Lords of Radzyn Keep

Lords of Radzyn Keep

The "Lords of Radzyn Keep" are characters in Melanie Rawn's Dragon Prince and Dragon Star trilogies. The Lords of Radzyn Keep consist of the current Lord, Chaynal, his Lady, Tobin of the Desert, their children, and their grandchildren. Information on Radzyn Keep itself, as well as Whitecliff Manor, the holding of Radzyn's heir, is also provided.


Dragon Prince place| name = Radzyn Keep

bgcolor = red
fgcolor = white
colors = red and white
banner = silver sword on red bound in white and blue
princedom = The Desert
seat =
jewels = rubies and diamonds
trade = horses, silk trade rights, shipping

"Radzyn Keep" guards the largest and most prosperous port of the Desert. The Lords of Radzyn Keep had 'earned' the money to build their eight towered fortress through ten generations of piracy; today their ships patrol the waters to keep the coast safe. These Lords are held in the highest esteem by their Princes and are trusted beyond measure with their lives, their guidance, and their friendship. In fact Chaynal, the current Lord, was the first "athri" to bear a banner with his own emblem. The colors of Radzyn Keep are red and white; the banner is of a silver sword on a red field bound in white, then bound in the Desert blue.

The Lords of Radzyn Keep also raise the finest horses in the Desert and arguably on the Continent. The Radzyn horses are in such high demand that the "Isulk'im" often 'borrow' some to breed with their own horses.

Along with the large stables and vast paddocks, Radzyn bosts a flourishing port, through which all the Dorvali silk arrives on the Continent. The Keep itself stands on a cliff overlooking the sea. It is large, with eight towers, formal halls in which to conduct business, private halls for the family, and a garden filled with herbs, trees, flowers, and the sound of the sea's eternal life.


"Chaynal, Lord of Radzyn Keep, Battle Commander of the Desert" , was Prince Rohan's best friend and most trusted ally, as well as brother-by-marriage. Chay and Tobin married in 690, and later had four sons: Maarken, Jahni, Andry, and Sorin. In 695 Chay became the Battle Commander of the Desert. As such he led many battles against the "Merida" and commanded the Desert and Radzyn armies in the War of 704 and the "Vellanti" War.


"Tobin of the Desert, Lady of Radzyn Keep" , was born in 671 to Zehava, Prince of the Desert, and Milar. She was born with the ability to become a Sunrunner, but, due in part to her royal birth, was not sent to Goddess Keep for training. She was trained instead as a Princess, though her temperament was more fit to a warrior. Years after her marriage to Lord Chaynal of Radzyn Keep, whom she bore four sons: Maarken, Jahni, Andry, and Sorin, she would learn enough of the Sunrunner arts to earn three "faradhi" rings.


"Jahni of Radzyn Keep" was born in 693, son to Chay and Tobin. He was Maarken's twin. He used to play dragon with his brother and Uncle Rohan, where he and Maarken tried to slay their uncle with wooden swords and he flapped around in a cape. On their first excurtion into Rivenrock, Jahni and Maarken got separated from the rest of the party and went exploring; they wanted to see real dragons. While exploring the caves, they found a hatchery full of dragon eggs. The twin boys were excited until they came face to face with a baby dragon. Terrified, they huddled together, but Rohan and the Sunrunner Sioned showed up to frighten the hatchling away. The boys were glad their uncle hadn't killed the dragon as they figured it had been just as scared as they were.

When he was eight years old, Jahni contracted the Plague and died before the "dranath" cure was found.


"Andry, Lord of Goddess Keep" , was born in 699 to Tobin and Chay; Sorin was his twin. Andry was a Sunrunner like his older brother Maarken. As such he was fostered out to High Kirat. It soon became apparent, however, that Andry would not enjoy life as a Lord or knight. He asked to be sent to Goddess Keep and forego his knighthood. His request was granted and he was sent to Goddess Keep in 713. In 719 he became the Lord of Goddess Keep.

