1747 in music

1747 in music


* Johann Sebastian Bach is presented to King Frederick II of Prussia in Berlin; the king plays a theme for Bach and challenges the musician to improvise a six-part fugue based on it.
*Luigi Boccherini goes to Rome to study the cello.

Classical music

*Maria Teresa Agnesi - "Il restauro d'Arcadia" (cantata)
*Antoine Forqueray - "Pièces de viole mises en pièces de clavecin" (posthumously published)
*George Frideric Handel - "Judas Maccabeus" (oratorio)
*Jean-Philippe Rameau - "La Dauphine" (harpsichord piece).


*Nicola Calandra - "Lo Barone Landolfo"
*Geronimo Cordella - "La Faustina"


*March 31 - Johann Abraham Peter Schulz, musician and composer (died 1800)
*July 23 - Faustino Arévalo, hymnographer (died 1824)
*November 29 - Giovanni Mane Giornovichi, violinist and composer (died 1804)
* "date unknown" - François Tourte, maker of violin bows (died 1835)


* January 2 - Jean-Féry Rebel, violinist and composer (born 1666)
* February 26 - Johann Nicolaus Mempel, musician (born 1713)
* June 6 - Jean-Baptiste Barrière, cellist and composer (born 1707)
* June 19 - Alessandro Marcello, composer (born 1669)
* July 9 - Giovanni Bononcini, composer (born 1670)
*"date unknown" - Francisco Valls, church composer (born 1665)

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