Annulation (derived from annular, occasionally annelation) in organic chemistry is a chemical reaction in which a new ring is constructed on another molecule (often another ring). [GoldBookRef|title=annulation|url= GoldBookRef|title=annelation|url=]


Examples are the Robinson annulation and certain cycloadditions. Annular molecules are constructed from side-on condensed cyclic segments, for example helicenes and acenes. In transannulation a bicyclic molecule is created by intramolecular carbon-carbon bond formation in a large monocyclic ring. An example is the samarium(II) chloride induced ketone - alkene cyclization of "5-methylenecyclooctanone" which proceeds through a ketyl intermediate ["Construction of Bicyclic Ring Systems via a Transannular SmI2-Mediated Ketone-Olefin Cyclization Strategy"Gary A. Molander, Barbara Czakó, and Michael Rheam J. Org. Chem.; 2007; 72(5) pp 1755 - 1764; (Article) DOI|10.1021/jo062292d] :



The term benzannulated compounds refers to derivatives of cyclic compounds (usually aromatic) which are fused to a benzene ring. Examples are listed in the table below:


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