Grunt may refer to:

* a deep guttural sound
** death grunt, the death metal singing style
* slang for an infantryman
* fish of the family Haemulidae
* Grunt sculpin, the only member of the fish family Rhamphocottidae
* Grunt (G.I. Joe), an infantryman in the G.I. Joe universe
* "The Grunt", a 1970 instrumental recording by The J.B.'s
* Grunt (board wargame), a 1971 tactical wargame
* a dessert comprised of stewed or baked fruit covered with a rolled biscuit or cookie dough and baked. Certain grunts called "slumps" are similarly made but inverted before serving, so that the crust is on the bottom.

In games

Many games use the "simple soldier" meaning:

* a Covenant enemy in the "Halo" series
* a Warcraft orcish warrior
* the simplest unit in the video game Z

See also

* Gruntz, a puzzle/strategy game
* "Grunts" (novel), a fantasy by Mary Gentle
* "Grunts" (film), a gay pornographic film
* "Grunts" (comics), a comic book mini-series by Keith Giffen

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