Ross (disambiguation)

Ross (disambiguation)

Ross is the name of many places, persons and things:


;United Kingdom
* Ross, a historical area in Scotland
** The County of Ross, also known as "Ross-shire", and
** Ross and Cromarty, later administrative areas, which include most or all of Ross
* Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire;Ireland
* New Ross, County Wexford, Ireland;Australia
* Ross, Tasmania, a town in the midlands of Tasmania;Canada
*Ross River, a community in the Yukon Territory;New Zealand
* Ross, New Zealand, a gold mining town on the West Coast of the South Island;United States
* Fort Ross, California, a former Russian fur trade outpost
* Ross, California (not the same as Fort Ross)
* Ross, Indiana
* Ross, North Dakota
* Ross County, Ohio;Antarctica
* Ross Sea, a deep bay of the Southern Ocean in Antarctica
* Ross Ice Shelf, an ice shelf near the Ross Sea
* Ross Island, an island on the Ross Sea;Extraterrestrial
* Ross 248, a star system approximately 10.32 light years from Earth
* Ross (lunar crater), on Earth's moon


Ross can be used as a given name, typically for males, but is also a typical family name for people of Scottish descent (Clan Ross). The name is of Scottish origin, and means "good looking". Ross is the name of many people, such as:

Family name Ross

*Aaron Ross (b. 1982), American football player
*Alan John Ross, poet
*Alan S C Ross, academic
*Alexander Ross disambiguation page
*Alf Ross, legal philosopher
*Arnold Ross, (1906-2002), mathematician
*Ben Ross, Australian rugby league footballer
*Betsy Ross, flag maker
*Bob Ross, painter
*Sir Charles Ross, 9th Baronet
*David Ross, Baseball player
*Dennis Ross, American author and political figure
*Diana Ross, American singer
*Diana Ross (author), English children's book author, illustrator and artist, related to Robert Baldwin Ross
*Edward Alsworth Ross, (1866-1951), American sociologist
*Edmund G. Ross (1826-1907), Governor of New Mexico Territory
*George Ross (1730-1779), Signer of the "Declaration of Independence"
*George Ross (baseball) (1892-1935), Major League Baseball pitcher
*George H. Ross, American businessman affiliated with the Trump Organization
*Glenn Ross U.K Strongman/Powerlifter
*H. Browning Ross, Olympian and father of long distance running in US
*Henry Ross (1829–1854), Canadian miner and one of the leaders of a gold miner's revolt at Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
*Henry H. Ross (1790-1862), US Congressman from New York
*Hercules Ross (1745-1816), Scottish merchant who gave evidence against the slave trade
*Horatio Ross (1801-1886), sportsman and pioneer photographer
*Hugh Ross disambiguation page
*J. K. L. Ross, prominent Canadian thoroughbred racer, owner of Sir Barton, first winner of the American Triple Crown
*James Ross (1762-1847), US Senator from Pennsylvania
*James Clark Ross, British naval officer and explorer
*James Daniel Ross, author of "The Radiation Angels"
*Jeffrey Ross, stand-up comedian
*Jerry Ross, painter
*John Ross disambiguation page
*Jonathan Ross (television presenter) and film critic
*Jonathan Ross (senator) (1826-1905), U.S. Senator from Vermont
*Justin Ross, (born in 1976), Maryland politician
*Katharine Ross, actress
*Kenneth Ross, Scottish-American screenwriter of the films "The Day of the Jackal" and "The Odessa File"
*Kenneth G. Ross (born 1941), Australian playwright, and screenwriter of the film Breaker Morant, etc.
*Laura Ross, chess player
*Lawrence Sullivan Ross (a.k.a. Sul Ross) (1838-1898), Governor of Texas
*Lewis W. Ross (1812-1895), US Congressman from Illinois
*Martin Ross, pen name of Violet Florence Martin and Edith Anna Somerville
*Maurice Ross, Scottish footballer
*Mike Ross (b. 1961), US Congressman from Arkansas
*Miles Ross (1827-1903), US Congressman from New Jersey
*Nellie Tayloe Ross (1876-1977), Governor of Wyoming
*Paul Ross, journalist and TV personality
*Percy Ross, philanthropist
*Ricky "Freeway" Ross, Major Cocaine dealer in the 1980's
*Robert Ross (disambiguation), one of several individuals by that name
*Robbie Ross (rugby league), Australian rugby league footballer
*Ronald Ross, (1857-1932), British physician
*Ryan Ross, guitarist and lyricst for Panic! at the Disco
*Scott Ross (harpsichordist) (1951-1989), harpsichordist
*Shavar Ross, actor
*Sobieski Ross (1828-1877), US Congressman from Pennsylvania
*Sinclair Ross, (1908-1996), Canadian banker
*Stephen Ross (economist)
*Thomas Ross (1806-1865), US Congressman from Pennsylvania
*Thomas Randolph Ross (1788-1869), US Congressman from Ohio
*William Ross disambiguation page
*W. D. Ross (William David Ross)
*William B. Ross (1873-1924), Governor of Wyoming
*William H. H. Ross (1814-1887), Governor of Delaware

