Shine may refer to:
*"Shine" (film) (1996), a film directed by Scott Hicks
* (radio station) WONU, 89.7FM in Chicago-land
*Shine Guitars, a guitar brand
*LG Shine, a mobile phone by LG
*Shine (nightclub), a famous nightclub in Belfast, Northern Ireland
*Shine sprites, an item in Super Mario Sunshine
*Shine TV, a New Zealand Christian television channel
*Shine Limited, a British Film production company
*Moonshine, an illicitly made alcoholic beverage
*Shine (website), launched by Yahoo!
*Shine, the original name of the band Spirit Caravan

In albums:
* "Shine (EP)", a five-track EP by Anna Nalick
*"Shine" (Estelle album) (2008)
*"Shine" (Frida album) (1984), by Anni-Frid Lyngstad
*"Shine" (Mother Love Bone album) (1989)
*"Shine" (1991) by Five Star
*"Shine" (Luna Sea album) (1998)
*"Shine" (Pat McGee Band album) (2000)
*"" (2000), by Newsboys
*"Shine" (The Wilkinsons album) (2001)
*"Shine" (bond album) (2002)
*"Shine" (Daniel Lanois album) (2003)
*"Shine" (Meredith Brooks album) (2004)
*"Shine" (Edenbridge album) (2004)
*"Shine" (Cyndi Lauper album) (2004)
*"Shine" (Trey Anastasio album) (2005)
*"Shine" (2006), by Boney James
*"Shine" (Joni Mitchell album) (2007)
*"Shine" (Elan album) (2008)
*Shine (compilation series), a series of British indie rock compilation albums
*"Shine!/Short Term Memory Loss", a split album by Kyuss

In songs:
*"Shine" (EP) (2008), by Anna Nalick
*"Shine" (Aly & AJ song) (2006)
*"Shine" (Bond song) (2002)
*"Shine" (1910 song), by Ford Dabney, Lew Brown, and Cecil Mack
*"Shine" (Collective Soul song) (1993)
*"Shine" (Cyndi Lauper song) (2001)
*"Shine" (Ira Losco song) (2000)
*"Shine" (Luther Vandross song) (2007)
**Covered by Booty Luv (2007)
*"Shine" (Motörhead song) (1983)
*"Shine" (Mr. Big song) (2001)
*"Shine" (Newsboys song) (1994)
*"Shine" (Vanessa Amorosi song) (1999)
*"Shine" (Shannon Noll song) (2005)
*"Shine" (Mike Oldfield song) (1986)
*"Shine" (Take That song) (2007)
*"Shine" (Trey Anastasio song) (2005)
*"SHINE / Ride On" (2008), by TVXQ
*"Shine" (Aswad song) (1994)
*"Shine" (In Your Mind), a song by The Apples in Stereo (1995)
*"Nexus 4 / Shine" (2008), by L'Arc-en-Ciel

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*Shining (disambiguation)

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