Canadian Ethnic Cleansing Team

Canadian Ethnic Cleansing Team

The Canadian Ethnic Cleansing Team (CECT) was an Ontario-based white power website that was operated by Alexan Kulbashian and James Scott Richardson (a member of Tri-City Skins). The group was active in the late 1990s until soon after the September 11 attacks when the CECT wrote on their Internet newsletter: "B’nai B’rith offices, Mossad temples and any Jew [or] Arab Temple, building, house and cars. There are no innocent Jews especially in a time of war." As a result, CECT members were arrested and charged with making death threats against Muslims and Jews. [ [ Antisemitism And Racism ] ]

Kulbashian and Richardson operated two websites that attracted the attention of lawyer Richard Warman, who filed a human rights complaint against the CECT, Tri-City Skins, Kulbashian and Richardson . The CECT website was found by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to have encouraged violence against immigrants and visible minorities. Kulbashian was ordered to pay a fine of $1000, and ordered to pay Warman $5000 for identifying Warman in a hate message. Richardson was fined $1000. The CETC website was fined $3000, and the web hosting service Affordable was also fined $3000. [ Warman v. Kulbashian Decision] Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, 10 March 2006] The Canadian media described the tribunal's decision as a "landmark ruling" on hate and the Internet. ["Racists ordered to stop spreading hate over Web: Landmark decision" Natalie Alcoba. "National Post". Don Mills, Ont.: Mar 11, 2006. pg. A.11] This case marks the first time in Canadian history that an Internet service provider has been found guilty of hosting a website promoting ethnic hatred against visible minorities. [ [ jt-060316-04 ] ]

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