First name Ross

*Ross Bagdasarian, American pianist, songwriter, actor and record producer
*Ross Cheever, American racing driver, younger brother of Eddie Cheever
*Ross Cheyne, a Scottish actor and inhabitant of Carluke, Lanarkshire
*Ross Gillespie, New Zealand field hockey player and coach
*Ross Flitney, English footballer
*Ross Mathews (Ross "the Intern" Mathews), TV personality
*Ross Noble, English comedian
*Ross Perot, US presidential candidate
*Ross Rebagliati, a Canadian professional snowboarder
*Ross Wilson, several people
*Ross (Radio R.C.) Caddaye guitarist from Australian Post Metal bands Brisk and Bowcaster
*Ross Stewart, commonly referred to as Rossald, singer in the band The Morgue Party Candidate

Fictional characters

*Ross, a minor character in Shakespeare's "Macbeth"
*John Ross "J.R." Ewing, Jr., character on the TV series "Dallas"
*Ross Geller, character on the TV series "Friends"
*Ross Hart, character on the TV series "Gie' it Laldy!"
*Ross O'Carroll-Kelly, a literary "dick-lit" character, created by Irish author Paul Howard
*Danny Ross, character on the TV series ""
*Dr. Doug Ross, character on the TV series "ER"
*Gretchen Ross, character on the feature film "Donnie Darko"
*Susan Ross, character on the TV series "Seinfeld"
*Thunderbolt Ross, in the Marvel Universe
*, character on the TV series ""


* one of two defunct automobile companies.
** Ross (steam automobile company)
** Ross (automobile company)
* The Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan
* Ross Group, a British fishing company
* The Ross Mathematics Program, an eight-week summer program in number theory, at Ohio State University
* Ross (optics), a lens making company
* Ross procedure, a type of aortic valve surgery
* Ross Products, a division of Abbott Laboratories
* Ross Stores, a California-based department store chain that focuses mainly on off-price clothing
* Ross University, a for-profit university with a medical school and veterinary school located in the Caribbean
* Ross (Play), a play by English dramatist Terence Rattigan
* an acronym for Resource Ordering Status System
* ROSS, Russian martial system
* Ross (bicycles), a U.S. built line of bikes between 1950 and 1989
* Ross Technology, Inc., a U.S. semiconductor company of the 1980s and 1990s
* Ross rifle, a Canadian rifle of World War I


Two ships in the United States Navy have been named USS "Ross". The first ship was named for Captain David Ross and the second for Captain Donald Kirby Ross

* USS "Ross" (DD-563), a "Fletcher"-class destroyer, commissioned in 1944 and decommissioned in 1959
* USS "Ross" (DDG-71), an "Arleigh Burke"-class destroyer, commissioned in 1997 and actively serving as of May 2008

One ship of the Royal Navy has borne the name HMS "Ross", in this case after the Ross fox hunt.

*HMS "Ross", a Hunt-class minesweeper launched in 1919 and sold in 1947

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