Pepper Pad

Pepper Pad

The Pepper Pad is a Linux-based mobile computer with Internet capability and doubles as a handheld game console. It also serves as a portable multimedia device. The device uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies for Internet connection.

The Pepper Pad 3 has a split QWERTY button keyboard, built-in microphone, video camera, composite video output, and stereo speakers, Infra-Red receiver and transmitter, 800x480 7 inch LCD touchscreen (with stylus), SD/MMC Flash memory slot, 20 or 30 GB hard disk, 256MB RAM, 256KB ROM, AMD CPU, and both Wi-Fi (b/g) and Bluetooth 2.0. The built-in software is a variant of Linux (2.6 kernel) with an extensive variety of Open Source software.


oftware ported to the Pepper Pad

* FCE Ultra (NES emulator)
* Adobe/Macromedia Flash 7
* Java
* X11
* GTK+
* Mozilla Firefox
* Real Player
* Helix
* Squeak


* Mass: 2.1 pounds (985g)
* Size: 29cm x 14.9cm x 2.3cm (11.4" x 5.9" x 0.9")


* AMD Geode CPU, 533MHz clock speed, x86 instruction set with MMX and 3DNow extensions, integrated north bridge, graphics controller and PCI bridge
* AMD CS5536 Companion device (south bridge), USB 2.0 / IDE / IR / SMBus / APM interface
* [ Wolfson WM9713] AC97 Audio / Touchscreen interface
* Chrontel CH7013B NTSC/PAL TV signal encoder
* IrDA and TvIR emitters/receivers


* Hitachi TravelStar 20GB 1.8" IDE disk drive
* Atheros AR2413A-based mini-PCI 802.11b/g WiFi interface, with externally-attached antenna (external to the card, internal to the Pepper)
* Bluetooth 2.0
* [ AU Optronics A070VW01] 7.0" 800x480 TFT LCD
* Integrated 62-key clicky keyboard, including 4-way cursor array and scroll wheel
* 3800mAh Lithium-Ion Battery
* Stereo Speakers
* Microphone
* 640x480 digital camera, fixed focus

External Ports

* USB 2.0 host port
* USB 2.0 device port
* 1/8" Stereo headphone out
* 1/8" Composite video out
* 1/8" Microphone In

Internal Ports

* miniPCI (occupied by WiFi interface)
* JTAG test-access port.
* Serial port with console

External links

* [ Pepper Computer, Inc.]
* [ PepperWiki]
* [ Hanbit America] , hardware manufacturer website
* [ Pepper Hacks] , hacking the Pepper Pad
* [ Pepper Pad Community Forums] , official discussion forums
* [ Pepper Wiki] , Pepper Pad information repository
* [ Pepper Linux 4.0 Application Launching Preview] (Video)

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