Andry's Children

*Andrev of Goddess Keep
*Tobren of Goddess Keep
*Chayly of Goddess Keep
*Joscev of Goddess Keep
*Merisel of Goddess Keep


Dragon Prince character| name = Lord Sorin of Radzyn Keep

bgcolor = white
fgcolor = blue
race = human
birth = 699, Radzyn, The Desert
colors =
rings =
dragon =
titles = Lord of Feruche
princedom = The Desert

"Sorin, Lord of Feruche" , was born in 699, twin to Andry, and the son of Tobin and Chay. Unlike Maarken and Andry, Sorin was not a "faradhi". Sorin never begrudged his twin the Sunrunner gifts he loved so much, in fact Sorin probably knew Andry better than anyone even after their time apart. Sorin was, however, his Prince's man through and through. He had been fostered to New Raetia, where he was knighted in 719 at the "Rialla". He was also made Lord of Feruche, which had been abandoned since Sioned burned it down after Pol's birth. Sorin was given the task to rebuild the tower, a task he took to most readily. He enjoyed the planning, building, and the chance to be an architect. During this time he apparently had formed an affection for Betheyn, his chief architect's daughter, as she later claimed to be his unofficial betrothed.

In 728 there were reports of dragon killings in the mountains around Feruche. When Sorin went to investigate, he was met by Marron and Ruval, both sons of Ianthe and Sorcerers. They wanted revenge for the deaths of their younger brother, Segev (whom Hollis, Sorin's sister-in-law, had killed), Ianthe (whom Sioned had killed), Roelstra (whom Rohan had killed), and for Feruche itself. Sorin, they figured, would be a good place to begin their revenge. Marron killed him.

Sorin of Ossetia, son of Tilal of River Run and Gemma of Syr, was named after him.

Sorin's death struck his family deeply. Had he lived, the course of history could have been greatly altered; however, after his death his twin, Andry, went on a "diarmadhi" killing spree and grew estranged from their parents and family. The breach was not mended - or did not begin to mend - until the "Vellant'im" war forced them all together and Andry was woven into the light.


Dragon Prince place| name = Whitecliff Manor

bgcolor = red
fgcolor = orange
colors = red and orange
banner =
princedom = The Desert
seat =
jewels =
trade =

"Whitecliff Manor" is the holding of the Heir to Radzyn Keep. This manor is closed until Radzyn's heir is married; it then opens and the heir is made its "athri". At such a time the heir becomes Lord of Radzyn Keep, Whitecliff is closed until the next heir is married. A group of trees stood on the road leading to the manor. The stone walls of Whitecliff are adorned with flowering vines and surrounded by stables, pastures, and gardens. Beneath the cliffs lies a sandy beach. Whitecliff's colors are red and orange.


"Maarken, Lord of Whitecliff, Heir to Radzyn Keep, Battle Commander of the Desert" , was born in 693, the elder twin of Jahni and Chay's heir. He inherited the Sunrunner gifts from both his parents and was trained in them after his knighting. His path would test the road which his future Prince, Pol, would some day take. After he earned six "faradhi" rings, he married Hollis, who bore him twins:Rohannon and Chayla.


Dragon Prince character| name = Hollis

bgcolor = gold
fgcolor = white
race = "faradhi"
birth = 691, Goddess Keep
colors = sapphire, pearl, and garnet
rings = six
dragon = Abisel
titles = Lady of Whitecliff
princedom = The Desert

"Hollis, Lady of Whitecliff" , was born in 691 to two "faradh'im" at Goddess Keep. She began her Sunrunner training in 707. Some years later she met Maarken and the two fell in love. He asked her to marry him, but somewhat daunted by his lofty and royal background, Hollis said no. She wanted to at least have six "faradhi" rings and to have experience as a Court Sunrunner so as to have something worthy to offer his family. Maarken said that she was worthy now, but relented... for the moment.

After Hollis had gained her rings, had been a Court Sunrunner for a year, and Maarken had asked a third time, Hollis agreed to be his wife. In the meantime, she returned to Goddess Keep, where she met Maarken's younger brother, Andry. The two became close friends. Hollis also met a youth named Sejast, who seemed somewhat taken with her. Careful not to encourage him, but also not to hurt his feelings, Hollis befriended him. Sejast learned the Sunrunner arts at a remarkable speed and soon earned his first ring. The Sunrunner meant to guide him in the Man-making ritual had an injury the same evening and so the Lady of Goddess Keep told Hollis to take the woman's place. Hollis did so. Sejast gave her a drink of taze. She figured she was nervous; little did she know the drink was laced with "dranath", a highly addictive drug, or that Sejast was really Segev, one of Ianthe's sons and a "diarmadhi". Segev continued to drug Hollis, even after the delegation from Goddess Keep reached the "Rialla". Hollis didn't realize what was going on until it was too late: she was deeply addicted. Ashamed, she tried to avoid Maarken and even attempted to call off their marriage. Eventually Hollis discovered that Segev was a sorcerer and that he meant to keep her - addicted - by his side; if she tried to leave him or betray him, she wouldn't get the "dranath" and she would die from withdrawal. When Hollis heard that Maarken was to duel the pretender, she went to see him, grief-striken. Afraid she had done more harm than good in the visit, she went to find Segev; he was working sorcery against Maarken during the duel. Not caring if it meant her own death, Hollis killed him.

