Level or levels may refer to:




  • Floor, or storey, of a building or a mine
  • A device used to measure true horizontal or relative heights, frequently used in surveying and construction:
  • Regrading, the process of raising and/or lowering the levels of land

Science and mathematics

  • Level, in applied statistics, the different treatments that are applied within a factor
  • Classification levels, in Biological organisation, classrooms, churches, hospitals among others
  • Level measurement, instrumentation techniques to measure height within a vessel
  • Level set, a set where a function takes on a given constant value


  • ILR scale, descriptions of abilities to communicate in a language
  • Morphological leveling, the generalization of an inflection across a paradigm or between words


  • Level (video gaming), a stage of the game
  • Level (role-playing games), a measurement of character development


  • "Level" (The Raconteurs song), the fourth single from the their debut album Broken Boy Soldiers
  • Gal Level, award-winning R&B girl duo from Windhoek, Namibia
  • "Levels" (Bilal song), is a song by Bilal from his album "Airtight's Revenge"
  • "Levels" (Avicii song), a song by Swedish house producer and DJ Avicii


  • Maurice Level (1875–1926), French writer
  • Annick Level (born 1942), French fencer
  • Level Pi (born 1965), German musician Uwe Cremer
  • Léon Level (1910–1949), French professional road bicycle racer
  • Tobias Levels (born 1986), German-Dutch footballer
  • Calvin Levels (born 1954), American film actor

Other uses

  • Level (music), similar to but more general and basic than a chord
  • LeveL, a games magazine in the Czech Republic, Romania and Turkey
  • LEVEL, a games magazine in Sweden
  • Level, in a hierarchy, a collection of objects with the same rank
  • Level, an indication of the number of previous posts to a forum thread at which a portion of text was written
  • Level Vodka, a brand of vodka
  • Level playing field, a concept about fairness where all play by the same set of rules

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