Peace museum

Peace museum

A peace museum is a museum that documents historical peace initiatives. Many peace museums also provide advocacy programs for nonviolent conflict resolution. This may include conflicts at the personal, regional or international level.

Peace Museums around the world

* Antikriegshaus Sieverhausen
* [ Centre for Peace and Reconciliation Studies]
* Centro Documentazione Manifesta Pacifista Internaz
* [ Comenius Museum]
* Community Peace Museums Heritage Foundation
* Dayton International Peace Museum
* Display House of Lucky Dragon
* First Austrian Peace Museum
* Friedensbibliothek - Antikriegmuseum
* Friedensmuseum Nürnberg
* Fukuromachi Elementary School Peace Museum
* GandhiServe Foundation
* Gernika Peace Museum Foundation
* Grassroots House
* Green Island Human Rights Memorial Park
* Gustavus Adolphus College, Peace Studies Program
* [ Himeji Peace Museum]
* [ Himeyuri Peace Museum]
* Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
* Honkawa Elementary School Peace Museum
* Ijzertoren
* Indian Institute for Peace
* [ Institute for Peace Science, Hiroshima University]
* [ International Peace Research Institute, Meiji Gakuin University]
* [ International Museum of Peace and Solidarity]
* International Network of Peace Museums
* [ Kusunuchi Heiwa Bunkakan]
* Le Mémorial de Caen
* Muséé d'ethnographie
* Museo della Pace Piccoli Martiri di Gorla
* Museum voor Vrede en Geweldloosheid
* Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum
* National Museum of Indian Freedom Movement
* Nobel Institute
* [| Nova centre per a la Innovacio Social]
* [ Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum]
* [ Osaka International Peace Center]
* Pacific war history museum
* Peace Museum Bradford
* [ Peace Museum of Saitama]
* Prairie Peace Park
* RUG - University Ghent
* [ Sapporo Gakuin University]
* [ Shizuoka Peace Museum]
* Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Leipzig / Völkerschlachtdenkmal
* The second historical archives of China
* The Swedish Museums Association
* Travelling Museum Project History of Concientious Objection
* Vall d'Uxio Peace Museum
* Vredespaleis Den Haag
* [ Women's Active Museum on War and Peace]
* Yi Jun Peace Museum

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* [ Peace Museums]

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