With the help and support of Maarken and his family, Hollis made a remarkable - and very lucky - recovery. (She was slowly weaned off the "dranath".) She and Maarken finally wed. A few years later she bore twins, Chayla and Rohannon.

During the "Vellanti" war Hollis aided her family and her Prince as best she could, though without compromising the traditional Sunrunner mandate: do not use the gift to kill. Although this did cause some tension between herself and Pol, eventually Pol conceded to her and Maarken's honor. He used the Ros'salath to render the enemy unconscious instead of torturing their minds unto death. Hollis aided her Prince in doing this.


Dragon Prince character| name = Lord Rohannon of Whitecliff

bgcolor = gold
fgcolor = blue
race = "faradhi"
birth = 722, Whitecliff, The Desert
colors = amethyst, diamond, and garnet
rings =
dragon =
titles =
princedom = The Desert

"Rohannon of Whitecliff" was born in 722 to Maarken and Hollis and was the twin of Chayla. He had Sunrunner gifts, but was fostered out to New Raetia/Zaldivar instead of going straight to Goddess Keep. This was following the tradition his father had started for future Sunrunner Lords. Before Rohannon's fostering had been completed the "Vellant'im" attacked.

During the war, Rohannon had to act as a Court Sunrunner for Prince Arlis of Kierst-Isel even though he hadn't really been trained yet. To augment his abilities and fend off seasickness he took "dranath". Like his mother, Hollis, he became addicted. His addiction was discovered by a 'lad' from Yarin of Snowcoves' household. This 'lad' had to nurse Rohannon off the drug and quickly. Unlike his mother's slow weaning, Rohannon almost had to go cold turkey. Though he almost didn't make it, Rohannon eventually pulled through his addiction. It was then that he realized that the 'lad' tending him was really Aldiara, a sorceress his own age and a distant cousin of Yarin's, dressed as a boy. Together he and Aldiara found sorcerers ready to rally to Pol's banner and also helped Arlis and Laric root out the traitor Yarin.

At the end of the war, both Rohannon and Aldiara were honored for their bravery and their tale was put written into a song by Ostvel. "Rohannon, Rohannon the Sunrunner lad!" Rohannon was also reunited with his parents and sister. During the victory celebration, Tobin tripped Aldiara and caused the girl to tumble into Rohannon - Tobin was sure the two would one day marry and was glad to help the couple along. Being his grandfather's grandson, Rohannon smoothly asked Aldiara to dance.


Dragon Prince character| name = Lady Chayla of Whitecliff

bgcolor = gold
fgcolor = blue
race = "faradhi"
birth = 722, Whitecliff, The Desert
colors =
rings = none, will have ten as LoGK
dragon =
titles = Lady of Goddess Keep
princedom = The Desert

"Chayla of Whitecliff, Lady of Goddess Keep" , was born in 722, the twin of Rohannon and daughter of Maarken and Hollis. She possessed Sunrunner gifts, but wasn't sent to Goddess Keep, due in part to the estrangement between the current Lord of Goddess Keep, her uncle Andry, and her father. Instead, in 736 she was fostered out to Remegev Keep under Walvis and Feylin to be trained in the ways of a Lady. while at the Keep, she met Kazander, an "Isulk'im" or Desert Tribesmen, who had trained under Walvis in the past. The "Isulki" took a liking to her, and - although she wouldn't admit it - she slightly to him.

The war with the "Vellant'im" broke out before her fostering was over and Chayla found herself captured by them. She escaped, but was found by stray "Vellanti" warriors and raped. Kazander came to her rescue, killing the offenders, and returned her to her parents. She hid the truth of her capture from them, but soon found out that she was with child. She confided in Sioned and Andry. She wanted to be rid of the "Vellanti" and their memory. Though Andry strongly asked her to bear the child, she refused and, with Sioned's help, rid herself of it. through this ordeal she spent a lot of time with her uncle Andry, and, despite their differences, they grew close. Before he died, Andry had chosen her to be the next Lady of Goddess Keep. She accepted.

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