the region within the polar circles, referred to as the Arctic and Antarctic
**South Pole, the southernmost point on the surface of the Earth, where the Earth's axis of rotation intersects the Earth's surface
*Magnetic pole
**North Magnetic Pole, the shifting point on the Earth to which the "north" end of a dipole magnet points
**South Magnetic Pole, the shifting point on the Earth to which the "south" end of a dipole magnet points
*Mount Everest, the third "top" of the Earth
*Pole of inaccessibility, a location that is the most challenging to reach owing to its remoteness from geographical features which could provide access


*Celestial pole, the projection of the Earth's axis onto the celestial sphere (or analogous concept applied to other bodies)
*Pole star, a visible star that is approximately aligned with the Earth's axis of rotation
*Orbital pole
*For concepts analogous to the Earth's geographic and magnetic poles on other planets and Solar System bodies, see Poles of astronomical bodies

cience and mathematics

*One "half" of a dipole
*Pole, a term used in electrical circuits referring to switches.
*Pole (complex analysis), a certain type of mathematical singularity
* Pole (geometry), a point that describes the position and orientation of a line with respect to a given circle
** See also Pole and polar line, a duality with respect to conics in projective geometry
*Landau pole, the energy scale where a coupling constant of a quantum field theory becomes infinite
* Monopole
**Magnetic monopole, a hypothetical particle that may be loosely described as a magnet with only one pole
**Monopole (mathematics), a connection over a principal bundle G with a section (the Higgs field) of the associated adjoint bundle
**Monopole (wine), an appellation controlled by a single winery
**Monopole antenna, a radio antenna that replaces half of a dipole antenna with a ground plane at right-angles to the remaining half


*Surface vertices of the eye's lens
*Fetal pole, a thickening on the margin of the yolk sac of a fetus during pregnancy
*Pole of kidney


*Poles, people originating from or inhabiting the country of Poland
*Pole (musician), an electronic music artist named Stefan Betke

As a surname

*Charles Morice Pole, 1st Baronet (1757–1830), English naval officer and colonial governor
*Dick Pole (born 1950), former Major League Baseball player and current coach
*Edward Tudor-Pole (born 1955), a British singer and actor
*Edmund de la Pole, 3rd Duke of Suffolk, 6th Earl of Suffolk (1471/1472 - 1513)
*George Pole, Conservative Party (UK) member and activist, Chairman of the Conservative Monday Club 1970-2
*Jill Pole, a fictional character from C. S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia series
*John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln (1462/4-1487), eldest son of John de la Pole, 2nd Duke of Suffolk and Elizabeth of York
*John de la Pole, 2nd Duke of Suffolk (1442-1491/2), known as "the Trimming Duke", son of William de la Pole, 1st Duke of Suffolk
*Margaret Pole (1473–1541), Countess of Salisbury, daughter of George Plantagenet (brother of Edward IV and Richard III of England)
*Michael de la Pole, 1st Earl of Suffolk (1330–1389)
*Michael de la Pole, 2nd Earl of Suffolk (1367–1415)
*Michael de la Pole, 3rd Earl of Suffolk (1394–1415)
*Reginald Cardinal Pole (1500–1558), Archbishop of Canterbury
*Richard de la Pole (died 1525 in Milan) was a pretender to the English crown
*Wellesley Tudor Pole (1884-1964), English author
*William Pole (1814-1900), English engineer
*William de la Pole (1396-1450), English soldier and commander in the Hundred Years' War, later Lord Chamberlain of England
*William Wellesley-Pole, 3rd Earl of Mornington GCH PC (1763–1845), British politician and elder brother of the Duke of Wellington

Other uses

* Pole (Venezuela) (Polo), a political party in Venezuela

ee also

*Club (weapon)
*Rod (disambiguation)
*Poll (disambiguation)

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