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Spider-Man 2211


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Art by Mike Wieringo.
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real_name=Dr. Max Borne
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut=Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man
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Rick Leonardi
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Spider-Man 2211 is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Universe. Spider-Man 2211 was created by Peter David and first appeared in the One-Shot comic "Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man."

Fictional Character Biography

Dr. Max Borne, a TimeSpinner from the year 2211, is the Spider-Man of that year. His costume is different from the costume of the original Spider-Man, in that it has four extra mechanized arms, but it does follow the same color scheme of red and blue. He is part of an organization that tries to prevent disruptions in the time field.

In his first appearance he aided the two titular Spider-Men in defeating the Hobgoblin of 2211, his main enemy. It was later revealed that the Hobgoblin was in fact Robin Borne, his daughter. After Robin attempted to bring chaos into the current reality by introducing another Uncle Ben into it, she was unwittingly erased by Spider-Man with one of her own retcon bombs.

Spider-Man 2211 was later shot and apparently killed by the Chameleon of the year 2211, posing as Uncle Ben.

In "The Amazing Spider-Man" #439, the issue takes place 1,000 years (2998 based on the release date of the issue) in the future. Two archaeologists stumble across relics belonging to Spider-Man (such as his webshooters). They speculate on his career, and discuss the other heroes who were inspired by him, such as Spider-Girl, Spider-Man 2099, and Spider-Man 2211.


In his original incarnation, 2211's extra arms seemed to resemble prosthetic arms with the familiar metal tubing along the muscles first attributed to X-Man Colossus, and his helmet had only two eyeholes. Since being re-drawn by Mike Wieringo, however, his costume changes remain permanent - as shown in the "Spider-Man Back in Black Handbook", which shows him with his new helmet and Doctor Octopus-like arms.

Powers, abilities, and equipment

Borne possesses superhuman strength (able to lift 25 tons optimally), agility and endurance. His armor is bulletproof (except at point-blank range) and includes guided webbing, electro-webbing, supplied air, four mentally controlled cybernetic arms, visual sensors, rocket boots and a time-traveling engine. Borne's technology can view alternate timelines, perform mind-wipes, and use advanced stochastic modeling to forecast the most probable future events.

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