Macbeth (disambiguation)

Macbeth (disambiguation)

Macbeth is a play by William Shakespeare. It inspired the following adaptations:

*"Macbeth" (opera), 1847 opera by Giuseppe Verdi
*"Macbeth" (Bloch), 1910 opera by Ernst Bloch
*"Macbeth" (Sciarrino), 2002 opera by Salvatore Sciarrino

*"Macbeth" (1908 film), directed by J. Stuart Blackton
*"Macbeth" (1909 French film), directed by André Calmettes
*"Macbeth" (1909 Italian film), directed by Mario Caserini
*"Macbeth" (1911 film), Silent film starring Frank R. Benson and Constance Benson
*"Macbeth" (1913 film), directed by Arthur Bourchier
*"Macbeth" (1915 film), French language film starring Séverin-Mars and Georgette Leblanc
*"Macbeth" (1916 film), directed by John Emerson
*"Macbeth" (1922 film), directed by H. B. Parkinson
*"Macbeth" (1948 film), directed by and starring Orson Welles
*"Macbeth" (1954 film), directed by George Schaefer
*"Macbeth" (1960 film), directed by George Schaefer
*"Macbeth" (1971 film), directed by Roman Polanski
*"Macbeth" (2006 film), directed by Geoffrey Wright
*"Macbeth" (2007 film), directed by Matt Holt

*Macbeth of Scotland, the historical monarch on whom the play is loosely based
*Nancy MacBeth, a Canadian politician
*George MacBeth, a Scottish poet and novelist
*Jesse Macbeth, an imposter claiming to be an American soldier involved in war crimes in the Iraq War
*Mac Bethad of Rosemarkie, a 12th century Bishop of Ross
*MacBeth Sibaya, a South African soccer player

;Other uses:
* Macbeth II, winner of the 1888 Kentucky Derby
*Macbeth (Gargoyles), a fictional character based on BOTH the historical AND Shakespearean Macbeth from the Disney animated television series Gargoyles
*Macbeth (band), an Italian gothic metal band
*"Macbeth" (album), a Laibach album released in 1990.
*Macbeth Footwear, a footwear company
*Macbeth, a planet in "Star Fox" (series)
*"Hamish Macbeth", a BBC TV series
*HMS Macbeth (T138)

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*Lady Macbeth (disambiguation)

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