Vardar Macedonia

Vardar Macedonia

Vardar Macedonia (Macedonian and Serbian: Вардарска Македонија, Vardarska Makedonija; Bulgarian: Вардарска Македония, Vardarska Makedoniya) is the north-western area of the Macedonia region. The borders of the area approximately coincide with modern day Republic of Macedonia.The name references the river Vardar, which flows through the area.

The region borders, as well as the relative terminology, exactly coincide with maps produced by ethnic Macedonian nationalists, before the overthrow of the Ottomans, and after the Treaty of Bucharest, 1913 and the division of the Macedonia region. Ethnic Macedonian nationalists have expressed claims to what they refer to as "Aegean Macedonia" (Greece), "Pirin Macedonia" (Bulgaria), "Mala Prespa and Golo Bardo" (Albania), and "Gora and Prohor Pchinski" (Serbia) despite the fact that today, ethnic Greeks, Bulgarians, Albanians and Serbs form the majority of the population of each region respectively.

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