Green paper

Green paper

In the Commonwealth, the Republic of Ireland and the United States[1] a green paper is a tentative government report of a proposal without any commitment to action; the first step in changing the law. Green papers may result in the production of a white paper.

A green paper released by the European Commission is a discussion document intended to stimulate debate and launch a process of consultation, at European level, on a particular topic. A green paper usually presents a range of ideas and is meant to invite interested individuals or organizations to contribute views and information. It may be followed by a white paper, an official set of proposals that is used as a vehicle for their development into law.

A green paper in Canada, like a white paper, is an official document sponsored by the Crown. Green papers tend to be statements by the government, not of policy already determined, but of propositions put before the whole nation for discussion. They are produced early in the policymaking process, while ministerial proposals are still being formulated. Many white papers in Canada have been, in effect, green papers, while at least one green paper - that on immigration and population in 1975 - was released for public debate after the government had already drafted legislation.[2]



Discussion of defence policy in Australia, 2000

A major review of defence policy in Australia culminated in a white paper issued in December 2000. Prior to this a discussion paper was released in June 2000. This discussion paper was in nature what is known as a green paper (and was sometimes referred to as such).

Copyright in the knowledge economy, 2008

The purpose of the EU green paper is to foster a debate on how knowledge for research, science and education can best be disseminated in the online environment. The green paper aims to set out a number of issues connected with the role of copyright in the "knowledge economy" and intends to launch a consultation on these issues (compare to this document). The EU asks for answers and comments until 30 November 2008.


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