The term evensong can refer to the following:
*Evening Prayer (Anglican), the Anglican liturgy of Evening Prayer, especially (but not exclusively) so called when it is sung.
*Evensong (Unitarian Universalist Association), a programmed series of gatherings organized by the Unitarian Universalist Association.

In literature

*"Evensong", a best-selling 2000 novel by Gail Godwin.
*"Evensong", a 1932 novel by Beverley Nichols, which was the basis for the 1934 film.
*"Evensong", a novel by Eric Malpass (1982), part of the "Tales from the Pentecost Family".
*"Evensong", a short story by science fiction author Lester del Rey which appeared in Harlan Ellison's anthology "Dangerous Visions".

Other uses

*"Evensong", a 1934 film.
*"Evensong", a 1970 album by the band Amazing Blondel.

ee also

* Even Song

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  • Evensong — E ven*song , n. [AS. [=ae]fensang.] A song for the evening; the evening service or form of worship (in the Church of England including vespers and compline); also, the time of evensong. Wyclif. Milton. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • evensong — O.E. æfensang; see EVEN (Cf. even) (n.) + SONG (Cf. song) …   Etymology dictionary

  • evensong — ► NOUN ▪ (especially in the Anglican Church) a service of evening prayers, psalms, and canticles …   English terms dictionary

  • evensong — [ē′vən sôŋ΄] n. [ME < OE æfensang: see EVENING & SONG] 1. [often E ] a) R.C.Ch. vespers: see VESPER, sense 2a b) Anglican Ch. the worship service assigned to the evening 2. a song sung at evening …   English World dictionary

  • Evensong — Der Evensong ist eine Gottesdienstform (Service) als gemeinschaftliches Abendgebet in der Anglikanischen Kirche. Er enthält Elemente der Vesper und der Komplet. Weblinks Rafaela Weinz: Evensong. Historische Konfigurationen einer liturgischen Form …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • evensong — [[t]i͟ːv(ə)nsɒŋ, AM sɔːŋ[/t]] N UNCOUNT Evensong is the evening service in the Anglican Church …   English dictionary

  • evensong — see be the day weary or be the day long, at last it ringeth to evensong …   Proverbs new dictionary

  • evensong — noun Usage: often capitalized Etymology: Middle English, from Old English ǣfensang, from ǣfen evening + sang song Date: before 12th century 1. vespers 1 2. evening prayer …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • evensong — /ee veuhn sawng , song /, n. 1. (usually cap.) Also called evening prayer. Anglican Ch. a form of worship said or sung in the evening. 2. vesper (def. 3c). [bef. 1000; ME; OE aefensang. See EVEN2, SONG] * * * …   Universalium

  • evensong — noun A religious service, most commonly seen in the Anglican or Episcopal Church, that takes place in the early hours of the evening …   Wiktionary

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