Skull Cave

Skull Cave

The Skull Cave is the hideout of The Phantom. The Skull Cave is hidden behind a large waterfall in the Deep Woods of Bangalla. To find the cave, one must go through the waterfall. Numerous members of the deadly Bandar tribe, the Phantom's close friends, are guarding the entrance with their instantly deadly poisoned arrows.Other than being one of the homes of the Phantom and his family, the cave includes many special rooms:

The Chronicle Chamber

This is the room where the Phantom keeps his chronicle books, chronicling the adventures of his 20 forefathers, their thoughts about being the Phantom and advice for future Phantoms. The books have been written in a timespan of over four centuries.

Treasure rooms

The Skull Cave includes two treasure rooms, The Minor Treasure room with gold and jewels, and the major treasure room which includes invaluable, historical treasures, like the snake that killed Cleopatra, Excalibur, sword of King Arthur, the diamond cup of Alexander The Great, Shakespeare's original Hamlet script, and much more.

Radio room

The room where the Phantom keeps his technical equipment, like radio-transmitters, computers, fax-machines and telephones. It is believed that the Phantom gets the electricity for his machines via water turbines at the waterfall nearby.

The crypt

The place where 20 Phantoms are buried. They were all killed on duty. Also buried here are a couple of extras including a pirate.

Costume room

Room where the Phantom keeps the costumes worn by himself and his ancestors. Due to bad damages, the Phantom frequently needs new costumes, and this is the place where he finds them. The costumes are often made by the Phantom's good friend Guran.


While the Skull Cave has changed little over the centuries the Phantom family has lived there, it has evolved with the times. The 21st Phantom equipped it with electricity (presumed to be run by a waterfall in the Deep Woods), telephones, and computers. To keep up with his modern growing family the Phantom has also built a special 'Castle in the Trees' as a second home.

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