Acenes or polyacenes is a class of organic compounds and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons made up of linearly fused benzene rings. The larger representatives have potential interest in optoelectronic applications and are actively researched in chemistry and electrical engineering. Pentacene has been incorporated into organic field-effect transistors, reaching charge carrier mobilities as high as 5 cm2/Vs.

Its members to date are:
* benzene
* naphthalene (n=0, 2 rings)
* anthracene (n=1)
* tetracene (n=2)
* pentacene (n=3)
* hexacene (n=4)
* heptacene (n=5, 7 rings)

the last members, hexacene and heptacene, are very reactive and has only been isolated in a matrix. However, bis(trialkylsilylethynylated) versions of hexacene and heptacene have been isolated as crystalline solids. [ [ The Larger Acenes: Versatile Organic Semiconductors] , 2007, Anthony, J. E., Angewandte Chemie International 47 pp 452-483]

Related compounds

A related group of compounds with 1,2-fused rings and with helical not linear structures are the helicenes. Polyquinanes and quinenes are fused cyclopentane rings.


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